Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines in India (February 2019)

by | Feb 4, 2019

Semi-automatic washing machines are the most economical of all types of washing machines out there. Why? Because they do not require a constant supply of water like its automatic counterparts and consumes less power as well. These factors make the semi-automatic washing machines a favourite choice among the Indian households. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the six models we think are the best in this category of washing machines.

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines In India

1. Godrej WS 800 PDSOverall Best Pick
2. LG P9037R3SMRunner-Up Pick
3. Whirlpool Superb Atom 70SBest Value for Money
4. Panasonic NA-W65B2RRBSmall and Compact
5. Intex WMS62TLBest Cheap Pick
6. Samsung WT657QPNDPGXTLHonourable Mention

1. Godrej WS 800 PDS

Overall Best Pick
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Pulsator motor with copper winding
  • Suitable for families with more than 4 members

Godrej is a household name familiar to almost all the Indians in one way or the other.

The company has been revamping its product portfolios concentrating on home appliances such as air conditioners and washing machines.

The Godrej WS 800 PDS is a semi-automatic top load washing machine with an 8Kg washing capacity, ideal for families with more than 4 members.

Design and Build Quality

The Godrej WS 800 PDS is one well-crafted budget semi-automatic machine in the Indian market.

This appliance has a rather unique square form factor which is in stark contrast with the rounded cylindrical shape of similar washing machines in the segment.

This industrial look feels very refreshing and is sure to blend well with your home decor.

The outer chassis is made of tough polypropylene plastic. There is no flex of weaknesses anywhere to seen on this washing machine.

This rustproof construction ensures the durability of this home appliance. The toughened glass lids offer excellent resilience to scratches and damage over the course of time.

The Godrej WS 800 PDS is the only semi-automatic washing machine which comes with a stainless steel drum inside.

Stainless steel drums are much more durable and efficient in cleaning fabrics than plastic drums.

Pulsator Drum Motor

This semi-automatic washing machine comes equipped with a pulsator type motor inside which helps in thorough cleaning of your fabric inside.

The alternate clockwise and anticlockwise movement helps the motor to remove even the hardest of stains on the clothes, without being much rough on the fabric.

The triple roto scrub pads at the bottom of the drum further wash away dirt and stain particles to make your clothes look fresh and clean.

The steel drum will last for long and won’t need occasional maintenance like the plastic ones.


The Godrej WS 800 PDS comes with a set of wheels for easy portability across your home.

The spin shower mechanism sprinkles water all over the tub to effectively clean it after each wash cycle and makes sure no dust or litters are trapped in the compartment.


The maximum spin speed of the drum inside this semi-automatic washing machine is about 650 RPM.

Even if it is a bit slow when compared to the other semi-automatic washing machines, the large 8Kg capacity justifies it.

This machine has a rated energy consumption of 570 W.


The Godrej WS 800 PDS is the perfect semi-automatic washing machine for a family of four members and more.

The first in its class steel drum and the powerful pulsator motor inside offers excellent fabric washing experience under a budget of Rs.15,000.


Solid build quality


Elegant design


Shower rinse for efficient cleaning


The boxy design may not appeal everyone


Body MaterialPoly-propylene
Tube MaterialStainless steel
Power Rating650 rpm, 570 W

2. LG P9037R3SM

Runner-Up Pick
  • Suited for large families
  • Wind jet drying is fast
  • Three different wash programs

LG makes some of the best washing machines in the world, innovating with features that are often the best as well as the first in class.

The LG P9037R3SM is a semi-automatic washing machine with a capacity of 8Kg that comes with an enticing price tag of Rs.14,600.

Build quality and design

High capacity at a relatively low price – why?

The chassis of this washing machine is made of plastic so is its drum inside.

Plastic drums are the norm for these semi-automatic machines as it will help the companies reduce costs significantly.

If you want a steel drum that lasts longer but under a budget, your best bet is to look for fully automatic top load washing machines.

The 8Kg capacity makes this machine suitable for a medium-sized family.

The compact form factor helps this unit fit even in tight spaces comfortably.

There are wheels attached to the bottom of this machine for easy movement in case of a quick relocation requirement.


The controls on the machine are very basic and it doesn’t come with an information display.

It has three different wash programs for handling different types of fabrics.

The lint from the fabric is collected on a separate lint collector that keeps the water pipe unobstructed for the free flow of water.

The inbuilt collar scrubber helps in removing stains from the collar and cuffs easily in no time.

Roller jet pulsator

The roller jet pulsator helps in double axis motion of the fabric inside the drum which ensures thorough and efficient wash cycles.

The added friction loosens the dirt and stains that are stuck deep inside the fabric material.

The wind jet dry function allows faster spinning of the tub with enhanced airflow that will dry your clothes quickly.

The air vents will keep the tub dry from moisture preventing any microbial growth inside.

Motor and drum

This semi-automatic washing machine from LG is powered by a motor that runs at 1000 rpm with a rated consumption of 360 W electricity.

The machine comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty to cover all the maintenance if any occurs in due course.

Availability in different capacities

If the 8Kg capacity is too overboard for you, fret not.

There is a smaller 7Kg LG P8073R3FA with all the same features mentioned above available at a price of Rs. 11,999.


The LG P9037R3SM 8Kg semi-automatic washing machine is apt for large sized families with more than 6 members.

The roller jet pulsator rinses and washes the clothes very thoroughly but without damaging the fabrics.

For a budget just under Rs.15,000, this is probably the best you can get in the market at present.

8Kg capacity
Powerful 1000rpm motor
Roller jet pulsator for efficient washing cycles
Wind jet dry function helps in drying the fabric quickly after the wash
Wash/drain button is a bit tight


Body MaterialPlastic
Tube MaterialPlastic Special Rust Proof
Power Rating1000 rpm, 360 W

3. Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S

Best Value for Money
  • Perfect for medium sized households
  • Large wash tub
  • 2-year comprehensive warranty

Whirlpool is a world class leader in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipments.

The company has a series of products in the Indian market that ranges from budget to premium segments.

The Superb Atom 70S is a budget semi-automatic washing machine with a 7 Kg capacity that is well suited for an average Indian family to wash their clothes and other fabric.

Build quality and design

The design and aesthetics of this washing machine are similar to the Whirlpool 62I.

The chassis is made of high-quality fibre that is very tough and resistant to minor dents unless you bang a hammer right on to the machine (Please don’t).


The Whirlpool Atom 70S has a 7Kg capacity that is sufficient for a family having 3-5 members.

Most of the urban families in India fall into this category and hence this product is a perfect choice for them.

The soak function on this machine lets you thoroughly soak the laundry in the tub for the detergent to get inside the fabric lining and loosen the dirt and stains.

This will help the clothes be cleaned easily during the main wash cycle.

Advanced functions like auto-restart until recently was seen only in expensive fully automatic washing machines – but not anymore.

Auto-restart function

The auto restart function on this washing machine is one of the most desired features in washing machines that have to be made a mandatory addition.

When the power goes out and then comes at a later time, the machine automatically resumes the wash cycle from the last saved position in the memory.

The advantages?

Here it is.

This feature saves time as well as reduces the wastage of water, detergent and electricity.

Motor and drum

The 340W motor on this whirlpool semi-automatic washing machine runs at 1450 rpm.

The faster spinning speed equates to efficient wash cycles and quicker drying of your clothes.

This device comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty that covers the wash motor, spin motor and other electrical components such as timers as well.


The Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S is the perfect washing machine for medium sized households.

With features such as auto restart during a power failure, this machine is designed with the common people in mind for sure.

A great product from a great brand accompanied by a two-year comprehensive warranty – there’s nothing much to go wrong.

Auto-restart function
Soak function loosens dirt and stains
Faster motor
Lack of an autoload balancer


Body MaterialHi-fiber
Tube MaterialPlastic
Power Rating1450 rpm, 340 W

4. Panasonic NA-W65B2RRB

Small and Compact
  • Perfect for bachelors
  • Fits comfortably in tight spaces
  • Powerful motor

Panasonic is a relatively new entrant to the washing machine category in the Indian market.

With the NA-W65B2RRB, the company has provided a small and compact semi-automatic machine with a capacity of 6.5Kg, sufficient enough for a small sized family.

Small and portable form factor

The main USP of this washing machine is it’s small and compact form-factor.

Even though it has a 6.5Kg capacity, it is smaller than a 6.2Kg or even 6Kg machine for that matter.

This machine will be a boon for those who face space crunch in their homes.

Build quality and design

The polypropylene body of this machine is really tough and durable.

The drum plate inside is also made of plastic and has been lined with ridges and grooves in order to enhance the friction between the clothes and the plate.

Efficient lint filter

The aqua water-filter that comes with this machine traps the dirt and sediments in the inlet water that goes into the drum.

This ensures that only clean water is used during the wash cycles.

The pre-soak function loosens the dirt and stain on your fabric and makes the main wash cycle more efficient as it will be able to remove that loosened dirt and stains much easily.

With this machine, you won’t find the leftovers of detergents on your fabric after the wash.

The Aqua shower rinse technology assures the removal of all of the detergent particles during the main wash cycle.

Motor and drum

This washing machine has a 350W motor that runs at 800 rpm.

The energy consumption is a bit on the steeper side when compared with the similar models available in the market currently.

If energy consumption is a make or break concern for you, then be sure to check out our list for the best power efficient fully automatic front load washing machines.


If you’re a bachelor or live in a small apartment, the main consideration you should take in to your mind is the availability of the space.

The Panasonic NA-W65B2RRB is such a compact washing machine that will fit well in tight spaces without compromising on the quality of washing process.

With a powerful motor inside, this semi-automatic washing machine is perfectly capable of cleaning and washing your clothes at will.

Small and compact
Durable and tough polypropylene body
Aqua shower rinse technology
Increased power consumption
Buzzer volume is too loud


Body MaterialPolypropylene
Tube MaterialPlastic
Power Rating800 rpm, 400 W

5. Intex WMS62TL

Cheapest Washing Machine
  • Powerful pulsator motor
  • Suited for bachelors
  • Affordable

Intex is an Indian company started off with rebranding Chinese branded smartphones in the market.

Their products were offered at competing prices and people loved it.

The company follows the same strategy with its 6.2Kg semi-automatic washing machine model, the WMS62TL.

Design and build quality

The construction is nothing worthwhile to be discussed.

The entire chassis is plastic and the inner drum is made of rustproof polypropylene.

The control panel on this machine is very basic with three knobs namely the wash selector, spin timer and the wash timer.

Powerful pulsator motor!

The pulsator motor inside will move your laundry in a pulsed motion efficiently removing dirt and stain from your clothes.

Pulsator motors are usually found on fully automatic top load washing machines such as the IFB TL-RDW Aqua.

The lint filter on this semi-automatic washing machine will trap the loosened lints from your fabric.

This will give your clothes a clean, after wash look.


There is a downside to this pulsed motion as it is a bit harsh on your clothes.

You must be extra cautious when dealing with expensive and delicate fabric on this machine.

Motor and drum

Apart from the low price, one of the main USP of this semi-automatic washing machine is its powerful 350 W motor that rotates at 1320 rpm.

This high-speed spinning will let you clean even the toughest of your laundry with this machine.

If you only want a washer and not the dryer, the Intex WM65 might be the best for you.

It’s small and very compact as well as priced considerably cheaper at around Rs.4,999.


Intex WMS63TL is the best bet for you if you want a really affordable washing machine.

This compact device is best suited for bachelors who usually use a home appliance for a maximum of a couple of years.

The powerful motor is more than enough for cleaning off the dirt from your fabrics for the asking price.

Compact sized
Powerful motor
Efficient lint filter
Flimsy plastic construction


Body MaterialPlastic
Tube MaterialPP Special Rust Proof drum
Power Rating1320 rpm, 340 W

6. Samsung WT657QPNDPGXTL

Honourable Mention
  • Double jet pulsator washing
  • Perfect for a small family of four
  • 2-years warranty

Samsung is one of the best brands in the market that many people consider as their go-to manufacturer of home appliances.

The Samsung WT657QPNDPGXTL is a 6.5 Kg semi-automatic washing machine that packs some neat tricks up its sleeve.

Design and build quality

The body of this washing machine is made of high-quality rustproof polypropylene.

It promises long-lasting durability and will remain shiny as new for the years to come.

The inner drum is made of plastic and has embossed grooves and ridges on it.

Air Turbo drying

Air turbo drying is one of the main features of this semi-automatic washing machine.

It helps to dry even the toughest of your laundry such as a blanket by increasing the spins along with the intake of air.


The big wheels on this washing machine aids portability.

The wheels are of high-quality plastic that won’t leave any scuff marks on the floor.

This is one of the best portable washing machines available in the market currently.

Motor and drum

The double storm pulsator technology from Samsung lets your clothes to be untangled and washed thoroughly against the carefully crafted ridges on the sides mimicking a washboard effect.

The 350W motor on this machine rotates at 1400rpm.

The motor speed of this washing machine is on par with the expensive fully automatic front load washing machines in the market.

The faster spin times along with the double storm pulsator technology cleans your laundry efficiently and aides for quick drying.


The Samsung WT657QPNDPGXTL is a compact yet capable semi-automatic washing machine that features a powerful motor that spins at 1400 rpm.

The double storm technology lets the water stream in two different directions – horizontal and vertical and cleans the fabric thoroughly.

Having 6.5Kg capacity, this product is suitable for a small family and bachelors.

Brand reliability
Efficient double storm pulsator technology
Wheels aids in portability


Body MaterialPolypropylene
Tube MaterialPlastic
Power Rating1400 rpm, 350 W
This concludes our list of the best six semi-automatic washing machines available in the Indian market. We have tried our best to pick models around all possible subcategories considering the price, size, brands as well the features that this machine comes with. If you have a slightly more relaxed budget, we’d recommend you to take a look at our best fully automatic top load and fully automatic front load washing machine articles. If you did end up liking these buying suggestions, do subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get notified of our articles right in your inbox. Till we meet you with our next awesome buying suggestions, adios and have a nice day ahead.

Buying Guide: What you should know before a buying semi-automatic Washing Machine

Are you a first timer looking for an entry level cheap washing machine? Most probably, you would be aiming at a semi-automatic washing machine. if you’re and confused about what to look for – Welcome. In this article, we will guide you through some of the aspects that you should keep in mind while purchasing a semi-automatic washing machine in India. Without any further ado, let’s roll.  1) Price Semi-automatic washing machines are the cheapest type of washing machines available in the market. Why are they cheap? * Plastic construction * Plastic drum * Basic feature set * Manual operations These washing machines come with two separate compartments for washing and drying. The advanced wash programs which are present in the fully automatic washing machines are absent as well. The price? Semi-automatic washing machines start very cheaply. For eg., Intex WMS62TL, a 6.2Kg semi-automatic washing machine is priced at just Rs. 6,999 in India. You can find decent semi-automatic washing machines under Rs. 10,000 in India both online as well as offline. There are models that are priced similarly as an automatic washing machine as well, but with higher capacity of course. The 8Kg LG P9037R3SM semi-automatic washing machine is priced just under Rs. 15,000. Our advice is that, if you aim for a higher capacity washing machine, always go for an automatic model.  2) Capacity Capacity is relative to the number of people using the washing machine. For a family of just two, a 6.2Kg machine is more than enough. Be careful not to overshoot your estimate. Take note of the amount of laundry you wash for a week and plan accordingly. Semi-automatic washing machines are available in all capacities ranging from 5.8Kg to 10Kg+ and upwards. The Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S is a 7Kg semi-automatic washing machine priced at just Rs. 9,099, suitable for a family of four members. Remember, overloading a washing machine above its prescribed limit can damage the motor inside. It’s very important to have a rough estimate about the capacity rather than having only a budget in mind, to begin with. 3) Build quality and construction Cheaper prices do come with a caveat most of the times. In the case of semi-automatic washing machines. it’s the build quality. Most, if not all the semi-automatic washing machines come with a plastic chassis as well as a plastic drum inside. Plastic drums are inferior to the steel ones in performance as well as durability. But, there are companies providing rust proof, durable drums as in the case of LG P9037R3SM, an 8Kg semi-automatic washing machine priced at Rs. 14,600. Don’t expect anything fancy like an LED information display or soft touch buttons on a semi-automatic washing machine. As a cost-cutting measure, the control panels on these machines always have plastic knobs in place. 4) Effect on clothes Semi-automatic washing machines may act very rough with your clothes. No matter what the fabric is, there’ll be probably only one wash mode. Do take proper care when washing your expensive and delicate clothes in a semi-automatic washing machine. If you are still inclined to wash them, do it separately and never mix and wash such clothes with hard fabric like jeans. Also, there won’t be any scrubbing action inside the drum to remove dirt/stain from the collars. You would have to do them manually. Some semi-automatic washing machines like the Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S priced at Rs. 9,099 do offer a scrubbing pad outside. 5) Efficiency Are semi-automatic washing machines efficient? Yes. Are they better at ashing clothes than, say a fully automatic washing machine? No. Most of the semi-automatic washing machines will clean your clothes to the level your eyes can’t notice the difference. The efficiency of a washing machine is dependent on a lot of factors. The type of water, amount of detergent added and the speed and features of the drum inside. For starters, these machines offer decent cleaning of your clothes. Semi-automatic washing machines such as the Whirlpool SUPERB ATOM 62I priced at Rs. 8,890 features an impeller type motor inside that efficiently cleans the clothes with the help of friction. 6) Spin Speeds Semi-automatic washing machines offer some of the highest spin speeds among all type of washing machines in the market. There are models with spin speeds up to 1400 rpm enhancing detergent solubility in the water and washing cycle efficiency. But, is this increased speeds always beneficial? NO. Higher speeds mean higher the rate of collision between fabrics inside as well the friction with the sides of the tub. Delicate and expensive clothes have the possibility of damage at this higher speeds. 7) Extra Features Semi-automatic machines skimp on features to reduce the costs. What you will be getting most of the time will be the bare minimum of a washer and a separate dryer. It doesn’t mean you won’t get anything special. There are semi-automatic washing machines with auto restart feature that will resume the wash cycle from the last loaded memory in case power goes out in between. The Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S is a 7Kg semi-automatic washing machine priced under Rs.10,000 having auto restart feature.