Best Washing Machines In India (February 2021)

by | Feb 17, 2021

Washing machines have quickly become a must-have appliance in every household these days.

They are convenient to use and can deliver a quality wash of your clothes just by pressing a few buttons.

In this article, we will find out the best washing machines in India for all your needs starting from a budget as low as under Rs. 10,799 to as high as Rs. 40,000.

We have included the best eight semi-automatic, fully-automatic top load and fully automatic front load washing machines available in India.

Let’s get started!

Best Washing Machines In India

1. Whirlpool Superb AtomBest Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine
2. Samsung WA654002VSBest Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine
3. IFB Diva Aqua VXBest Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine
4. Panasonic NA-F60LF1HRBBest Value for Money Washing Machine
5. Haier HT-W70Best Budget Washing Machine
6. Sansui JSX70FFLFeature Rich Washing Machine
7. Bosch WAJ24267INBest Build Quality
8. LG T65SKSF4ZHonourable Mention

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1. Whirlpool SUPERB ATOM

Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine
  • Perfect for medium-sized households
  • Large washtub
  • Castor wheels for easy portability

Auto-restart function


Soak function loosens dirt and stains


Faster motor


Lack of an autoload balancer

Whirlpool is a world-class leader in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment. The company has a series of products in the Indian market that ranges from budget to premium segments.

The Superb Atom is a budget semi-automatic washing machine with a 7 Kg capacity that is well suited for an average Indian family to wash their clothes and other fabric.

Build Quality and Design

The design and aesthetics of this washing machine look identical to some other entry-level offerings from Whirlpool itself.

The chassis is made of high-quality fibre that is very tough and resistant to minor dents unless you bang a hammer right on to the machine.

There are four wheels on this washing machine, which makes it easier to move around if required.


The Whirlpool Atom has a 7Kg capacity that is sufficient for a family having 3-5 members.

Most of the urban families in India fall into this category and hence this product is a perfect choice for them.

The soak function on this machine lets you thoroughly soak the laundry in the tub for the detergent to get inside the fabric lining and loosen the dirt and stains.

This will help the clothes be cleaned easily during the main wash cycle.

Advanced functions like auto-restart until recently was seen only in expensive fully automatic washing machines – but not anymore.

Auto-restart function

The auto-restart function on this washing machine is one of the most desired features in washing machines that have to be made a mandatory addition.

When the power goes out and then comes at a later time, the machine automatically resumes the wash cycle from the last saved position in the memory.

The advantages? Here it is.

This feature saves time as well as reduces the wastage of water, detergent and electricity.

Motor and drum

The 340W motor on this whirlpool semi-automatic washing machine runs at 1400 rpm.

The faster spinning speed equates to efficient wash cycles and quicker drying of your clothes.

This device comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty that covers the wash motor, spin motor and other electrical components such as timers as well.


The Whirlpool Superb Atom is the perfect washing machine for medium-sized households.

With features such as auto restart during a power failure, this machine is designed with the common people in mind for sure.

A great product from a great brand accompanied by a two-year comprehensive warranty – there’s nothing much to go wrong.


Capacity7 Kg
Body MaterialHi-fiber
Tub MaterialPlastic
Power Rating1400 rpm
Warranty2 Years


2. Samsung WA654002VS

Best Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine
  • Efficient centre jet technology
  • Extensive service network
  • Stainless steel drum

Good build quality


Eco tub clean technology


2-years comprehensive warranty


No included stand with the product

Samsung needs no introduction to the people in India.

This company is popular for its smartphones and possibly any gadget that they make and release here is one of the best in its category.

The Samsung WA654002VS is a budget fully automatic top loading washing machine that is loaded with features and offers a clean washing experience.

Design and Build Quality

The outer body of this semi-automatic washing machine is made of polypropylene and is quite hard and durable.

There is no flex around the chassis and everything feels solid. The detergent compartment is easily located on the top part of the drum so that you don’t have to bend over to reach it.

The buttons on the control panel are soft touch and tactile. Every button is properly marked which makes it easy for even a first-timer to operate the washing machine.

The LED display is bright and displays the timer as well as the selected wash mode.

The stainless steel drum inside has a diamond-cut texture. This texture will scrub the clothes properly and helps in removing the sticky dirt and stains from the fabric.


The Samsung WA654002VS features an efficient filter system that catches the lint and other dirt while washing the fabrics.

This gives a fresh new look to the washed clothes and also prevents clogging up the outlet pipes of the machine after the wash.

The diamond-shaped drum inside this fully automatic washing machine lets the water form a cushion between the fabrics and reduces the rough impact of the clothes directly on to the drums.

This reduces the damage to clothes during washing.

This machine comes with six different wash programs that you can select according to the type of fabrics resulting in a more efficient washing process.

The eco tub clean technology automatically cleans the tub after each wash cycle. This makes it necessary to use chemicals for cleaning the tub frequently.

It also alerts you when the cleaning is due. Nifty little features such as these will make your life much easier for sure.

Motor and Drum

The pulsating drum inside the washing machine is made of stainless steel. The motor that powers the drum rotates at 680 rpm which has a rated power consumption of 380W.

The six-blade pulsator creates a powerful whirl jet of water that will loosen up the dirt and stains easily and removes them with the rotating action of the drum.

Samsung provides a two-year comprehensive warranty on this machine.

The brand being Samsung, there’s very little to worry about the durability and after-sales support of this product.


Samsung WA654002VS is a capable washing machine that takes good care of your fabrics.

The powerful motor does the job as advertised and the overall construction is solid and durable as well.

If you prefer the brand Samsung and would like to have an all-around performance washing machine, this is one worth considering for purchase right now.


Body MaterialPoly-propylene
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Power Rating680 rpm
Warranty2 years + 2 years on motor

3. IFB Diva Aqua VX

IFB Diva Aqua VX
Best Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine
  • 15 different wash programs
  • Good build quality
  • Minimal water wastage

Small and compact washing machine


Add laundry option


2D shower system for a thorough wash



The IFB Diva Aqua VX is a fully automatic front loading washing machine aimed at bachelors as well as nuclear families which consists of 2-3 members.

This small washing machine from IFB is compact enough to be fitted in tight spaces and comes with 6Kg capacity.

Build quality and design

Similar to its bigger brother Senator Aqua SX, this machine comes with a fibre constructed chassis and a stainless steel drum inside.

Even though it lacks an informative LCD but the easy to understand markings and the knobs with the LED light indication for the selected program makes the operation less cumbersome.

The front-load door isn’t given a chrome finish treatment and this makes the look of this washing machine a bit bland.

The IFB Diva Aqua SX has a cloth loading capacity of 6Kg which is one of the most basic capacities to start with.

With water consumption of 45 litres and the compactness in size, this has to be one of the best fully automatic front-loading washing machines for bachelors.


This machine comes with 15 different type of washing programs that has a different set of preset operation for washing various types of cloths such as silk, wool, cotton and

The 2D shower system washing methods make sure that your clothes are thoroughly
washed to remove all the dirt from them.

Certain features have been back-ported to this machine from IFB’s much higher priced models such as Aqua energy mode.

This feature softens the hard water aiding in better solubility of detergent.

Based on the sheer number of innovative features, the IFB Diva Aqua VX is one of the best washing machines in India.

The fabric protecting crescent moon shaped drum has found its way into this model as well.

The detergent tray is conveniently placed on the front side with a measuring cup for the exact amount of detergent to be added without wastage.

Talking about the wastage, the ball valve technology drains out the water and keeps the detergent intact which can be further used in the next wash cycle.

The add laundry option is clearly and cleverly aimed at bachelors who have a habit of forgetting to add clothes at the time of wash and later regret the same.

With this feature, clothes can be added without disturbing the ongoing washing cycle.

If you’re a bachelor, you should also check out our best compact semi-automatic washing machine article for inexpensive choices.

Motor and Drum

The drum on this washing machine spins at 800 rpm which is sufficient enough for a machine of 6Kg capacity.

This is a BEE 5-star rated device which will save you a lot in terms of electricity consumption.


The IFB Diva Aqua VX is for those who want a feature-rich fully automatic washing machine but can’t afford something like the Senator Aqua VX.

With 15 different wash programs, you can be sure of washing various fabrics without worrying about the damage or cleanliness.

If you have a small family or is a bachelor and is inclined to purchase a fully automatic washing machine, this is one of the potential candidates.


Capacity6 Kg
Body MaterialFiber
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Power Rating800 rpm
Warranty4 years comprehensive

4. Panasonic NA-F60LF1HRB

Panasonic NA-F60LF1HRB
Best Value for Money Washing Machine
  • Robust build quality 
  • Aqua-beat wash technology
  • Powerful motor

5-star BEE rating


Eight different wash programs


One-touch wash


No castor wheels for portability

Panasonic is a Japanese consumer electronics company headquartered in Osaka, known primarily for its televisions and audio players.

The Panasonic NA-F60LF1HRB is an entry-level 6Kg fully automatic washing machine with the highest 5-star BEE certification for energy efficiency.

Design and Build Quality

Unlike most other washing machines in its price segment, the NA-F60LF1HRB features a stainless steel body.

It feels very robust and durable when compared with a plastic chassis washing machine.

Apart from the steel chassis, the drum inside too is made of stainless steel material, which makes it last for years to come.

Similar to other machines, the soft button controls are laid out on the top lid section with clear markings beneath for easy understanding.

This washing machine comes with a lint filter inside which collects the lints from your clothes after washing, providing you with clean and fresh looking clothes.

Washing Process

There are eight different wash programs available with this machine that can be selected depending upon the fabric and washing preference.

The ergonomic tub design ensures the water to reach all the fabric inside uniformly to make sure all the clothes you leave inside comes out cleaned equally well.

The aqua-beat technology from Panasonic provides thorough cleaning and removes even the hard-binding dirt and stains from your clothes.

Motor and Drum

The Panasonic NA-F60LF1HRB features a 680rpm motor inside. This motor is adequately powerful enough for the clothes to have a good cleaning and faster drying.

Panasonic provides a 10-year warranty on this motor if something unfortunate happens in between.


This machine has a one-touch wash mechanism in which the machine will sense the load inside and select an appropriate washing program to provide your clothes with a quick and thorough wash.


If you’re after a fully automatic washing machine with the solid build quality and wash performance, the 5-star BEE rated Panasonic NA-F60LF1HRB is a great choice for a budget under Rs. 13,000.


Capacity6 Kg
Body MaterialPoly propylene
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Power Rating680 rpm
Warranty2 years + 10 years on motor

5. Haier HT-W70

Haier HT-W70
Best Budget Washing Machine
  • Powerful motor
  • Minimal water and energy consumption
  • Washing and drying operation

Minimal yet elegant design


Easy to master controls


Efficient air drier


Noisy at times

Haier is a popular Chinese white goods manufacturer known for its affordable refrigerators and air conditioners across the globe.

The HT-W70 is an entry-level 7Kg semi-automatic washing machine priced around Rs.9,000 in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

The Haier HT-W70 washing machine is made from rust-proof plastic materials all around.

The fit and finish of the construction feel quite good for the price and there are no noticeable cost cuttings to be seen with regards to the build quality.

The design is very minimal and reminds us of certain models from Whirlpool.

The control panel is pretty self-explanatory with the laid out markings. The control knobs are easy to operate, even with wet hands.

This machine comes with a lint filter inside which will keep your clothes come out clean and fresh after completing the wash cycle.

Motor and Drum

The drum inside this machine, as expected, is of plastic material. The specially cut out grooves and channels in the bottom side of the drum allow the clothes to get mixed properly and washed thoroughly.

The Haier HT-W70 features a 1300 rpm pulsator motor inside which spins the water and clothes strongly to break away even the hard binding stains and dirt in your clothes.

The ergonomic water spray design lets out water from multiple directions, thereby minimizing foam and improving the wash quality.


There are two different wash programs available with this machine that can be set according to the load and type of clothes.

The integrated air-drier will help you dry the clothes much faster when compared to the direct outdoor drying.

The transparent touched glass lid on top will let you see what’s happening inside the drum and the drier. Even though this doesn’t serve any purpose, it is a welcome addition indeed.


If you’re in search of a budget semi-automatic washing machine with a powerful motor and good cleaning performance, the Haier HT-W70 is a good choice for a budget under Rs.10,000.


Capacity7 Kg
Body MaterialPlastic
Tub MaterialPlastic
Power Rating1300 rpm
Warranty2 years

6. Sansui JSX70FFL

Sansui JSX70FFL
Feature-Rich Washing Machine
  • Powerful motor
  • Affordable price
  • Steam wash technology

Solid build quality


Built-in heater


Silent/vibration-free washing


Controls are in the front section

Sansui is a brand known for its affordable consumer electronics appliances including air-conditioners, televisions and much more in the Asian subcontinent.

The Sansui JSX70FFL is one such affordable fully-automatic front load washing machine retailing for just Rs.20,490 in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

In terms of looks, the Sansui JSX70FFL is quite a stunner. The paint job on the metal exterior chassis looks way too premium than some of the expensive washing machines on this list.

The touch control panel and the LED information display is located on the front section, which is a bit more difficult to access for tall people. However, all the function buttons are neatly arranged with legible markings beside for an easy understanding of which is which.

Motor and Drum

The Sansui JSX70FFL features a powerful 1200rpm motor inside. This motor is ideal for a 7Kg capacity washing machine to deliver a satisfactory washing/cleaning experience.

The drum inside this fully-automatic washing machine is stainless steel. A drum is one part which undergoes constant motion and vibration inside a washing machine. Stainless steel drums last much longer than plastic drums.

Washing process

The built-in heater inside allows for the steam wash technology which employs heated water for washing the clothes.

Heated water removes stains much quicker compared to normal water and kills the germs and bacterias as well.

There are eight different wash programs available with this machine that can be selected according to the fabric or washing preference.

Standard features such as pre-soak and quick wash are also present and accounted for.


Even with a powerful motor inside, the Sansui JSX70FFL is silent and mostly vibration-free in its operation.

Sansui provides a two-year comprehensive warranty on this machine along with a 10-year extended warranty on the motor inside.


If you are after a washing machine loaded with features, but within an affordable budget, you should check out the Sansui JSX70FFL.


Capacity7 Kg
Body MaterialMetal
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Power Rating1200 rpm
Warranty2 years comprehensive + 10 years on motor

7. Bosch WAJ24267IN

Best Build Quality
  • Efficient tumble wash cleaning
  • Child lock
  • Waterproof touch panel

Excellent build quality


Minimal noise and vibration


Voltage surge protection



Bosch is a German corporation that has its wings spread over a wide spectrum of products ranging from automotive parts to home appliances.

The WAJ24267IN from Bosch is a fully automatic front load washing machine with 8Kg tub capacity priced just under Rs.36,000 in the Indian market.

Build Quality and Design

The build quality is exceptional with this device. The solid steel frame is textured with a silver finish which imparts a premium look and feels. The inner drum is also made of stainless steel to enhance the operating life cycle.

Bosch makes the best washing machines out there with the exceptional build quality, no matter in which budget segment.

The fit and finish of this washing machine are on an entirely different level when compared to its competitor models.

Vario Drum Technology

The drum size of this model is large when compared to other competitors in the same price segment.

The Vario-drum design with wave droplet mechanism engages your fabrics gently, thereby protecting your expensive fabric from damage.

The unique design of the drum also ensures effective dirt/stain removal.

Bosch has taken utmost care in designing this washing machine. The special anti-vibration design lets the unit operate without any vibrations even at high spinning speeds.

Water-Saving Technology

The active water feature saves the wastage of water significantly. The machine senses the amount of water required not only by the load but also by the type of fabric to be washed.

The reload function lets you add clothes in between the wash cycles without having to wait for the current cycle to terminate.

This feature considerably saves time as well as energy.


The motor on this fully automatic front load washing machine is powerful enough to rotate the drum at 1200 rpm for efficient cleaning.

This unit comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty and an additional 12-year warranty on the motor.


The Bosch WAJ24267IN is the best pick for you if you are all in for purchasing a washing machine that you can use for years without any sort of problems.

The Variodrum technology inside delivers excellent quality washing to your fabrics, removing dirt and stains without any damage.


Capacity8 Kg
Body MaterialStainless steel
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Power Rating1200 rpm
Warranty2 years comp. + 12 years on motor


Honourable Mention
  • Suited for a family of 3-4 members
  • Energy efficient 
  • Silent operation

Inverter technology


Pulsator action


Pre-set wash programs


Short inlet/outlet pipes

LG is an established player in the Indian market and is one of the best and most preferred brands by consumers when it comes to washing machines.

The LG T65SKSF4Z is a fully automatic top load washer dryer combo machine with a capacity of 6.5Kg which is sufficient for a small-sized family of 3 members.

Build Quality and Design

The design of the machine is simplistic with controls mounted on the top panel. The top panel is a transparent one providing a view of what is going on inside.

The soft-touch buttons are convenient to operate and the LED display provides various time-related functions that come with this machine.

The outer chassis is made of high-quality polypropylene plastic. This makes the device rustproof and suits the best for use in humid conditions.

The inner drum is made of stainless steel and has specially designed grooves to enhance the interaction with the fabric and the water as well as fabric and the drum for efficient cleaning.

Smart Inverter Technology

The smart inverter technology motor is the USP of this washing machine. LG has been using this technology in their refrigerators and air-conditioners as well.

This motor is very efficient compared to the traditional motors found in the competing models in the market.

With this technology, the motor runs silently with less vibration guaranteeing a longer lifespan.

The smart pulsating motion feature lets the drum rotate with a variety of movements which is specific depending on the fabric used.

The only requirement from the user is selecting the pre-programmed wash mode out of available presets for the selected fabric and rest assured, this washing machine will do its part.

Smart Diagnosis

This machine comes equipped with LG’s trademark smart diagnosis feature.

If you accidentally face any malfunction regarding the operation of this machine, just open the LG smart laundry app and follow the instructions and in a few seconds, the app will detect the errors for you.


The side waterfall feature on this machine enhances the solubility of detergent in the water by increasing the flow of the water from the sides.

The auto-restart button is also a noteworthy feature in the Indian conditions where power outages are frequent.

The wide diamond glass door aides in easy loading of the clothes in one go to the drum.

Also, the side waterfall technology, which fills the drum vertically from the sides, allows better mixing of detergent with the water.

The motor on this device runs at 780 rpm with a rated consumption of 360 W.

The machine also got you covered in terms of warranty where LG provides an effective 12-year warranty with the unit.


If you are a geek and would love a bit of smartness on your home appliances, this is probably the way to go.

This LG washing machine is loaded with features that will brighten up your laundry experience for sure.

The smart inverter technology ensures long life and noise-free operation of the machine as well.


Capacity6.5 Kg
Body MaterialPlastic
Tub MaterialStainless steel
Power Rating780 rpm
Warranty2 years + 10 years on motor

These are the best eight washing machine picks we found from our research. This list supplements our previous buying guides targeting the specific type of washing machines which you can read here.

There we have listed the best fully automatic front load, top load and semi-automatic washing machines in detail.

Do check that out if you need to know more.

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Buying Guide For Best Washing Machines In India

India has one of the World’s most fast-growing middle classes. A growing middle class directly translates to added comfort amenities. Due to the rapid urbanisation and space crunch, there’s a lack of public real estate.

In the past, people used to wash around a public pond or riverside. As time progressed, this became no longer a viable option. Washing machines, which once were a luxury became affordable to the general public.

However, the decreased prices don’t mean it’s easy to choose one. There are a lot of companies in the market offering products at cut-throat prices.
But having the correct set of features at the budget you have in your mind is what matters.

In this article, we will give you an insight into the washing machines and what should you look for while purchasing one. Don’t get intimidated.

This piece of the blog is written keeping the most basic buyer in mind. Sit tight and go through the article to make a happy purchase.

The primary concerns to be addressed during the purchase of a washing machine are listed here :

Make a rough estimate of how much laundry you should have to be washed every week. This can be easily calculated knowing the strength of your household. Or better ask any female members :).

If there are expensive fabrics to be washed regularly, consider investing in a high-quality front load washing machine. These machines will be gentle on the fabric and wouldn’t damage your clothes.

In the case of Kids in the family, you should normally expect soiled clothes. In such households, you should consider buying a machine with long pre-soak times.

If hard fabrics like jeans and heavy sarees are to be washed, it’s better to look for a machine with long rinse cycles.

Apart from this, some of the very basic concerns about buying any appliance, not just washing machines are :

1. Space

  • Where do you intend to place the appliance?
  • Is there sufficient ventilation in the intended space?
  • Is portability to and from this space an issue?

2. Usability

  • Is the appliance going to be used regularly?
  • Is it a long-term investment or do you plan to upgrade the next year?

Answer these questions yourselves. We hope this would solve the major chunk of confusions you have in your mind regarding your purchase.

3. Capacity

  • The capacity of a washing machine is not advertised by the tub size. It’s mentioned in the weight of the clothes that the tub can hold at a time.
  • Before zeroing in on the capacity, think forward. If there are additional members to be added to the family, make your choice accordingly.

4. Fuzzy logic

  • Fuzzy logic is the algorithm which determines the best suitable settings for the given type and load of laundry inside the tub.
  • This ensures optimal wash cycles with very less energy, detergent as well as water wastage.

5. Child lock

  • If you have kids at home, most probably they might have had their eyes on the washing machine.
  • Having a child lock option disables all the buttons and locks the tub compartment. This will save the child from unfortunate hazards.

6. Voltage surge safeguards

In a country like India, the voltage fluctuations are frequent.

As appliances such as washing machines contain sensitive internals, these unexpected surges may damage them. Having such a safeguard against unexpected power fluctuations is a must.

7. Timer

The timer will set the start of the wash cycle on a deferred schedule.

This is particularly important if there is a pre-announced power outage schedule. Keep the clothes inside and set the timer and forget about it.

Types of washing machines

According to the mode of operation, washing machines can be divided in to mainly two types :
1. Semi-automatic washing machines
2. Fully Automatic washing machines

1. Semi-automatic washing machines

Let’s talk about the semi-automatic washing machines at first. These are inexpensive among the lot with starting prices as low as Rs. 7,000.

Why are these semi-automatic washing machines cheap?

  • Build quality is compromised with the use of cheap plastics
  • The drum inside will be most probably made of plastic as well
  • Rudimentary feature set

Most of the semi-automatic washing machines are completely made of plastic. This justifies the low price tag they carry.

The semi-automatic washing machines come with two separate compartments – one for washing as the other for drying.

Everything has to be done manually with a semi-automatic washing machine. You will have to add water from an external source. Again, you’ll have to wait till the tub gets filled with water.

With no overflow protection, you’ll probably have to supervise the entire process as well.

For those are OK with these chores, the inexpensive price tag adds up as a benefit. If you are the kind of person who’d like to have shut it and forget kind of attitude, this would pose a threat.

Semi-automatic washing machines come in various capacities. Ranging from 5Kg to 8Kg and upwards, there’s a semi-automatic washing machine for every type of needs.

Advantages of semi-automatic washing machines

  • Relatively inexpensive compared to the fully automatic models.
  • Since the construction is plastic, the overall weight is much less.
  • Clothes can be added in the middle of wash cycles.
  • Precise control over water. This is a great boon for the water-scarce Indian homes.
  • Power consumption is less.

Disadvantages of semi-automatic washing machines

  • Durability is an issue when all the components are made of plastic
  • Wash programs are limited
  • The hard wash may cause damage to light fabrics

2. Fully automatic washing machines

Fully automatic washing machines are much more advanced and automated than their semi-automatic counterparts.

These washing machines will have only a single tub for both washing and drying.
The build quality of these washing machines will be much better than the semi-automatic machines.

The drum inside most of the fully automatic washing machines is made of steel. This ensures durability and efficient wash cycles.

Fully automatic washing machines are further classified into two types. According to the type of loading, there are two types :

a. Fully automatic top load washing machines
b. Fully automatic front load washing machines
a. Fully automatic top load washing machines
In a fully automatic top loading washing machine, the clothes are loaded by opening the lid placed at the top. This is more of a comfortable position for elders who face difficulty in bending their knees.

In this type of washing machines, the tub sits vertically. This ensures the fabric inside is properly soaked in the water, all the time.

Top load washing machines do come with separate wash programs for different kind of fabrics, albeit limited.

Fully automatic washing machines are economical and comparatively easier to use. If you are the one looking for an automatic washing machine and has a strict budget, top load washing machines might the best bet.

Advantages of fully automatic top load washing machines

  • Affordable compared to front-load machines
  • Separate wash programs depending on the type of fabric
  • Easy for old people to operate
  • Clothes can be added in between the wash cycles

Disadvantages of fully automatic top load washing machines

  • Not as advanced as front load washers
  • Hard washing may damage delicate clothes
  • The opening lid may hit the wall if placed closer

b. Fully automatic front load washing machines

Front-loading washing machines are the most expensive type of washing machines. They come loaded with advanced features that make washing cycles much more efficient.

The drum sits horizontally inside the chassis of a front load washing machine. This does help in utilizing the power of gravity in the wash cycles.

The price of top load washing machines starts from as low as Rs. 20,000. The 6Kg IFB Diva Aqua VX is a fully automatic front load washing machine priced at just Rs. 20,490.

Advantages of fully automatic front load washing machines

  • Excellent washing, removing even the toughest stains and dirt
  • Comes with an inbuilt heater which increases the solubility of detergents in the water
  • Maximum number of wash programs included
  • Durable and premium construction
  • Power-efficient
  • Tales up little space

Disadvantages of fully automatic top load washing machines

  • Expensive compared to the Indian standards
  • Old people may face difficulty in bending down to load clothes
  • The overall weight of the machine will be more affecting the portability of the machine