Best Side By Side Refrigerators In India

by | Sep 21, 2018

Refrigerators are one of the most technologically evolving species in the home appliance segment.

Side by side refrigerators, although relatively new to the scene is quickly catching up and is a welcome addition to many large families.

Here we are bringing you the 5 best side by side refrigerators available in the Indian market categorized according to the specific needs keeping in mind, the broad spectrum of customers in India.

Let’s dive into the article to read further.

Best Side by Side Refrigerators In India

1. Samsung RSA1SHMG1/TLOverall Best Pick
2.LG GC-B247SLUVRunner-Up Pick
3. Haier HRF-618SSMost Spacious Freezer
4. BPL BRS564HBest Budget Pick
5. Panasonic NR-BS60MSX1Honorable Mention

1. Samsung RSA1SHMG1/TL

Overall Best Pick
  • 5-star BEE rating
  • Powerful inverter compressor
  • All round cooling
High-end home appliance segment is ruled by Samsung and LG in India, reliability and technological prowess being the main factor.

The Samsung RSA1SHMG1/TL is a 545L side by side refrigerator that comes with a 5-star BEE rating.

Design and build quality

This side by side refrigerator is designed to blend with any type of home decor you might have.

The minimal design is pleasing to the eyes.

The materials used for construction are of high quality and it reflects in the build quality.

The Samsung RSA1SHMG1/TL comes equipped with a convertible freezer to fridge option.

This will let you store more of the mildly refrigerable contents such as vegetables or foods in case you end up having a large party or get together.

5-star BEE rating

With the 5-star energy rating from Bureau of Energy Efficiency, this refrigerator will save up to 55% on electricity bills.

The Digital inverter compressor further helps in reducing the energy consumption of this fridge.

An inverter compressor runs constantly in the background and automatically adjusts the speed depending upon the load inside the refrigerator.

The all-around cooling technology ensures every nook and corner of the refrigerator is cooled optimally, without leaving blind spots that may lead to stale vegetables or foods.

Miscellaneous features

The LED information display on the front gives the information about the temperature inside.

This refrigerator comes with a one-touch power cool technology for faster chilling.

The shelves inside are separated by the toughened glass on which heavy utensils or vegetables can be directly placed without the fear of getting cracks.

The cool pack inside this refrigerator ensures the contents inside will remain frozen up to 10 hours, even if there is a power outage.

Samsung India provides a 1-year warranty on this refrigerator supplemented by an additional 10-year warranty on the compressor.


Side by side refrigerators comes with larger capacities and resulting increment in the energy consumption.

The Samsung RSA1SHMG1/TL is the only 5-star BEE rated side by side refrigerator in the country. So you can expect a significant drop in your energy bills with this product.

The digital inverter compressor is very efficient of good quality that will last for years to come without any performance drops.

5-Star BEE rating
LED information display
Powercool feature for quick chilling
Presence of cool pack
No water or Ice dispenser outside the door


Capacity545 Litre
Star Rating5 star
Built in StabilizerYes
Compressor TypeDigital Inverter Compressor


Runner-Up Pick
  • Silent operation
  • Smart connectivity features
  • Elegant design
LG is one of the major players in the premium home appliance segment.

Having the strong backing of their brand popularity as well as reliability, their products enjoy a special place in the Indian market.

Powerful and efficient inverter linear compressor

The LG GC-B247SLUV is a 687 Liter side by side refrigerator powered by an inverter linear compressor that saves time as well as energy by a significant margin.

The inverter linear compressor is 32% more energy efficient than a conventional reciprocating compressor.

It only emits about 22 dB of noise which is almost equivalent to the noise level of a quiet bedroom.

Inverter linear compressors maintain a much more constant temperature while preserving the silent operation and energy saving abilities of a normal inverter compressor.

Automatic temperature control

LG has given multiple vents inside the inner cabinet of this refrigerator to ensure all the contents inside are optimally cooled.

The sensors placed on the outside and inside the fridge constantly monitors the temperature levels and adjust accordingly.

This helps in keeping the freshness and flavors of the contents inside intact.

Smart features

This LG refrigerator comes equipped with Smart features that the company is known for including in all its products across the segments.

The Smart diagnosis feature lets you check the health of the refrigerator all by yourselves without the assistance of an expert.

LG ThinQ feature lets you control the refrigerator through a smartphone app from anywhere.

If you are in office and want something really cold, you can have it done before you reach home.

Really handy, Isn’t it?

This LG side by side refrigerator comes with a 1-year warranty on the product and an assured 10-year warranty on the compressor.


The inverter linear compressor is the main USP of this refrigerator. It makes the product more reliable and long lasting, thanks to the minimal moving parts inside.

The Smart features that accompany this refrigerator is of great use and offers a delightful experience when utilized in its full potential.

Large capacity 687 Litres
Smart connectivity
Linear inverter compressor
No toughened glass shelves


Capacity687 Litre
Star Rating
Built in StabilizerYes
Compressor TypeInverter linear compressor

3. Haier HRF-618SS

Most Spacious Freezer
  • Suited for office/business uses
  • Environment friendly refrigerant
  • Excellent insulation
Being the World’s sixth largest white goods manufacturer, Haier has some of the best home appliances in the Indian market.

The Haier HRF-618SS is a 565L side by side refrigerator, where style meets substance.

Build quality

The body of this refrigerator is made of ACM (Aluminium Composite Material).

This material is durable and tougher than the standard aluminium body found in the competitor models.

The polyurethane foam inside provides better insulation and cooling efficiency as well.

Talking about the energy efficiency, this refrigerator unit only consumes less than 1 unit/day.

The reciprocatory compressor does the cooling fast and the operation is fairly silent.

This Haier refrigerator has the highest fridge to freezer ratio in the market with a 66:34 ratio.

The more fridge space means the more everyday consumables you can store in the refrigerator.

Fuzzy logic operation

The fuzzy logic technology in this refrigerator will adjust the inside temperature automatically.

This keeps the contents inside fresh for a very long time.

While you are planning a vacation or an outstation trip, you can turn on the holiday function to keep the contents inside at a steady 17 degrees.

This will prevent bad odor build up and vegetables becoming stale.


The super freeze and super cool feature in this fridge increase the speed of the compressor and chill the contents of the freezer pretty quickly.

The eco-friendly refrigerant in this ensures that the rapid cooling doesn’t take a toll on the environment.

Energy efficiency and warranty

Haier provides a 1-year warranty on this device plus a 9-year warranty on the reciprocatory compressor that this refrigerator comes with.


The Haier HRF-618SS is the go to option if you are in search of a large and spacious side by side refrigerator for your office or business and even homes.

Even though the interior is wide and spacious, the reciprocatory compressor works perfectly fine to cool the contents inside evenly.

Apart from all these factors, if you are an environment enthusiast, the refrigerant used in this product causes no harm to the nature.

Build quality
Excellent freezer to fridge ratio
Holiday function
Super freeze, super cool technology
No inbuilt stabilizer
No star rating for energy efficiency


Capacity565 Litre
Star Rating
Built in StabilizerNo
Compressor TypeReciprocatory

4. BPL BRS564H

Best Budget Pick
  • Feature rich refrigerator
  • Value for money
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
BPL, the Indian electronics appliance manufacturer has been pretty much an active volcano in the Indian home appliance market releasing products in all possible categories.

The BPL BRS564H is one of their best refrigerator in the flagship segment.

The BPL BRS564H is 564 Liter, side by side refrigerator that has a plethora of options under the hood which enhances its overall usability two fold comparing the price at which it is on sale in the market.

Hardware features

This refrigerator has multiple air vents on each shelf that will keep the product inside odorless and fresh.

Quick cool and freeze options will make the compressor run faster for quick chilling and cooling of your favorite food and beverage.

The temperature can be adjusted manually by pressing the one-touch control button on the door.

The toughened glass shelves on this refrigerator will let you keep the utensils or heavy products on the top without having to worry about damage.

The pull out drawers also eases the storage and retrieval in this refrigerator.

External water dispenser

The biggest USP of this machine is its external water dispenser.

None of the side by side refrigerators in this list features this and it’s almost an irony that the cheapest refrigerator does have it.

The external water dispenser can be used to fetch cold water from the fridge without having the need to open and close the door.

This saves time as well as energy.

BPL India offers 1-year of unit warranty supplemented with a 5-year warranty on the compressor.


The BPL BRS564H is one of the least expensive side by side refrigerators in the Indian market.

Not only this refrigerator is inexpensive but also it comes with an external water dispenser which is a premium feature found only in expensive luxury refrigerators.

Barring the minor gripe that it doesn’t come with a built in refrigerator, this is the best you can get under a budget of Rs.50,000.

External water dispenser
Silent operation
No cooling pad
No built-in stabilizer


Capacity564 Litre
Star Rating
Built in StabilizerNo
Compressor Type

5. Panasonic NR-BS60MSX1

Honorable Mention
  • Best suited for homemakers
  • Premium quality construction
  • Bottom mounted freezer
Panasonic is one of the largest Japanese electronics manufacturer having a legacy dating back to the early 1900’s.

The NR-BS60MSX1 from Panasonic is a frost free side by side refrigerator that is noted for its impressive quick cooling features.

Design and build

The fit and finish of this refrigerator is excellent, thanks to the stainless steel finish outside and the durable polypropylene material inside the cabinet.

There is an LED display upfront notifying the user about the temperature inside.

It also houses one-touch buttons for various functionalities.

The modified air duct system in this refrigerator takes up only a minimal space which in turn increases the storage capacity.

The air ducts are cleverly placed to ensure superior cooling performance all over the cabinet.

Bottom mounted freezer

One of the main USP of this fridge is that the freezer is placed on the bottom part.

This makes the day to day operations with the fridge free from bending down to pick up vegetables from the crisper.

Powerful and efficient reciprocatory compressor

The reciprocatory compressor inside is of good quality and consistently provides great cooling at all loads.

The operation is silent and vibration free as you’d expect from a premium refrigerator.


The quick cool and freeze option comes with this refrigerator as well.

It takes about 3 hours to bring the temperature down to 5 degrees from 32 degrees and in the case of the freezer, to -18 degrees at the same time.

The triple twist ice tray makes ice quickly and lets you remove the cubes without having the need to pull the tray outside.

This is of great convenience if you’re in a hurry and need a quick gulp of cold beverage.

Panasonic offers a 1-year warranty on this unit and a 9-year additional warranty for the compressor.

It also has the added security of an inbuilt stabilizer to cover in fluctuating voltage scenarios.


The Panasonic NR-BS60MSX1 is a capable side by side refrigerator that impresses with its fast cooling properties, thanks to the efficient compressor that does the job.

Being a bottom mounted refrigerator (BMR) , if you have old age people around in your house, it will be easy for them to operate this refrigerator without having to physically stress too much.

Sleek and stylish design
Bottom mounted freezer reduces the need to bend down
Fast cooling
No cooling pads
No child lock


Capacity582 Litre
Star Rating
Built in StabilizerYes
Compressor TypeReciprocatory
Here concludes our list of the best side by side refrigerators in the market at present.

We have tried our best to include the models that, as a prospective buyer, will pique your interest.

If you have any questions or suggestion do let us know in the comment section below.

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Thanks for reading and have a great day ahead!

How To Choose A Refrigerator: Buying Guide For Side By Side Door Refrigerators

How to choose single door refrigerator
Side by side refrigerators are the most expensive among all type of refrigerators but they do provide a lot of premium value.

Care to know about the specifics before spending a lot of money on this luxury home appliance?

Hop on and we’ll guide you through the rest.

1) Price

As we’ve described above, side by side refrigerators will cost a fortune to the average consumer.

However, if you live in a very large joint family or own a business where customers frequent, having a side by side refrigerator will be very useful.

In the Indian market, the absolute minimum you’ve to pay for a side by side refrigerator is about Rs. 48,990.

The BPL BRS564H is a 564L side by side refrigerator priced at the same.

For those who prefer an even larger side by side unit, there’s the 687L LG GC-B247SLUV priced at Rs. 80,751.

Honestly, we feel, side by side refrigerators are more of a fashion statement to your home decor unless you live in a house with more than 10 members.

However remember, these refrigerators consume a lot of energy and that’ll reflect in your monthly electricity bill.

2) Capacity

The capacity of side by side refrigerators vary from 500L to a whopping 900L.

The fact is that you can get double door refrigerators with capacities up to 700L easily with a budget less than that of many branded side by side refrigerators.

The Panasonic NR-BS60MSX1 is a 582L side by side refrigerator in the Indian market with a price of Rs.55,999.

Do take note of the available space in your house/apartment before you opt in for buying one.

Side by side refrigerators consumes double the floor real estate compared to other refrigerators.

3) Lifestyle

Take a deep breath and think about your lifestyle.

Are you the one who keeps a lot of food inside the refrigerator for a very long duration?

Or does the refrigeration needs only include a couple of beverage bottles and a box of leftover pizza?

Side by side refrigerators is more related to the lifestyle of a person.

If and only if you have the need for such a big unit, go for one. If not, settle for a double door refrigerator.

We keep telling this with the mindset of a typical Indian consumer.

4) Dimensions

Let’s assume you are determined to purchase a side by side refrigerator.

Stop for a moment and measure the area where you intend to place this refrigerator.

Remember, side by side refrigerators are very heavy and moving it around is not an easy task.

5) Water/Ice Dispenser

One of the most attractive features of a side by side refrigerator is the outside water/ice dispenser.

This will let you have cold water or ice cubes without having to actually open the door of the refrigerator.

Not all of the side by side refrigerators posses one though.

The BPL BRS564H is the least expensive side by side refrigerator that comes with an external water dispenser.

This 564L frost-free refrigerator comes at an attractive price of just Rs.48,990.

6) Compressor

Side by side refrigerators is energy hungry.

So having a power efficient compressor is an added advantage despite having to spend a few thousand on one.

There is side by side refrigerators with inverter compressors on board available in the Indian market.

The Samsung RSA1SHMG1/TL is a 545L side by side refrigerator which comes equipped with a digital inverter compressor at a price of Rs.65,999.

The LG GC-B247SLUV is another model with 687L capacity that features an inverter compressor priced at Rs.80,751.

7) Warranty

Most of the companies provide a 1-year warranty along with an extended warranty of some sort on the compressor.

Most of the reputed companies do cover an effective 11-year warranty on their side by side refrigerators, so as a consumer, you wouldn’t have to worry about maintenance.