Best Home Theatres Under Rs.15,000 (April 2022)

A theater-like movie watching experience right at home is a dream for many. 

Nowadays, smart LED TVs of different sizes are available at affordable price brackets in the Indian market. 

Most of these televisions lack a solid speaker system. This points to the need for having a dedicated home theater system for the best audiovisual experience in your living room.

In this article, we bring you the best five home theater speaker systems available in India priced under Rs.15,000.

Sit back, relax and go through the article to pick your selection.

Best Home Theatres Under Rs.15,000

1. Sony HT-S20ROverall Best Pick
2. Motorola AmphiSound XRunner-up Pick
3. JBL Cinema SB231Value for Money Pick
4. F&D T60XBest Tower Speakers
5. Samsung HW-K350Honourable Mention

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1. Sony HT-S20R

Sony HT-S20R

Overall Best Pick

  • Cinematic surround sound experience
  • Stable Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Feature-rich remote control


Minimal yet elegant design

Bluetooth soundbar

USB music playback


USB playback UI is laggy

Sony is a force to reckon with when it comes to the consumer electronics industry in India and the world as a whole. 

There are hardcore Sony loyalists who will go for anything but with Sony brand tag on it.

The Sony HT-S20R is a mid-range home theater speaker system retailing in the Indian market for just around Rs.14,990.

Design and Build Quality

Similar to the other speaker setups from Sony we’ve seen in the past, the HT-S20R has a minimal yet elegant design that will blend well with any type of home decor you’ve back at home.

This is a 5.1 channel speaker setup consisting of a subwoofer, two satellite speakers and a three-channel soundbar.

Made from high-quality components, the build quality and the fit and finish of these speakers are some of the best in its price segment. 

The subwoofer comes featured with a USB port for plugging in portable storage media such as USB pen drives for local music playback. 

The control buttons are neatly arranged above the subwoofer, which of course is redundant with the supplied remote control. 

The I/O ports are located behind the subwoofer and there are proper ventilation ducts above these ports to let out excess heat from inside. 

Speakers and Sound Quality

As we mentioned above, the Sony HT-S20R is a 5.1Ch speaker system with a total sound output of 400W. 

While the soundbar is Bluetooth connected, the two satellite speakers are wired. 

Placing these speakers in strategic locations around the room delivers an enriching cinematic surround sound experience.

As we all know, Sony audio products are known for their deep bass notes. The subwoofer in this speaker setup delivers rich bass notes that compliments well with the vocals and treble notes let out by the three-channel soundbar and the satellite speakers. 

The loudness of sound is on point, enough to cover small to medium-sized rooms. There is no sound distortion of any sort even at maximum volume levels. 


When it comes to connectivity, this 5.1Ch home theater speaker system comes with an analog AUX input, HDMI output and optical input. 

This ensures that the speaker system is compatible with modern as well as legacy televisions and amplifiers. 

Different preset sound modes can be easily switched back and forth from the bundled remote control.


If you are looking to purchase a premium budget 5.1Ch home theatre speaker system from a reputed brand, Sony HT-S20R should be on top of your list.


Power Output400W
Connectivity FeaturesBT,AUX,HDMI,Optical

2. Motorola AmphiSound X

Motorola AmphiSound X

Runner-up Pick

  • Wireless subwoofer
  • 200W maximum audio output
  • Dolby audio certified


Rich connectivity options

Minimalistic design

Present audio modes


No USB media playback support

Motorola is now making a comeback in the consumer electronics segment with the release of its budget Android smart TVs.

The AmphisoundX from Motorola is a premium mid-range 2.1Ch speaker system priced at just Rs.12,999. 

Design and Build Quality

The Motorola AmphisoundX speaker system features ABS plastic chassis with a metal grille in the front. 

The fit and finish of these speakers look very premium. Motorola has tried to have a minimalistic approach in the design of this speaker system. 

Right from the remote control to the design of the subwoofer box, everything feels aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

The media control buttons are located on the right side of the soundbar. Inside the metal grille, there is a single line LED display that indicates the volume level and track status. 

Speakers and Sound Quality 

The Motorola AmphisoundX 2.1Ch speaker system has a maximum sound output of 200W.

You can get this speaker system according to the maximum sound output of 100W and 120W as well.

The wireless subwoofer system delivers deep, rich bass which feels quite natural. The two-channel left and right speakers on the soundbar cover the stereo sound effect and blend well with the bass from the subwoofer. 

The vocals remain clear and the treble notes don’t get too overpowered by the bass.

Overall, this 2.1Ch speaker system from Motorola works well inside small to medium-sized rooms. 


In terms of connectivity, the AmphisoundX speaker comes loaded with useful I/O ports.

There are HDMI and Optical ports for output along with wireless Bluetooth and wired AUX input. 

There are present sound mode shortcuts available on the remote which when pressed switches the audio mode according to the content played. 


The Motorola AmphisoundX is one of the best 2.1Ch speaker systems for home theater setup available under Rs.15,000.

In terms of build and sound quality, this product deserves a spot in this curated best list.


Power Output200W
Connectivity FeaturesBT,AUX,HDMI,Optical

3. JBL Cinema SB231

JBL Cinema SB231

Value for Money Pick

  • Well balanced sound output
  • Perfect for medium-sized rooms
  • Easy to set up


Wireless subwoofer

Dolby Audio certified speaker

Wall mountable soundbar


No offline media playback via USB

JBL is a world-renowned brand known for its high-fidelity audio products such as earphones, headphones and Bluetooth speakers.

The JBL SB231 is a 2.1 home theater speaker system promising the signature JBL sound output for a price well under Rs.15,000.

Design and Build Quality

The JBL SB231 consists of a main soundbar form factor set up along with a subwoofer speaker.

There are multiple speakers and tweets inside the soundbar radiating sound forwards into the listener.

The quality of materials used for the construction of this 2.1 speaker system is top of the line.

Everything feels carefully crafted to last for years to come.

The rounded rectangular soundbar speaker is ergonomically designed to enhance sound output to the maximum.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The total sound output power of the JBL SB231 is 110W. This is surprisingly loud compared to the size of the speakers inside.

This home theater speaker system comes with Dolby Digital certification for a breathtaking surround sound experience.

The soundbar and the wireless subwoofer delivers natural lower end bass notes and tonally balanced mids and highs.

Be it cinema, sports or songs, the sound output from these speakers sound so pleasing to the ears without any acoustic overpowering effect.


There is a USB port on this speaker system but unfortunately, JBL has locked it down for service updates.

The soundbar is easily wall mountable with appropriate brackets in the box.

The Bluetooth connectivity is very stable and offers seamless wireless audio streaming across multiple devices.


The JBL SB261 is a soundbar styled 2.1 home theater speaker system suited for a large hall/room.

The 220W sound output with Dolby Digital surround sound brings you the theatrical experience right to your living room.


Power Output110W
Connectivity FeaturesBT,Optical,HDMI

4. F&D T60X

F&D T60X

Best Tower Speakers

  • Pleasing sound output
  • Bundled remote control
  • Optical input port


NFC and Bluetooth connectivity

Good build quality

Unique floor standing design


Average FM radio reception quality

F&D is a prominent brand that is popular among budget-conscious consumers looking for a good sound budget speaker system in the Indian market.

The F&D T60X is a 2.0Ch premium tower speaker available for a budget under Rs.15,000.

Design and Build Quality

The tall tower design with the silver-coloured woofers and glossy plastic inserts makes this speaker system look and feel premium. 

The wooden casing construction is robust, adding to the overall pleasing sound output. There is a small LED display on one of the tower speakers that will let you know the track, source and playback status at a glance. 

While the USB port and the volume control knobs along with various playback control buttons are positioned on the side of the tower, connectivity options such as the optical port and mic input are at the backside. 

F&D bundles a remote control with this speaker system with which you can wirelessly control the playback from a distance. 

Speakers and Sound Quality 

As we mentioned above, the F&D T60X is a 2.0 speaker setup. It consists of a 1-inch tweeter, 4-inch speaker and an 8-inch subwoofer on each tower. 

The total sound output power of this speaker system is 110W, sufficient enough for a medium-sized hall. 

Thanks to the tower-shaped form factor, the sound output propagates towards the listener at a reasonable height preserving the musical notes perfectly without much attenuation. 

The sub-woofers deliver deep natural bass accompanied by clean vocals from the pair of full-range speakers. The tweeters provide crisp higher-end treble notes as well.

Be it music, movies or documentaries, the sound output from the F&D T60X will please audiophiles out there.


The F&D T60X features both Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. With compatible devices, you can easily pair/connect and play media wirelessly.

You can also play local FM stations with the integrated FM tuner inside. You can also plug in a pen drive into the USB port and play the songs from that directly.


The F&D T60X is a premium 2.0Ch tower speaker system that delivers excellent quality sound output complemented with rich connectivity options including Bluetooth and NFC.


Power Output110W
Connectivity FeaturesBT,NFC,FM,RCA,Optical

5. Samsung HW-K350

Samsung HW-K350

Honourable Mention

  • Bass-heavy sound signature
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Robust build quality


Samsung audio remote app support

Aesthetically pleasing design

USB media playback support


No HDMI port

Samsung is one of the world’s major players in the audio-visual market segment with a history of industry-leading innovations.

The HW-K350 from Samsung is a 2.1Ch soundbar style speaker system available for purchase in India at just Rs.13,999.

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung HW-K350 soundbar speaker system looks similar to most other soundbar style speakers out there in the market. 

The speakers are covered with a fabric material that doesn’t feel that premium, to be honest.

There are four rubber control buttons on the soundbar, over the fabric for volume control, power on/off and source control.

Hidden inside the fabric is a small LED display that indicates the volume level, source, and active sound mode.

The soundbar can be connected to the TV via Bluetooth and the subwoofer is also wireless. 

Speakers and Sound Output

The Samsung RW-K350 speaker system has a maximum sound output of 200W. This is more than enough to fill a medium-sized room/hall with loud sound output.

The bass is where this speaker system beats many of the other speakers out of the competition. 

The bass notes feel very boomy and pronounced but it affects neither the vocals nor the treble notes in a negative manner.

If you are a movie buff or a game fanatic, you’ll feel right at home with this speaker setup.


First things first, the Samsung RW-K350 doesn’t feature an HDMI port. The only I/O ports you’ll have are the optical input and aux input. Other than that there is a USB port that supports media playback along with the obvious wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

You can download the Samsung audio remote app on your smartphone and control this speaker right from the phone.


The Samsung RW-K350 is one of the best bass-heavy 2.1Ch speaker systems that you can get your hands on for a budget of under Rs.15,000.

If you don’t mind the lack of an HDMI port, there’s nothing much against this speaker system from considering it a worthy product.


Power Output150W
Connectivity FeaturesBT,Optical,AUX, USB

This concludes our best five home theater speaker systems available in the Indian market priced under Rs.15,000.

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