Best Smartwatches Under Rs.2,000 (February 2019)

by | Feb 19, 2019

Wearable technology and smartwatches have seen considerable growth in recent years thanks to Apple Watch, Samsung Gear and Fitbit.

We have done a lot of research on wearable devices off lately and decided to bring you a recommended list of smartwatches under various budgets, the first article being the one about smartwatches under Rs.2,000.

We hope this article would let you have a glimpse of what the market has to offer you on such a tight budget.

Note: Don’t expect too much from these smartwatches as all these are cheap rebranded Chinese products. If you are looking for a more reliable smartwatch, it is better to stretch your budget a little bit and go for a smartwatch under Rs.5,000.

With that said, here are the best smartwatches under Rs.2,000 you can buy in India.

1. Portronics Yogg X Overall Best Pick
2. Meya Happy Y1Runner Up Pick
3. Captcha Y11Best Value for Money Smartwatch
4. JOKIN A2Budget Apple Watch Clone
5. Enew DZ09Best Budget Smartwatch

1. Portronics Yogg X

Overall Best Pick
  • Vibrant and bright OLED display
  • Magnetic charging dock
  • Bluetooth v4.0

Portronics is a familiar brand to many, thanks to their popular Bluetooth speakers and computer accessories lineup.

The Yogg X from Portronics is an entry level smartwatch that doubles up as a cheap fitness tracker.

Design and Build Quality

The Portronics Yogg X has a minimal yet elegant design that looks very attractive in hand.

The rounded aluminium watch face blends very well with the rubber strap material. This strap features a hole and pin mechanism to wrap around your wrist.

The quality of the strap material is excellent. The soft rubber is gentle with the skin and won’t cause rashes or irritations when worn for extended periods of time.

The watch face has a glossy circular ring around for aesthetic purposes which makes this smartwatch look way too premium.


The Portronics Yogg X features a 1.2-inch touch-enabled OLED display, which is a first of its kind in this price segment.

OLED displays offer excellent contrast levels as they turn off the pixels on a black background, making the image/text look sharper and more vivid.

The display on the Yogg X is very much visible even when it’s used outdoors on a bright sunny day.

The OLED technology also helps save battery as the number of pixels lit up during a specific time period is less than those in the LCD panels.

The only downside about this display is that it isn’t a coloured display and has a single blue output. However, the blue accent on a totally dark background looks awesome in a sense.

Smart Features

This budget smartwatch has fitness-related features and smart connectivity graciously fused into an elegant watch form factor.

The smart wristband functions of this device include step meter, calorie burn calculator, distance measurement and sleep monitoring.

These functions may be rudimentary when compared with the dedicated fitness bands, but remember this is a smartwatch and these features aren’t its first preferences, to begin with.

The Portronics Yogg X has Bluetooth v4.0 support which helps it to get connected with your smartphone with minimal energy consumption.

You can use the Yogg X app from the Play Store to set the sync for the messages and calls notification on this smartwatch. You can also get notifications from social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp on this device.

Additionally, there’s the anti-lost function that will locate your phone if it is present in the vicinity of Bluetooth range of the smartwatch.

Battery Life

This device is powered by a 55mAh Li-ion battery. The battery takes two hours to charge from the empty state and lasts for 8-9 hours of screen on time.

Charging this device is incredibly easy, thanks to the magnetic dock on which the watch can be placed directly. There is no need to remove the watch module from the strap.


The Portronics Yogg X is the best-branded smartwatch available in the Indian market for a budget around Rs.2,000.

The bright, vivid OLED display and the convenient magnetic charging port makes this device pit firmly against the competitors and claim the top spot.


Brand value


Soft and comfortable rubber strap


Anti-lost feature


No colour display


Battery Life8-9 Hours
Display1.2-inch OLED
Warranty1 Year

2. Meya Happy Y1

Runner-Up Pick
  • Best for indoor use
  • Acts as a remote for your smartphone
  • Decent display quality

Meya Happy Y1 is an entry level smartwatch that’s suitable for males as well as females alike.

This premium looking smartwatch priced under Rs.2,000 does compete with luxury smartwatches in terms of the elegant design and overall form factor.

Build Quality and Design

This smartwatch features a circular dial and a comfortable strap that’s made of high-quality silicon material. The textured dial perimeter renders a premium feel to the watch.

The strap has optimally spaced holes to adjust the fit in your hands. Whatever be the size of your wrist, this smartwatch fits snug in hand.

Being a comparatively lightweight watch weighing at around 110g, it can be worn without any discomfort.

Processor and Display

Inside this smartwatch is a 1.3Ghz Quad-core processor, the details of which is relatively vague. This is to be expected from a cheap Chinese manufacturer.

The display on this device is decently bright enough to be legible outdoors. Also, the touch responsiveness seems to be fine.


The Meya Happy Y1 comes with 4G SIM support that will let you use this device as a standalone communication tool.

Usual functions that are expected to be present on entry-level smartwatches are present and accounted for. Sleep monitoring function works surprisingly well.

There is a built-in pedometer on this watch but the calculation of steps taken is a bit off. Sometimes the system fails altogether to register the steps taken.


This smartwatch doubles up as a remote for your smartphone.

You can control the notifications from social media apps as well as system applications such as phone dialer and messages.

What we liked the most about this smartwatch is the music player remote.

With this app, you can control the player on the phone without having to take it out from the pocket while playing a song.

On compatibility front, the Meya Happy Y1 works fine with both Android and iPhone alike.

Battery Life

Battery life might be one of the most important concerns for any smartwatch user.

This smartwatch lasts for a day on moderate usage and much less if you use it heavily.


If you’re in search of a smartwatch that should have deep integration with your Android smartphone, the Meya Happy Y1 is one of the products worth considering.

Features such as anti-lost function and music player remote will come in handy often which although not something very surprising is very much a welcome addition for a smartwatch priced under Rs.2,000.


Premium and elegant design


Compatible with Android and iOS


Average battery life


Less accurate pedometer


StrapHi grade silicon
Battery Life4-5 Hours
Display1.54 inch LCD

3. Captcha Y11

Best Value for Money Smartwatch
  • Standalone communication device
  • Complementary Bluetooth headset
  • Bluetooth Low Energy

The Captcha Y11 is another good smartwatch you can consider under Rs.2,000.

A unique feature of this smartwatch is that it offers a Bluetooth headset inside the box.


The Captcha Y11 can function as a smartphone by inserting a SIM card or as connected to a smartphone.

The Bluetooth v4.1 for pairing smartwatch and phone is backwards compatible.

So it will connect with almost all the latest smartphone as well as the old ones.

Design and build quality

This watch is made up of a metallic square dial and a rubber strap.

It weighs just 118g. The 1.54-inch capacitive touchscreen display has a 240*240 pixel resolution.

The overall design and build quality are pretty good for a budget smartwatch under Rs.1,500.

Hardware features

The Captcha Y11 has all the functionalities of a smartphone and some of the features of a fitness band.

With dedicated SIM card slots, you can use the smartwatch to make or answer calls or receive and send text messages.

The watch’s built-in speaker allows you to listen to your favourite music anywhere.

The Captcha Y11 smartwatch has some fitness-centric features.

Sleep pattern and daily step count are two important fitness activities that you need to keep a track of.

You can use this watch to do the same as it comes with a sleep monitor, a pedometer, and a sedentary reminder.

Sedentary Reminder function remembers the user to take a break if they are found sitting in the same posture for a pre-defined period of time, for improved fitness levels.

Battery life

The Captcha Y11 has a battery with 4 hours of continuous talk time.

At standby, it can last more than a day.


Overall, the combination of Smartwatch+Bluetooth headset is a compelling reason to go with this budget smartwatch under Rs.2,000

Great design and build quality
Bluetooth headset is provided
1-year manufacturer warranty
No heart rate monitor


Battery life5 Hours
Display1.54 inch LCD
Warranty1 Year


Budget Apple Watch Clone
  • Suited for budget constrained Apple fanboys
  • Easy to clip rubber strap
  • Doubles up as a fitness monitor

The JOKIN A2 smartwatch is a budget clone of the very popular Apple Watch at under Rs.2,000.

Even though it is a knock-off watch, it does pack a lot of punch.

Design and Build Quality

The watch weighs just around 100g only and it is one of the lightest smartwatches under Rs.2,000.

Starting from the design, the watch is made as a carbon copy of Apple Watch with low-quality materials.

The dial is made in a square shape and has digital “crown” to scroll and zoom just like Apple Watch.

The dial is made of metal and the strap is rubber.

Hardware Features

The JOKIN A2 has a 1.2-inch touch display with 320*320 pixel resolution.

You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth for getting push notifications and alert on your smartwatch.

The watch has many smartphone-like features such as Camera, SIM card connectivity, Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensor.

This entry level budget smartwatch doubles up as an affordable fitness monitor with the help of these sensors.

Battery life

The JOKIN A2 has a battery backup of approximately a single day and if used continuously will the SIM connectivity, the smartwatch is rated to last approximately for 5-6 hours.


All in all, this knock-off Apple Watch under Rs.2,000 is a great way to fool your friends.


Apple Watch Knock-off


SIM card connectivity




Sluggish performance


StrapSoft rubber
Battery life5-6 Hours
Display1.44 inch LCD
Warranty6 Month

5. Enew DZ09

Cheap & Good
  • Value for money product
  • Memory expandability
  • Best suited with Android devices

Enew is yet another Chinese smartwatch manufacturer trying their luck in the Indian market.

The Enew DZ09 is a surprisingly low-priced smartwatch that offers great value for money features at a price tag of just Rs.654.

Design and build quality

This smartwatch features a square dial and resin band with an anti-slip design. This makes the strap fit tight on your wrist.

The main menu key is placed on the brush metal front plate that’s conveniently accessible.

The clasp holding the straps is made of stainless steel and is of high quality in itself.


The 1.5-inch LCD display up front displays decent colours and exhibits average brightness.

If you’re to use this smartwatch in bright sunlight, readability may suffer a little.


This budget smartwatch can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth or by means of an independent 4G SIM card.

It can dial and receive calls and send messages on its own without the smartphone.

Hardware features

On the top of the square dial, the company has provided a 2.0MP camera that will let you take shots, but not of anything much useful.

Usual fitness features such as pedometer and exercise mileage calendar are present on this device and work as expected.

This smartwatch has a provision for increasing the internal memory up to 32GB via an added TF card.


Compatibility is one of the problems with many budget smartwatches.

Android OS has relatively lax security policies compared with iOS and allows these smartwatches to be deeply integrated with the system.

Expect certain functionalities like notification push messages and Anti-lost tracker to not work when you pair this device with an iPhone or iPad.

Battery life

The Enew DZ09 has a promised battery life of about two days on a single charge.

With cellular connectivity turned on all the time, expect a significant decrease in these number as it will drain more power from the device.


The Enew DZ09 is one of the most feature-packed smartwatches priced under this budget.

Everything works as advertised and gives you the basic functionalities at a fraction of cost what the premium smartwatches retail for.

2 MP camera
4G SIM support
Compatibility issues with iOS
Average sunlight legibility


Battery Life5 Hours
Display1.7-inch TFT LCD
Warranty6 Months

That sums up our list of the best smartwatches under Rs.2,000.

We hope that we have helped you pick the right product.

If you have a couple of thousand more to spend, be sure to check out our post on Best smartwatches under Rs.5,000 for more choices.

If you have any queries or if you think we have left out any great smartwatches, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.