Best Smartwatches Under Rs.2,000 (February 2020)

by | Feb 3, 2020

Wearable technology and smartwatches have seen considerable growth in recent years thanks to Apple Watch, Samsung Gear and Fitbit.

We have done a lot of research on wearable devices off lately and decided to bring you a recommended list of smartwatches under various budgets, the first article being the one about smartwatches under Rs.2,000.

We hope this article will let you have a glimpse of what the market has to offer you on such a tight budget. Let’s start!

1. Novateur Smart WatchOverall Best Pick
2. JOKIN V9 Runner-Up Pick
3. MUSTTALK Kids SmartwatchSmartwatch for Kids
4. Rock BlackBest Budget Smartwatch
5. JOKIN A2Budget Apple watch Clone
6. Lenovo EgoHonorable Mention

1. Novateur Smartwatch

Overall Best Pick
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent display
  • Heart rate sensor

Novoteaur is a previously unheard smartwatch marketing firm in the Indian subcontinent.

This company has recently revealed a stylish and premium looking device for a budget of just under Rs.3000 in the market targeting consumers looking to purchase a feature-rich smartwatch without shelling a lot of money.

Design and Build Quality

The Novateur smartwatch is the best-looking smartwatch priced under Rs.3000 currently available in the market.

The square-shaped dial with the roman dials watches face will remind you about the traditional Seiko analogue watches.

The faux leather strap is a refreshing change from the silicone and rubber straps usually found on smartwatches in this price point.

The stainless steel frame around the watch face makes this device look much more premium than what it originally costs.


The Novateur smartwatch features a 1.54-inch TFT square-shaped display with 240 x 240-pixel resolution.

This display gets sufficiently bright and the colours appear vivid and contrasty.

The capacitive touch screen technology aides in quickly registering your taps and swipes, offering a smooth menu navigation experience.


The MediaTek chipset inside along with 32MB of RAM and 32MB internal storage runs the proprietary OS on this smartwatch quite smoothly.

There are occasional stutters and lags but considering the price and feature list, it doesn’t pose much serious.


The Novateur smartwatch is powered by Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones.

There are options to receive push notifications and calls from your Android smartphone on this smartwatch and it also allows you to reply directly from the watch.

There is a continuous heart rate sensor in the rear of this watch, aiding in your metabolic rate measurement.

In short, this smartwatch also doubles up as a fitness tracker of sorts.

Battery Life

The Novateur smartwatch is powered by a 280mAh Li-ion battery which is rated to last for 6 hours.

This battery takes about 2 hours to completely charge from zero to a hundred,


The Novateur smartwatch combines the elegance of its beautiful design and builds quality along with a handful of the useful feature under a very affordable budget.

Attractive design

Faux leather strap

Capacitive touch display

No SIM card facility


StrapFaux leather
Battery life6 Hours
Warranty1 Year


Runner-Up Pick
  • OLED display
  • Calls and message notifications
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

Jokin V9 is an affordable smartwatch priced under Rs.3000 delivering a lot of features for its asking price.

Design and Build Quality

The Jokin V9 features a trendy design with a bright and attractive colour scheme which will attract the youths.

The silicone strap with dotted pattern looks unique and is a welcome change from the plain and boring silicone straps found on other smartwatches.

The clip mechanism is very robust and works well to tightly integrate the watch on your wrist, no matter the size.


The Jokin A9 features a 1.63-inch OLED display with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixel.

The OLED display provides excellent contrast levels and the dials and the overall interface looks vibrant and vivid.

The rounded dial adds to the charm of this otherwise trendy budget smartwatch.


This smartwatch comes equipped with a 2MP camera with video recording capability.

With the inbuilt accelerometer, this smartwatch is capable of counting your steps and tracks your sleep.

The notifications from the messaging apps and call notifications on the smartphone are promptly displayed without any delay.

Battery Life

The inbuilt 160mAh Li-ion battery inside this smartwatch will last for about 8 hours when synced with your smartphone.

The battery gets completely charged from 0 to 100% in under an hour and a half.


The Jokin A9 is a trendy budget smartwatch with unique features such as a 2MP spy camera with video recording.

The styling and colour scheme of this smartwatch makes it suitable for a young audience rather than the adults.


Trendy design


Multi language support




The display is very scratch-prone


Battery Life8 Hours
Display1.63-inch OLED

3. MUSTTALK Kids Smartwatch

Best Kids Smartwatch
  • Inbuilt GPS tracking
  • SIM card capability
  • One-touch SOS button

MUSTTALK is a relatively unknown Chinese company here in India. The company has recently launched a kids-centric smartwatch in that costs just around Rs.2,000.

Why does your Kid need a smartwatch you may ask?

Design and Build Quality

Talking about the design, the MUSTTALK smartwatch comes in different bright colours.

The square dial and strap colour blends seamlessly. Strap material is rubber and the quality doesn’t feel cheap either.

Remember, this isn’t exactly a smartwatch for convenience but rather for the safety of your kids.

Safety Centric Features

For starters, there’s a dedicated SOS button on this watch which can be programmed to send messages and calls to the specified number in a single click.

If you Kid, unfortunately, is in any danger or need any kind of assistance, all he/she would have to do is press the button once and you’ll get notified.

There is a filter option that comes with the watch that lets you pre-set some numbers to be allowed to call this smartwatch while other incoming calls are filtered out. This function keeps strangers and other spam calls to your kids at bay.

Location Tracker

One of the most important features of a Kids smartwatch is the location tracker. This MUSTTALK smartwatch combines GPS and LBS (Location-Based Services) to track your kid accurately.

The accompanying smartphone application, available in the Play Store and App Store will let you track the movements of your Kids in real-time via your smartphone or tablet.


In short, this Kids smartwatch from MUSTTALK addresses some of the social consequences that might make you paranoid otherwise.


Robust build quality


Touch screen


Emergency alarm


Bulky design


StrapSilicon rubber
Battery Life2 Hours
Display1.54 inch LCD
Warranty1 Months

4. Rock Black smartwatch

Best Budget Smartwatch
  • SIM card support
  • Decent display
  • Remote camera shutter feature

Rock is yet another Chinese smartwatch manufacturer trying their luck in the Indian market.

The Rock Black is a surprisingly low-priced smartwatch that offers great value for money features at a price tag of just Rs.572. ‘

Design and build quality

This smartwatch features a square dial and resin band with anti-slip design. This makes the strap fit tight on your wrist.

The main menu key is placed on the brush metal front plate that’s conveniently accessible.

The clasp holding the straps are made of stainless steel and is of high quality in itself.


The 1.5-inch LCD upfront displays decent colours and exhibits average brightness.

If you’re using this smartwatch in bright sunlight, readability may suffer a little.


This budget smartwatch can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth or using an independent 4G SIM card.

It can dial and receive calls and send messages on its own without the smartphone.

Hardware features

On the top of the square dial, the company has provided a 2.0MP camera that will let you take shots, but not of anything much useful.

Usual fitness features such as pedometer and exercise mileage calendar are present on this device and work as expected.

This smartwatch has a provision for increasing the internal memory up to 32GB via an added TF card.


Compatibility is one of the problems with many budget smartwatches.

Android OS has relatively lax security policies compared with iOS and allows these smartwatches to be deeply integrated with the system.

Expect certain functionalities like notification push messages and Anti-lost tracker to not work when you pair this device with an iPhone or iPad.

Battery life

The Rock Black smartwatch has a promised battery life of about two days on a single charge.

With cellular connectivity turned on all the time, expect a significant decrease in these numbers as it will drain more power from the device.


The Rock Black is one of the most feature-packed smartwatches priced under this budget.

Everything works as advertised and gives you the basic functionalities at a fraction of the cost what the premium smartwatches retail for.


Dirt cheap


Rich in features


Fitness functions


Average sunlight legibility


Battery life5 Hours
Display1.54 inch TFT LCD
Warranty6 Month


Best Apple Watch Clone
  • Suited for budget-constrained Apple fanboys
  • Easy to clip rubber strap
  • Doubles up as a fitness monitor

The JOKIN A2 smartwatch is a budget clone of the very popular Apple Watch at under Rs.2000.

Even though it is a knock-off watch, it does pack a lot of punch.

Design and Build Quality

The watch weighs just around 100g only and it is one of the lightest smartwatches under Rs.2000.

Starting from the design, the watch is made as a carbon copy of Apple Watch with low-quality materials.

The dial is made in a square shape and has digital “crown” to scroll and zoom just like Apple Watch.

The dial is made of metal and the strap is rubber.

Hardware Features

The JOKIN A2 has a 1.2-inch touch display with 320*320 pixel resolution.

You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth for getting push notifications and alert on your smartwatch.

The watch has many smartphone-like features such as Camera, SIM card connectivity, Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensor.

This entry-level budget smartwatch doubles up as an affordable fitness monitor with the help of these sensors.

Battery life

The JOKIN A2 has a battery backup of approximately a single day and if used continuously will the SIM connectivity, the smartwatch is rated to last approximately for 5-6 hours.


All in all, this knock-off Apple Watch under Rs.2000 is a great way to fool your friends.


Apple Watch Knock-off

SIM card connectivity



Sluggish performance


StrapSoft rubber
Battery life5-6 Hours
Display1.44 inch LCD
Warranty6 Month

6. Lenovo Ego

Best Branded Smartwatch
  • Excellent battery life
  • Up to 50m water resistant
  • Heart rate sensor

Lenovo Ego is a digital watch with smart features embedded into it, priced just under Rs.2000.

This branded smartwatch from Lenovo comes packed with useful features which the normal digital watches in the price range lack.

Design and Build Quality

The Lenovo Ego looks and feels similar to any other normal digital watches available in the market today.

The hard fibre strap is very durable, so does the hard plastic and fibre combination casing.

The buttons are placed around the chassis and offer excellent click response.

Hardware features

The Lenovo Ego smartwatch comes with Bluetooth v4.0 to wirelessly sync with your smartphone.

There is an optical heart rate sensor in the rear that gives out almost accurate results every time.

The black and white LCD isn’t colour and has blue backlighting in case you want to read the time in the dark.


This smartwatch displays notifications from messaging apps and your phone dialler.

But the catch here is that these notifications are generic and doesn’t specify many details such as which app sends the notification or who called you when etc.

The Lenovo Ego is water-resistant up to 50m, meaning you can wear this smartwatch around in rains with no fears of getting damaged.

Battery Life

The Lenovo Ego is powered by a 100mAh rechargeable battery which lasts for around 20 days on a single charge.

Do note that this is without frequently using a heart rate sensor. The charging is pretty easy with the supplied dock and the magnetic adapter that clips on to the charging points on the back.


If you’re in search of a normal digital watch with added smart features, the Lenovo Ego is a reliable and trustworthy product.

Excellent battery life and the built-in heart rate tracker adds value to the overall purchase.


Bright backlight


Call and message alert


Smartphone application support


No colour display


Battery Life20 days
Display1.6 B&W LCD
Warranty1 Year


This sums up our list of the best smartwatches under Rs.2,000.

We hope that we have helped you pick the right product.

If you have a couple of thousand more to spend, be sure to check out our post on Best smartwatches under Rs.5,000 for more choices.

If you have any queries or if you think we have left out any great smartwatches, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.