Best UPS for Wi-Fi Routers (December 2021)

In India, power cuts are quite a common thing. You might have regularly faced power outages at your homes and this can cause electronic devices such as PCs and TVs to shut down. This can damage the internal components and which is why you use a UPS to protect your devices from turning off. 

However, certain devices like modems and routers cannot be connected to these UPS because of their minimal load and these devices require a separate UPS that is intended for them. 

With the over-reliance on work from home and online classes, we require a continuous internet connection which is why a UPS for a router or modem has become a necessity.

We at Bettershark have created a list of the ten best UPS systems that you can buy for your routers and modems in India. 

So without wasting any more time let’s begin!

Best UPS for Wi-Fi Routers

1. Resonate CRU12V2AOverall Best Pick
2. Cuzor CZ-01A-12 Runner-up Pick
3. Zinq Technologies ZQ-6600Best Budget Router UPS 
4. Oakter Mini UPS Compact UPS
5. Artis PS-600VA Feature-rich Router UPS
6. SRRK Router UPSCheapest UPS for Routers
7. PowerFills ProUPS with Best Battery Life
8. Dr.Com DRU 8000No-frills Router UPS
9. Luminous LMU1202 Made in India UPS Device
10. Quantum QHM-660 Honourable Mention

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1. Resonate CRU12V2A

Resonate CRU12V2A

Overall Best Pick

  • 4 hours battery backup 
  • Easy to set up 
  • 1-year warranty


Robust build quality


Wall mountable 


Not compatible with certain Netlink and Syrotech routers 

Resonate is an Indian company that mainly deals with the manufacturing of charging and power backup devices such as UPS, motorbike chargers, and much more. 

The Resonate CRU12V2A is one of the best wifi router UPS in India, retailing for an affordable budget of Rs.2,000. 

Build and Design 

There isn’t anything special about the design of the Resonate UPS. It looks similar to a laptop power brick in terms of its design. 

It is not too huge and comes bundled with the necessary cables required to connect the UPS to the router. It weighs around 250 grams which is pretty decent for the size of the battery inside. 

Speaking of the build quality, The Resonate CRU12V2A is made from hard plastic materials that feel durable enough to withstand minor abuses. 

It is possible to mount this UPS on a wall if required next to your router since it has a hole for hanging. 

There is a notification LED lighting on the UPS and also an on or off toggle switch. 


The Resonate CRU12V2A is meant to handle power outages or failures and provide you with an uninterrupted internet connection. 

Setting up this UPS is easy and you can install it in under 30 seconds. 

This UPS is built with intelligent electrical safety protection circuits and is a CE, RoHS certified product. 

The UPS is compatible with all routers that have a 12V power rating. It is compatible with most routers from major brands like TP-Link, D-Link, Netgear, etc. But it is not compatible with certain routers from certain brands like Netlink and Syrotech. 

Resonate claims that their UPS has a battery backup of 4 hours which is pretty good for such a compact device.


The Resonate CRU12V2A is one of the best router UPS available in the Indian market and has an excellent battery backup.


Battery BackupUp to 4 hours
Warranty1 Year

2. Cuzor CZ-01A-12 

Cuzor CZ-01A-12

Runner-up Pick

  • Supports all 12V routers 
  • 3-5 hours battery backup
  • Zero-lag switching



Miniature design 

Multi-function LED indicator 


The on/off switch is small

The CZ-01A-12 is a mini UPS manufactured by Cuzor that is meant for use with wireless routers. 

You can purchase the Cuzor CZ-01A-12 in the Indian market for around Rs.1,699. 

Build and Design 

The Cuzor CZ-01A-12 looks like a power bank in terms of its design. It is the same size as a power bank and can be considered as a wifi router power bank. 

Cuzor has ensured that this mini UPS has a good build quality. This device feels well put together and does not feel cheap in terms of its construction. 

It is completely made out of plastic and the quality of plastic material used is quite good. It is also really lightweight and weighs around 180 grams.

Included along with the mini UPS you have all the required cables and accessories that are needed to connect it to the router. 

The UPS features an LED light that determines the status of the UPS, the on/off switch, and ports for connecting to the router and wall socket. 


The Cuzor CZ-01A-12 is without a doubt one of the best router UPS India has to offer. 

This mini UPS supports all 12V, 2A routers in the market. This means all the major wireless routers should function seamlessly with this UPS.

In terms of its features, the UPS comes loaded to the brim. It has zero-lag switching, overcharge protection, deep discharge protection to work well even with the fluctuating power supply in India.

The zero-lag switching function ensures that the UPS does not delay in switching the power from main power to back up during a power outage. 

Inside the UPS is an NTC that provides crucial information regarding the battery temperature to prolong its life. 

Cuzor claims that their UPS is rated to have a battery backup of around 3-5 hours which is quite good. This is useful when there are long power outages that can disrupt your work or online classes. 

The charging of the UPS is also optimized to increase its longevity. 


If you are in search of a Wi-Fi router backup power source in India, then the Cuzor CZ-01A-12 is one of the best UPS for WiFi routers in India. It is loaded with features and has an excellent battery backup.


Battery BackupUp to 5 hours
Warranty1 Year

3. Zinq Technologies ZQ-6600

Zinq Technologies ZQ-6600

Best Budget Router UPS  

  • 6000mAh Lithium-ion battery 
  • Up to 4 hours of backup 
  • Universal compatibility


Easy installation

Not too heavy 

Overload protection feature 


Redundant design 

Zinq Technologies is a company that we have come across before in many of our previous articles including power banks. They are an electronics company that manufactures a wide range of computer accessories and peripherals. 

The Zinq Technologies ZQ-6600 is a UPS for your wireless router that is available in the Indian market for just Rs.999.

Build and Design 

The Zinq Technologies ZQ-6600 is one of the best routers UPS in India. In terms of its design, there isn’t anything radically new – it follows the same design language as most other router UPS systems.

The ZQ-6600 has a boxy shape that looks like a laptop charger similar to most router UPS. The device is constructed completely out of plastic which is not a surprise considering the budget. 

Bundled with this UPS, you get the necessary cables and different adapters that are needed for various routersThis UPS can be connected to any wall plug or electrical socket to power it up. 

This UPS features a LED indicator light that shows you the status of the UPS, whether it is charging, it is connected to a power outlet or running on battery backup. The side of the router also has a toggle that lets you turn the UPS on/off. 


The Zinq Technologies ZQ-6600 is equipped with a 6000mAh Lithium-ion battery that powers it and also provides backup to your router during an outage.

According to the company, this UPS is rated to last for about 4 hours on pretty good battery backup. 

This UPS has features such as short circuit protection and overload protection which prevent the router connected to the UPS from being damaged.

The recommended power rating for this UPS is 12V. Most routers that have a power rating of 12V or under should flawlessly work with this UPS.

Despite being a UPS that is intended for routers you can also purchase this router for devices like a CCTV camera, set-top box, modem, or a landline telephone. 


The Zinq Technologies ZQ-6600 is a UPS that we recommend which is one of the best UPS for modems and routers in the Indian market.


Battery BackupUp to 4 hours
Warranty1 Year

4. Oakter Mini UPS 

Oakter Mini UPS All-in-one

 Compact UPS

  • Up to 2 hours of battery life
  • 6-month warranty
  • Plug n play device


Aluminum body

Current and surge protection

12V power output


Can only connect one router at a time

Oakter is one of the leading brands in India known for its smart appliances and IoT devices.

Oakter Mini UPS is like a mini portable power solution for your router so you can experience the internet in the time of power cut.

Build and Design

The Oakter Mini UPS has a dimension of 75mm x 20mm x 90mm. The entire construction is of aluminium and imaging the dimension size you might have already guessed that this small size device is easy to carry.

In our opinion, the look and feel of this UPS is the same as that of an external hard drive.

This UPS has an elliptical-shaped design from both sides and the product has no complexity in design.

The Oatker Mini UPS has all the ports and switches at one side and out of the box, it comes with an adapter because many rounders support a round pin with yellow shade inside or a pin that has a single pin inside the circular section.


Using this UPS is quite easy or to say in technical terms, its plug n play.

The Oakter Mini UPS has a 2000mAh battery inside and offers up to 12V of power supply.  

Make sure to check the power input of your router which you can easily find on your original box of the router or the details should be printed at the back or bottom of the router.

This UPS will provide battery backup for up to 2 hours on a single charge which we consider is useful especially in the time of urgent need.

With the smart charging facility, the device will automatically charge itself from the regular power supply, so you don’t have to remember to charge it daily.

This device has current and surge protection so your router will remain unharmed.


If you hate using a tank-like size UPS device then opt-in for Oakter Mini UPS for the price of Rs.1,355 is the perfect decision you can make right now.

It’s portable and offers decent battery life while the main power is on rest for a few hours.


Battery BackupUp to 2 hours
Warranty6 Months

5. Artis PS-600VA 

Artis PS-600VA

Feature-rich Router UPS

  • Up to 4 hours battery backup
  • Built-in automatic voltage regulator
  • 2 years warranty 


Connect up to 3 devices 

Micro load detection 

Good ventilation



Artis is an Indian company that manufactures a wide range of electronic products such as keyboards, mice, power supplies, etc.

The Artis PS-600VA is not like the other uninterrupted power supplies mentioned on this list – this device is meant to handle more taxing devices as well such as computers and gaming consoles. 

Build and Design 

The Artis PS-600VA has a boxy design overall. It is much larger compared to the other UPS we mentioned in the list. 

For its construction, Artis has decided to go with an all-plastic build like most routers.

The power button and the LED light indicator are located on the front of this UPS. Three output sockets are located on the back of the device and can be used to attach up to three devices.

A three-pin plug is provided for connecting the UPS to the power outlet. This UPS has vents around the sides for unobstructed ventilation to avoid any heating issues.


Cold-start mode, auto restart, micro load detection, and inbuilt AVR are some of the features found in the UPS.

The UPS can be powered up without being connected to a power outlet as long as the battery inside is charged, and the auto-restart feature automatically restarts the UPS when the power is restored.

Usually, we get a separate UPS for a router because the traditional UPS that we use for computers do not support micro load but the Artis PS-600VA does support micro load which means you can connect Wi-Fi routers and modems. 

A heavy-duty 7Ah battery is housed within the Artis PS-600VA, which the company claims can provide a backup of up to 4 hours depending on the attached load.

When the battery runs out, this UPS has a maximum load capacity of 360W and quick charge support, allowing it to hit 90 per cent in just 4 hours.


The Artis PS-600VA is a great option for someone who wants to connect more devices to their UPS along with a router. This UPS can also provide battery backup for a basic laptop.


Battery BackupUp to 4 hours
Warranty2 Years

6. SRRK Router UPS


Cheapest UPS for Routers

  • 4 hours battery backup 
  • 6 months warranty 
  • Zero-lag switching 


Simple design 

Easy setup



Average build quality 

SRRK technologies is a generic brand that is known for its Wi-Fi router power bank in India, which is the SRRK Router UPS. 

This is a simple UPS for your router and it retails for around Rs.1,200 in the Indian market.

Build and Design 

The SSRK Router UPS does not have much going on in terms of its design. It has a brick-like design. 

In terms of build quality, this UPS is made from plastic material which feels cheap and can break easily if mishandled.

There are the input and output ports located on the UPS where you are supposed to insert the cable that comes with it and connect it to the router. 

On the UPS there is a button that can be pressed to either turn it on or off. Next to the button is the LED light that will show you the status of the UPS. 


There isn’t anything special about the feature set of the SRRK Router UPS. It functions similarly to that of other UPS systems. 

According to the manufacturer, this UPS has zero-lag switching which is a necessity on all UPS. It will instantaneously switch to the UPS’s power in case of a power outage without the router turning off. 

This UPS is recommended for routers that have a power rating of 12V and less than or equal to 2A. 

Setting up the UPS is easy and it can be done in under a minute. Battery backup of the UPS is rated to last for up to 4 hours which is pretty decent. 


If you are on a budget and are in search of a cheap UPS system for your router then you should check out the SRRK Router UPS. 


Battery BackupUp to 4 hours
Warranty6 Months

7. PowerFills Pro

PowerFills Pro

UPS with Best Battery Life

  • 4000mAh battery
  • Lag-free switching
  • Decent build quality


Simple design

LED indicator

Suitable for all routers


Can connect only one device

PowerFills is an Indian brand that sells UPS for Wi-Fi routers. The company is quite new and the PoweFills Pro router UPS is their first device. 

The PowerFills Pro router UPS is available to purchase in the Indian market for Rs.1,699. 

Build and Design 

The PowerFills Pro router UPS looks quite similar to the AC adapter of a laptop in terms of its design. 

There isn’t anything done to the design of the UPS to make it look aesthetically pleasing which is understandable.

The PowerFills branding is engraved on the router. 

In terms of the build quality, this router UPS has an all-plastic build which feels quite sturdy and it is also a bit heavy. 

Along with the small UPS, you’ll find all of the necessary cables and accessories for connecting it to the router.

The input and output ports are present on the UPS, you are supposed to connect the router to the output port and the mains to the input port. 

A LED light is present on the UPS to show its status and there is also a switch on the UPS to turn it on or off.


The PowerFills Pro is suitable for low-power devices like Wi-Fi routers and surveillance cameras.

This gadget is compatible with all routers that have a 12V power supply. Make sure to check the power rating of your router before making a purchase.

The PowerFills Pro UPS is regarded as one of India’s top router UPS. It has a 4400mAh battery, which is fairly sufficient.

According to the company, this UPS is rated to last for about 6 hours on load which is quite good for a router UPS.

When it comes to switching from mains to the battery, the PowerFills Pro is seamless and there is no lag. 


The PowerFills Pro UPS has an excellent battery life compared to some of the other UPS on this list. If battery life is your main priority then this Wi-Fi router UPS is the one for you.


Battery BackupUp to 6 hours
Warranty1 Year

8. Dr.Com DRU 8000

Dr.Com DRU 8000

 No-frills Router UPS

  • Router UPS + smartphone power bank
  • Approximately 6 hours battery backup 
  • Intelligent charging 


Easy setup procedure 

Rich connectivity options 

Compact size 


Finicky power button

Dr.Com is a company that deals in the manufacturing of products like adapters and UPS systems. 

The Dr.Com DRU 8000 is the best router UPS in India without a doubt. It retails under Rs.1,500 in the Indian market. 

Build and Design 

The Dr.Com DRU 8000 is the best Wi-Fi router power bank in India. Although a UPS, it also functions as a power bank for your smartphone. 

Design-wise, this mini UPS looks like any ordinary power bank which is not a surprise considering it also functions as one. It has a boxy shape and is not too heavy making it easy to carry around. 

This UPS is compact and can also fit inside your pocket.  

Speaking of the build quality, the casing of the Dr.Com DRU8000 is completely plastic and it does not feel cheap. However, a metal casing would have been preferable. 

With this router UPS, you get a wide range of cables and interchangeable tips which are meant for different router models.

There are LED light indicators on the UPS/power bank which show the status and battery life. Next to the LED indicators is the power button. 


The Dr.Com DRU 8000 is an excellent choice for a UPS/power bank. 

This UPS is equipped with an 8000mAh battery that according to the company is capable of providing battery backup to a router for up to 6 hours. This is quite good for such a compact device.

There are multiple ports on the UPS that are meant for 5V, 9V, and 12V routers. This means all routers are compatible with this UPS.

Furthermore setting up these UPS is extremely easy. It can be done in under 2 minutes. 

During a power outage, the UPS will seamlessly switch to battery backup without turning off the router. 

It also features an intelligent battery management system that automatically charges the UPS when the power comes back on.


If you are looking for a UPS that is supported by a wide range of routers and also doubles as a power bank for your smartphone then the Dr.Com DRU 8000 is an excellent choice. We consider it to be one of the best WiFi router UPS in India.


Battery BackupUp to 6 hours
Warranty1 Year

9. Luminous LMU1202

Luminous LMU1202

Made in India UPS Device

  • Can be used with routers, CCTV and POS machines
  • Up to 4 hours of battery backup
  • BIS approved max safety


1-year warranty

Wall mount option 

12V power supply


Cheap build quality

Luminous power technology is an Indian company that manufactures fans, batteries, inverters, Home UPS with years of expertise in the field.

The Luminous LMU1202 is like a mini power bank but not just for smartphones, you can use it with your router to take advantage of the internet while the main power supply is gone.

Build and Design

Honestly speaking, the Luminous LMU1202 is a cheap-looking product yet it works fine but the brand needs to focus a bit more on the product presentation.

The plastic body of this mini UPS is not premium and the branding of Luminous should have been more pronounced.

If you don’t care about the product aesthetics then it’s not a deal-breaker for you.

There is a hole at the back so if you have a small-sized screw in the wall you can easily mount this device on the wall.

Moving to its physical appearance, this rectangular-shaped product has 2 power ports one of them is input and the other one is for output.

In between two of these ports, there are two LED lights which are blue and green. Green means the device is completely charged and the Red light is the sign that the power levels of the UPS are about to end.


Using this router UPS is as easy as connecting mobile and laptop using a USB cable.

A power adapter and extra cable are provided in the main box. You can connect the UPS power adapter to the main plug and then insert the power adapter plug into the power-In port.

The extra cable you need to connect into the power out port and connect its other end to your router.

Make sure that router you have supports 12V of power input.

Apart from the router, you can also power the CCTV and POS machines with this budget mini router UPS.

The Luminous LMU1202 offers excellent power backup for up to 4 hours which is incredible and the brand has also assured 1-year warranty.


The Luminous LMU1202 might not be the best looking router UPS out there but it offers excellent backup and you can put your trust in this Indian brand as well.

For the price of Rs.1,899, this UPS is a good choice for you if you face frequent power outages and resulting internet disconnections,


Battery BackupUp to 4 hours
Warranty1 Year

10. Quantum QHM-660 

Quantum QHM-660

Honourable Mention

  • 4 hours battery backup 
  • Intelligent Charging feature 
  • Compatible with CCTV, Landline, and Wi-Fi router 


Rugged build 

On/off toggle 



Boring design 

Quantum Hi-tech is a Chinese company that is known for developing keyboards, mice, speakers, power banks, etc.

The Quantum QHM-660 is a UPS designed for micro load devices like routers and CCTV cameras. The QHM-660 retails for Rs.1,399 in the Indian market.

Build and Design 

The Quantum QHM-660 looks similar to most other routers UPS that you can find in the market. It can be mistaken for an AC adapter or a power bank because of the way it looks.

In terms of build quality, the QHM-600 has an all-plastic construction. The quality of plastic is quite decent and it protects the battery inside it from any damage. 

There isn’t anything innovative about the design of this UPS. 

On the UPS you will find the input and output socket. The input socket is used to connect the UPS to the mains and the output socket is for connecting the UPS to the router. 

All the necessary components like the cables are provided along with the UPS. This UPS is compatible with all major Wi-Fi routers.

There is an on/off toggle on the side of the UPS. It needs to be turned on at all times when connected to the mains. 

An LED indicator is also present on the UPS. This indicator shows whether the UPS is on/off, on battery, charging, etc.


The features of the Quantum QHM-660 are pretty standard. 

This UPS is ideal for all Wi-Fi routers with a consumption of 12V or under. This means most of the routers should be supported by this UPS. 

There is overcharge protection, thermal protection, and intelligent charging features present on the Quantum QHM-660.

Speaking about the battery life, this UPS should provide a backup of approximately 4 hours once it is fully charged. Completely charging up the UPS should take about 2 hours. 

Although marketed as a UPS for Wi-Fi routers it has support for a wide range of other products like CCTV cameras, landlines, and set-top boxes. 


The Quantum QHM-660 is another one of the excellent router UPS that you can find in the Indian market. This UPS should function similarly to most of the others on the list, but if you are looking for a UPS from a more well-known brand then you can opt for this.


Battery BackupUp to 4 hours
Warranty1 Year

We have reached the end of our list for the ten best UPS routers in India. If there are any queries regarding the products we have mentioned in the list then feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

As always, thank you for your time and have a great day ahead!

Buying Guide For UPS Routers 

There are many UPS to choose from in the Indian market, we have UPS that cost more than Rs.5,000 then we also have UPS that are priced below Rs.2000. But what we are looking for is a UPS for a router but despite the Indian market being filled with UPS not all of them are compatible with a router.

So we at Bettershark have created a short Buying Guide that will help you through your search for a UPS that is compatible with routers and other small load devices. 

Make sure that you pay attention because by the end of this guide you will have a brief idea regarding buying a UPS for your router.

Let’s begin!

UPS Type 

The first thing you need to know is that a basic UPS that you use for your computer might not be able to power up the Wi-Fi router or modem because it does not consume too much power. 

This does not necessarily mean that all computer UPS won’t be able to provide battery backup. Certain UPS have a micro-load detection feature in them that are capable of running devices like routers and modems as well. 

The other option that you have is to buy a UPS that is specifically designed to power up devices like routers and modems which have a minimal load. These are UPS that provide backup for long hours and are also really compact. 

But the drawback is that you can usually connect only one device at a time or most two.

Hence these are your two options, you can either opt for a heavy-duty UPS with micro load detection or a compact UPS meant for routers. 

Build Quality

After you have fixed on the type then comes the build, UPS are mainly available in a plastic build because of their inexpensiveness however there are mini UPS that also come with a metal build and look just like a smartphone power bank. 

The build material depends on the preference of the customer however what you need to make sure is that the quality of material used does not feel cheap and won’t get damaged by a small drop.

If you happen to find a UPS that has a metal build then it is a good choice but that does not mean a UPS with a plastic build is inferior. 


UPS for routers are generally very compact and can be kept side by side with a router. But if you happen to go for a heavy-duty UPS you might find it to be quite large, we recommend that you go for a UPS that is small since it is more convenient and performs just as well as a big UPS. 

Battery Backup 

The battery backup provided by the UPS is one of the most important things to look out for. Generally, a mini UPS should provide up to 4 hours of battery backup but this varies on the power consumption of the router. 

It is always advisable to go for a UPS that has a larger battery backup and one that can seamlessly switch between the power to battery without any lag.

Power Consumption 

The power rating of your router also depends on the UPS you are going to purchase. If your router has a power rating of 12V then you should purchase a UPS that can support a 12V router. If you are connecting a 12V router to a 9V UPS then it can spoil the UPS and router, it might not even provide battery backup.

Do note that a 12V UPS also works with a router that has a power rating of 12V or under.

So make sure that you check out the power rating of your router and purchase a UPS accordingly. Nowadays most UPS and routers have a power rating of 12V.

The above-mentioned factors are what you should look out for when choosing a UPS for your router. There isn’t any rocket science when it comes to purchasing a UPS for a router and you should easily be able to choose one for yourself after going through the buying guide. 

However, if you do require any more assistance then feel free to comment down below and we will be glad to help you.

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