Best Refrigerators in India (November 2021)

It’s summer and we are thirsty.

After a long tiring day, when you reach home you would be craving a glass of cold water, aren’t you?

And you need a good fridge for exactly that.

In the hunt for the best refrigerators in India, we came across certain models that we honestly think are worth taking a look at and are best at what they do.

Here are the eight best refrigerators in different categories which you can purchase in the Indian market at present:

Without any further delay, let’s begin!

Best Refrigerators in India

1. Samsung RR21T2G2WCROverall Best Pick
2. LG GL-I292RPZXBest Double-door Refrigerator
3. Samsung RS72R5011SLBest Side by Side Refrigerator
4. Whirlpool FP 313DBest Triple-door Refrigerator
5. Panasonic NR-TGG32CUSNFeature-rich Refrigerator
6. Whirlpool INTELLIFRESH 3SValue for Money Refrigerator
7. Haier HED 1812BKSCheapest Refrigerator
8. Godrej RF EON 236BHonourable Mention 

Note: The price shown are the once when we reviewed the products. However, as the promotional offers changes on the given E-commerce sites, the price may vary. Bettershark is supported by it’s readers and when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

1. Samsung RR21T2G2WCR

Samsung RR21T2G2WCR

Overall Best Pick

  • Maintenance-free Inverter compressor
  • Suited for a small family 
  • Solar power grid integration


Provision for door lock with key 

Large capacity vegetable box

Elegant chrome bar handle


Limited bottle space

Samsung was one of the least expected players in the single door budget refrigerator market in India. However, with the RR21T2G2WCR we’ve one serious contender for the top spot.

The Samsung RR21T2G2WCR is an elegantly designed 198L single door refrigerator which comes with an all-new 2021-star BEE energy efficiency rating.

Design and Build Quality

The design and build quality of this Samsung refrigerator is top-notch.

Made using high-quality polycarbonate plastic, the Samsung RR21T2G2WCR comes with a graphics-rich exterior with an attractive purple colour paint scheme.  

The long horizontal handle is easy to hold and open the refrigerator door without any problems.

To improve the aesthetic beauty and to ensure the protection of this single door refrigerator, Samsung has enclosed the rear section with a shell.

The materials used for the construction of this Samsung single door refrigerator is of high quality and will stand the test of time easily.

Energy Efficiency 

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has given the latest 5-star 2020 energy efficiency rating for this single door refrigerator.

The digital inverter compressor operates silently and is highly energy efficient. It works automatically based on the load inside and helps to maintain an optimal temperature inside keeping the contents fresh for a long time.

You don’t have to be afraid of the shocking electricity bills anymore as these 5-star rated appliances are rated to use bare minimum energy while in operation and almost zero energy while being idle.

That said, the annual energy consumption of this single door refrigerator from Samsung is approximately 104 units. 

Hardware Features

The shelves on this Samsung single door refrigerator are made of toughened glass and can hold the weight of even the heaviest vegetables with relative ease.

The cooling retention capability of this refrigerator is commendable.

Thanks to the excellent insulation, this fridge can keep the contents inside cool for up to 9 hours, in case of a power outage.


Samsung provides a year’s worth of comprehensive warranty with this device plus an additional 10-year warranty on its digital inverter compressor.


The Samsung RR21T2G2WCR has an elegant design that is very attractive to look at.

The inverter compressor inside has been proved to be efficient in the past with various models and the same shine with this product in terms of performance.


Capacity198 litre
Star Rating5 Star
Annual Energy Consumption104 units
Compressor TypeDigital Inverter
Defrosting TypeDirect Cool
Warranty1 Year + 10 Year on Compressor



Best Double-door Refrigerator

  • Energy-efficient smart inverter compressor
  • Suited for a family of 3-4 members
  • Silent operation


Moisture controlling crisper

Smart Diagnosis

Smart connectivity with inverter/solar panel


Slightly smaller egg tray

LG is one of the key players in the Indian home appliance market. Maybe because India does have one of the fastest rising middle classes on the planet right now. 

The GL-I292RPZX refrigerator from LG is a double door unit that comes with a plethora of features with an asking price of Rs.25,490.

Design and Build Quality

The LG GL-I292RPZX is a double door refrigerator with dimensions 585 x 1475 x 703 mm being the width, height and depth measures respectively. 

It comes with a capacity of 260 litres which is enough for a family of 3-5 members. 

The handlebar is coated with a textured finish which feels nice to hold and it does provide a tactile gripped feel. 

Compressor and Power Usage

Being a 3-star BEE 2021 energy rated unit, this fridge consumes less power when compared with 

the traditional energy-hungry models that existed in the past, which is safe to say more of a myth these days.

The type of compressor employed in this model from LG is a smart inverter type compressor which is more energy-efficient than a rotary or reciprocal type compressor. 

Since there are no noticeable moving parts inside this compressor, the operation is very silent.

The smart inverter compressor determines the load inside the refrigerator automatically and adjusts the power required thereby making a huge margin in power savings. 


LG has provided multiple vents throughout the refrigerator to have uniform cooling all around the storage case with balanced temperature levels. 

The crisper compartment which is used to store fresh vegetables come with a lattice-type cover that balances the moisture content inside and keeps the vegetables fresh for a longer duration.

The Smart Connect feature on this refrigerator will connect the unit to run off from an inverter (if connected) automatically in case the power goes down. Also, Solar smart technology enables this fridge to drain from a solar grid directly. The fluctuating DC from the solar grid is converted to fixed DC voltage by the built-in inverter on this fridge.

The Smart diagnosis lets you scan the refrigerator for malfunctions automatically. If any defect is detected, it will transfer the data to your phone and you can then call customer care and pinpoint the problem.


With the 3-star BEE 2021 energy efficiency rating, this refrigerator from LG won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The smart inverter type compressor is silent in its operation.

With a few moving parts inside, there is very little maintenance for the motor which is the single most important component of the refrigerator.


Capacity260 litre
Star Rating3 Star
Annual Energy Consumption198 units
Compressor TypeSmart Inverter
Defrosting TypeFrost Free
Warranty1 year + 10 year on compressor

3. Samsung RS72R5011SL

Samsung RS72R5011SL

Best Side by Side Refrigerator

  • Suited for commercial purposes/large families
  • Efficient and durable inverter compressor
  • Excellent cooling retention


Seamless and elegant design

Fast cooling and freezing

Deodorizing filter


Bulky form factor 

The high-end home appliance segment is ruled by Samsung and LG in India, reliability and technological prowess being the main factors. 

The Samsung RS72R5011SL is a large 700L side by side refrigerator that comes equipped with a digital inverter compressor.

Design and Build Quality

This side by side refrigerator is designed to blend with any type of home decor you might have. The minimal design is pleasing to the eyes. 

The materials used for construction are of high quality and it reflects in the build quality.

The Samsung RS72R5011SL comes with a large and spacious fridge area which will let you store more of the mildly refrigerable contents such as vegetables or foods in case you end up having a large party or get together.

Performance and Energy Efficiency

Premium refrigerators from Samsung are famous for their lower electricity consumption metrics when compared with other similar capacity fridges from the competitor brands.

The Digital inverter compressor inside this appliance further helps in reducing the energy consumption of this fridge.

The inverter compressor runs constantly in the background and automatically adjusts the speed depending upon the load inside the refrigerator.

The all-around cooling technology ensures every nook and corner of the refrigerator is cooled optimally, without leaving blind spots that may lead to stale vegetables or foods.

Miscellaneous Features

The shelves inside are separated by the toughened glass on which heavy utensils or vegetables can be directly placed without the fear of getting cracks.

Even in the case of an emergency power outage, the contents stored inside this refrigerator remains cool for a couple of hours.

Samsung India provides a 1-year warranty on this refrigerator supplemented by an additional 10-year warranty on the compressor.


Side by side refrigerators come with larger capacities and increasing energy consumption. 

The Samsung RS72R5011SL is a highly energy-efficient side by side refrigerator in the market at present. So you can expect a significant drop in your energy bills with this product.

The digital inverter compressor is very efficient of good quality that will last for years to come without any performance drops.


Capacity700 Litre
Star Rating
Annual Energy Consumption
Compressor TypeDigital Inverter Compressor
Defrosting TypeFrost Free
Warranty1 year + 10 years on compressor

4. Whirlpool FP 313D

Whirlpool FP 313D

Best Triple-door Refrigerator

  • Suited for joint families
  • Best for storing non-veg items
  • Power-efficient operation


Ample 300-litre storage space

Triple door helps to prevent odour mixing

Easily accessible

Antimicrobial additive coating


No inverter compressor

Whirlpool is one of the best refrigerator brands in India.

The FP 313D is a triple door refrigerator from Whirlpool which has a capacity of 300 litres with separate zones for keeping contents without being intermixed with each other.

The separate zoning also helps in reducing the odour from mixing.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this refrigerator is one of its standout features.

Having won many design awards around the globe, this fridge is one of the better-looking models out there in the market.

This unit measures 601 x 1874 x 717 mm and is suitable for large families.

The three-door formats help you keep the vegetables, fruits and beverages in separate compartments making them easily accessible.

Active Fresh Technology

The Whirlpool FP 313D has a patented sixth-sense Active fresh technology that keeps the moisture level in check thereby keeping the farm produce fresh.

The micro blocks technology which compartmentalizes the entire fridge with anti-microbial additive coating prevents bacterial growth inside.

There is also the zeolite technology built-in, which absorbs the methane gas from the fruits and prevents them from excessive ripening.

5-star Energy Efficiency

A five-star rating for a home appliance is synonymous with power efficiency.

This refrigerator from Whirlpool comes with a 5-star rating that reduces the electricity bill considerably.

Miscellaneous Features

The air boost technology in the Whirlpool FP 313D pushes cool air from every corner to have a balanced temperature distribution all around.

The rotary compressor that runs the unit is very efficient and maintenance-free.

As a matter of trust, the company have provided a 1-year warranty on the refrigerator and an additional 10-year warranty on the compressor itself.

Frost-Free Operation

Frost-free cooling technology ensures that the freezer remains unclogged with ice.

There is no need for manual defrosting as in the case of a direct cool refrigerator and this saves a lot of time.

This unit also comes with a built-in stabilizer which protects the refrigerator from abnormal voltage fluctuations.


The Whirlpool FP 313D is the best refrigerator for you if you live in an extended family and have enough space to accommodate the product.

Having three layers means, you can set separate compartments for each type of food and the most common problem in refrigerators, odour mixing won’t happen.


Capacity300 Litre
Star Rating5 star
Annual Energy Consumption500 units
Compressor TypeRotary
Defrosting TypeFrost Free
Warranty1 year + 10 year on compressor

5. Panasonic NR-TGG32CUSN

Panasonic NR-TGG32CUSN

Feature-rich Refrigerator

  • Powerful inverter compressor
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Ideal for large families


Robust build quality 

Humidity control slider

Height adjustable shelves


Not ideal for space constraint kitchens

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational company known for its consumer electronics appliances all around the world. 

The Panasonic NR-TG321CUSN is a standard double door refrigerator with a relatively large 309L capacity, ideal for a family of 5-6 members. 

Design and Build Quality

This double door refrigerator from Panasonic has a steel chassis instead of the regular fiber body we have seen with some of the refrigerators in this price segment.

The shining silver colour paint job with a brushed metal finish makes this refrigerator look and feel premium. 

The design is very minimal and modern. The ergonomically designed recess handle helps in opening and closing the doors effortlessly.

Talking about the interior, this fridge comes with height adjustable shelves for organising the contents inside without wasting any precious space. There is also the movable ice tray which provides easy ice cube removal without taking the tray out of the refrigerator. 

Energy Efficiency

The Panasonic NR-TG321CUSN features an intelligent inverter compressor inside that will vary the cooling load automatically according to the time of the day and the internal temperature. 

Inverter compressors require less maintenance and often saves a lot of money with regards to energy consumption. 

This fridge comes with a 3-star BEE 2021 energy efficiency rating and has an annual energy consumption of approximately 207 units, which is not bad for a large 309L refrigerator. 


The patented AG Clean technology leverages the cleansing effect of silver to keep the fridge clean from harmful bacterias and checks the growth of moulds inside. 

Depending on the contents stored inside, the Panasonic NR-TG321CUSN provides manual humidity control to keep them fresh and healthy. 


If you are looking to purchase a refrigerator for your home with more than 5 members, the Panasonic NR-TG321CUSN is a good choice. 

The robust steel chassis build quality and the maintenance-free inverter compressor makes this refrigerator a worthy choice for a budget under Rs.30,000.


Capacity309 litre
Star Rating3 Star
Annual Energy Consumption207 units
Compressor TypeInverter
Defrosting TypeFrost Free
Warranty1 year + 10 year on compressor

6. Whirlpool INTELLIFRESH 3S


Value for Money Refrigerator

  • Intelligent deep freeze technology
  • Active deodorizer
  • Chilling gel for cooling retention


Microblock technology

Large vegetable crisper 

Stabilizer free operation


No door handle

Whirlpool, an American electronic conglomerate is one of the most respected brands in the home appliances industry.

In the refrigerator category, they do have some of the best contenders in the market right now in India, the Whirlpool INTELLIFRESH 3S being one.

Design and Build Quality

This 265L capacity double door refrigerator is suited for a mid-sized family of about 3-4 members.

The quality of construction is average but certainly justifiable from an economic standpoint.

The door handles are thick and easy to hold on to, and made from hard plastic. Apart from the handles and the branding, there is nothing much in front of this refrigerator.

The backside is nicely covered to hide the coils and other related hardware. The quality of internal trays and plastic is good with no serious dip in quality to be seen anywhere in particular.


With the patented 6th sense technology, this refrigerator comes equipped with sensors that monitor the load, temperature as well as humidity levels and adjust accordingly to keep the contents inside fresh and odourless.

The strategically placed air vents along the air tower provide uniform cooling to each nook and corner of the refrigerators, keeping the contents inside fresh for a long time.

Due to the economic constraints on this budget double door refrigerator, there isn’t a full-sized cooling pad but instead, the company has provided a cooling gel that will keep the contents inside fresh during a sudden power outage scenario.

With the built-in stabilizer, you are not required to invest extra cash for purchasing a stabilizer with this home appliance.

This refrigerator comes with a 3-star 2021 BEE rating and the performance metrics will keep the electricity bill under control.


The vegetable crisper in this double door refrigerator is coated with a special anti-microbial layer to prevent bacterial growth inside the refrigerator.

Inside the freezer, there is a dedicated ice twister and collector, making the process of getting ice from the tray much easier than ever before.

The effective 11-year warranty that comes with the unit provides absolute peace of mind to keep you relaxed in case any unforeseen mishaps do happen.


Whirlpool INTELLIFRESH 3S offers a lot for the price tag that it comes with. The design is elegant and will suit any type of home decor you might have.

With the sensor-based operation, this budget refrigerator cools the contents inside quickly and evenly, offering you a pleasant ownership experience.


Capacity265 litre
Star Rating3 Star
Annual Energy Consumption190 units
Compressor TypeDigital Inverter
Defrosting TypeFrost Free
Warranty1 Year + 10 Year on Compressor

7. Haier HED 1812BKS

Haier HED 1812BKS

Cheapest Refrigerator

  • Diamond edge freezing technology
  • Low maintenance compressor
  • 2-star BEE 2020 rating


Minimal, eye-pleasing design

Stabilizer free operation

One-hour icing technology


Heavy door

Haier is a Chinese white goods manufacturer which has been in the Indian market for a while now.

The HED 1812BKS is a 181L single door refrigerator that comes with a plethora of features and excellent power efficiency.

Design and Build Quality

The Haier HED 1812BKS has an ultra-minimal design with this single door refrigerator that makes it look like a futuristic home appliance.

The brushed metal finish on the polycarbonate chassis without any graphics decals makes this budget single door refrigerator look extremely pleasing to the eyes.

In terms of overall design aspects and novelty factors, the HaierHED 1812BKS tops the list among the best single door refrigerators in India.

Energy Efficiency 

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has assigned a 2-star BEE 2020 rating for this fridge which saves up energy bills to 25% when compared with a conventional refrigerator.

One of the main USPs of this refrigerator is the 1-hour icing technology.

Whatever be the temperature outside, Haier promises to bring down the temperature inside the freezer to -5 degrees just under an hour.

The reciprocatory compressor inside is very efficient and works well under heavy loads.

The built-in surge protection eliminates the need for a separate stabilizer and protects the motor from voltage fluctuations.


The shelves on this single door refrigerator are separated by toughened glasses that can withstand weights up to 120 Kg.

The bottle storage compartment inside lets you keep water or beverages with ease and a bottle guard ensures that the bottles won’t tip off.

The overall capacity of this single door refrigerator is 181L out of which the freezer takes up 20L storage.

This fridge is a direct cool model which requires manual defrosting at least once in a while.

The company offers one year of warranty on the refrigerator and a 10-year additional warranty on the compressor motor.


Looking for a stylish single door refrigerator to fit your newly done kitchen interior? Haier HED 1812BKS has got you covered.

If you don’t mind the absence of an inverter type compressor, this 2-star rated refrigerator performs on par with its competitor models in terms of cooling the contents inside.


Capacity181 litre
Star Rating2 Star
Annual Energy Consumption210 units
Compressor TypeReciprocatory
Defrosting TypeDirect cool
Warranty1 year + 10 year on compressor

8. Godrej RF EON 236B

Godrej RF EON 236B

Honourable Mention 

  • Built-in deodorizer
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Suited for a family of 2-3 members


Thick insulation for better cooling

Brighter LED lamp

Large capacity bottle storage tray


No cool pad

Godrej has been a popular brand in the Indian white goods market since time immemorial. 

With the years of legacy behind, Godrej does have some great products in the market and the Godrej EON 236B is one among them.

The Godrej EON 236B is a 236L double door refrigerator that offers an exciting blend of energy-efficient 2-star 2021 BEE rated operation as well as an aesthetically pleasing design.

Automatic Temperature Control

This refrigerator packs an intelligent sensor-based operation that monitors the temperature, frost accumulation, the frequency of door opening etc and automatically performs frost removal which improves the overall cooling efficiency of the fridge.

Easy Ice Disposal

The ice trays on this double door refrigerator facilitate the twisted mode operation for easy disposal of ice cubes.

 It only takes a twist of a knob to transfer these cubes into the glass thereby eliminating the need for tray removal.

Hardware Features

The spacious 2.5L bottle shelf on this double door fridge lets you keep all your bottles inside the cabinet leaving none outside. 

The strong metal retainer keeps the bottles in place without tipping over even if the door is slammed hard.

Antibacterial Properties

Godrej’s antibacterial technology ensures that there’s no microbial growth inside the fridge. 

The silver ions in the air duct and the microbe-resistant coated gasket keeps the food and vegetables inside fresh and clean.

There are a few polythene bag holders inside the cabinet compartment to suspend the bags that you buy directly inside the fridge. This saves a lot of time in arranging the stuff kept inside.


Godrej provides a 1-year overall warranty on this product plus an additional 10-year on the compressor.


Considering the capacity, energy efficiency and features, the Godrej EON 236B is one of the best double door refrigerators available in the market.

The body is well built and durable that will last for years in operation without any worries. Rust free coating leaves no worries about the corrosion attack as well.


Capacity236 litre
Star Rating2 star
Annual Energy Consumption243 units
Compressor TypeInverter
Defrosting TypeFrost Free
Warranty1 year + 10 year on compressor

The list of the eight best refrigerators in India never ends here.

We hope this post has given you a slight idea about the categorization in the refrigerator markets as a whole.

The models we included here are what we found interesting from the bunch.

If your product is right here, bingo!

If not, we have a bunch of buying suggestions for refrigerators on our website categorized for your convenience.

As always, have a pleasant day, Thank you!

How To Choose A Refrigerator: The Complete Buying Guide

Money can buy everything.

Or does it?

Buying the best product with the money in hand is the real challenge.

There are thousands of refrigerators in the market and you’re pampered with choices.

Refrigerators and air-conditioners are the two appliances that face huge demand during the dry months here in India.

In this section, we will detail the things you’ve to keep in mind while purchasing a refrigerator.


Refrigerators are machines for cooling your consumables/fresh produce/beverages at a temperature lesser than the one you’re in your room for a longer duration.


The hot and humid climate outside will make them stale very fast. Perishables like vegetables have to kept at a lower temperature to keep fresh.

Also having cold water/beverage does quench your thirst in the hot climate.


Interested in knowing how a refrigerator works? Let’s break it down for you in simple words below :

  • The main component of a refrigerator apart from all the hardware stuff is the refrigerant. It’s what does the magic of cooling.
  • The compressor compresses the gaseous refrigerant to a high-pressure gas.
  • This high-pressure gas flows through the coils and when it comes in contact with the room temperature, converts to a cool high-pressure liquid state.
  • This high-pressure refrigerant flows inside the refrigerator absorbing the heat inside and cooling down the interiors.
  • The hot refrigerant then loses the pressure and cools down as it flows down to the evaporator where it is again converted into low-pressure gaseous form. This cycle repeats as in a loop.

Now that’s over let’s see what factors should you consider while selecting a refrigerator from the market.


Having a budget in mind will help you. But having only a budget in mind will always hurt you.

Refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and prices. So having a rough idea of how much you can spend is beneficial.

As with every appliance out there, the price of refrigerators varies according to the capacity, features as well as the brand.

Double door and side by side refrigerators are the expensive ones in the lot.

There are refrigerators with price tags upwards of a lakh


Buying a very large refrigerator for a house having a space crunch is not a very good idea.

Before zeroing in on the model, finalize a space for placing the fridge in your home. This will save a lot of trouble afterwards.

Side-by-side refrigerators take up a lot of space.

So unless you have a very big kitchen or a hall with enough floor space, never think of owning one.

Double door refrigerators too take up space, but not as much. Single door refrigerators are the most compact type of refrigerators in the market.


Features play a large part in determining the price of a product.

It’s an obvious fact that the pricier the product is, the more features there are.

Double door and side by side refrigerators come feature-packed which well will discuss a bit later.

Expensive refrigerators will give you choices like having a water/ice dispenser outside the fridge.

Is it necessary? Well, it’s subjective.

But certain features like having toughened glass shelves, manual temperature control etc are very much desirable no matter what the budget is.

Let’s now see what are the options available in the market for a prospective buyer in the case of a refrigerator.

Categorizing broadly on cooling type employed in these appliances, refrigerators are of two types:

a. Direct cool refrigerators

b. Frost-free refrigerators

a) Direct cool refrigerators

Direct cool refrigerators make use of natural convection for defrosting the freezer compartment.

The main drawback of this system is that there will be ice accumulation inside the freezer.

This will require frequent manual defrosting.

Almost all single door refrigerators are the direct cool type.

A few budget double door refrigerators also come with direct cool technology.

Since there is no additional circuitry or hardware required, the direct cool refrigerators are cheaper and more energy-efficient than the frost-free type.

b) Frost-free refrigerators

Frost-free technology is the latest trend in refrigerators.

It involves a heating element inside the freezer that will trigger once it detects an ice build-up.

It automatically defrosts the freezer without any manual intervention.

However since the heating element draws power, these refrigerators consume more electricity and are expensive than the direct cool refrigerators


Based on the form factor and the number of doors present, refrigerators are classified in to:

i) Single door refrigerator

ii) Double door refrigerator

iii) Side by side refrigerator

i) Single door refrigerators

These are the most affordable type of refrigerators available in the market.

If you are looking for a compact and affordable refrigerator, the chances are that these refrigerators will pique your interest.

This type of refrigerators comes with a single door with a freezer placed at the top.

Almost all the single door refrigerators are of a direct cool type.

They consume less power as well. These refrigerators come with a capacity of less than 300L.

If you’re a bachelor or if your family consists of less than three members, a single door refrigerator is sufficient.

 ii) Double door refrigerators

Double door refrigerators as the name suggests has two doors.

One for the freezer compartment and the other for the regular cooler section. The capacity of a double door refrigerator varies from 250 – 700L.

Compared to single door fridges, these devices will have more advanced features.

Double door refrigerators come with both direct cool as well as frost-free technology.

So you must be careful while purchasing.

Unlike the single door refrigerators, you get a choice, and when you have one choose the better over the other.

iii) Side by side refrigerators

Side by side refrigerators is the most expensive type of refrigerators in the market.

The capacity of these refrigerators varies from 500 – 900L. These refrigerators have a shelf like a door with two open ends.

Some of the expensive sides by side models may come with an ice/water dispenser on the outside for easy access.

Based on the position of the freezer, refrigerators are classified into two as follows:

a) Top-mounted freezer refrigerators

b) Bottom mounted freezer refrigerators

a) Top-mounted freezer refrigerators

Most of the refrigerators fall under this category. The freezers in these refrigerators are placed on top.

From an energy efficiency standpoint, this is the best it can get.

If you prefer to have chilled beverages and ice cubes at a stretch, this would be the best bet.

b) Bottom mounted refrigerators

These are relatively new entrants to the market.

The freezer in this type of refrigerators is placed on the bottom and the normal cooling zone at the top.

If you consume a lot of fresh produce than frozen goods, this type of refrigerators may be the best.


Compressors are one of the single most important components in a refrigeration system.

Mainly, there are two types of compressors in use among the refrigerators sold in the market. They are :

a) Rotary Compressor

b) Reciprocating Compressor

a) Rotary Compressor

Rotary compressors have rotating rollers to compress the refrigerant inside the coils.

They are silent and produce less heat compared to the reciprocating compressors.

The main downside of a rotary compressor is that it consumes more energy.

b) Reciprocating Compressor

Reciprocating compressors employ pistons instead of rollers. These pistons are very efficient and have minimal maintenance.

The drawback of these compressors is that it’s noisy.

Other than the two above mentioned compressors, there is a new technology in the market – inverter compressors.

This technology lets the compressor run in the background without shutting down completely.

Advantages of an inverter compressor

– Less wear and tear

– energy efficient

– high cooling efficiency

To summarize, if there is a refrigerator with an inverter compressor is available within your budget, always go for it.

Apart from this, there are certainly other things that you must take into account while purchasing a refrigerator in India. Let’s talk about them as well.

Star Rating ( Energy efficiency )

Bureau of Energy Efficiency has a star rating for indicating the energy efficiency of the home appliances sold in India.

Having a 5-star means maximum efficiency.

Although the initial cost for these 5-star products is high, in the long term they save you enough money to offset that.

We don’t force you to buy a 5-star product, but it is necessary to have a look at the energy efficiency and couple it with the features you require.

This will have monetary benefits.

Built-in Stabilizer

Power fluctuations are a normal scenario in India at present.

As these appliances are highly sensitive even to the minor variations in voltage, the chance of getting damaged during one is high.

Make sure you buy a refrigerator with a built-in stabilizer. If not, buy a separate stabilizer.

Most of the double door and side by side refrigerators come with a built-in stabilizer. But make sure it is your duty.


This feature is kind of an optional choice.

Usually found in expensive refrigerators, some of the double door refrigerators come with it.

What it does is that, during long power outages, these cool pads retain the cool temperature inside the fridge, keeping the contents inside fresh.

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