Best WiFi Routers In India (February 2019)

by | Feb 3, 2019

Routers are an essential part of a network.Whether you’re using them for personal or office use, a good router is a must for squeezing the most out of the plan that your ISP charges you.

After doing some research and testing to find the best WiFi Router, we have the following 6 models handpicked for you.

Go ahead and take a look to find which one is the best for you.

Best WiFi Routers In India

1. Mi 3C/R3LBest Single Band WiFi Router
2. Asus RT AC53Best Dual Band Router
3. D-Link DIR-825Best Router For Gamers
4. TP-LINK TL-WR941HPBest Tri-Band Router
5. D-Link DSL-2750U Router + Modem
6. TENDA F3Best Budget Home Router

1. Mi 3C/R3L

Best Single Band WiFi Router
  • Suited for medium sized homes
  • Minimal connection drops
  • Quality plastic construction

Xiaomi is often dubbed as the Apple of China. Unlike Apple, the company has a diverse spectrum of products ranging from Smartphones to even rice cookers under the Meija brand.

Design and build quality

The Mi 3C/R3L is a compact router that features 4 antennas and a minimal yet stylish design.

Priced just under Rs.1,000, this router is perhaps one of the best router for a medium sized home.

It has a plastic construction, so does most of the other routers as well. But the construction is fairly premium, with no visible cost cutting on the quality of components used.

Bandwidth and speed

This wireless home router broadcasts signals over a single 2.4GHz channel with maximum speeds up to 300 Mbps.

Don’t get riled up on reading about the 300 Mbps speeds. In reality it converts to about 37.5MB/s.

With the average Internet speeds in India hovering around 2.5MB/s , this Wi-Fi modem router is perfectly suitable for Indian market.

Hardware features

This device comprises of four antennae. The number of antennae doesn’t mean an increase in coverage, but an increased and stable throughput with effective distance.

In layman terms, this means your devices can enjoy stable internet connections with fewer connection/speed drops when multiple devices are being used within the network.

There are two RJ45 LAN ports on this device. This can be used to connect devices over a LAN cable in case you don’t want to rely on Wi-Fi as such.

App support and set up

Xiaomi has also thrown in a very good smartphone app to configure and control this router easily.

The interface is clean and fairly straight forward. For a first timer with networks and stuff, we feel this app would let you connect with the internet in no time.

The android app for the Mi 3C/R3L router is available at the Playstore and the iOS compatible app can be downloaded from the Apple store.


The Mi 3C/RL is a perfect little router for your personal home use.

The device has got all the necessary features built in on to an elegant looking chassis that will blend well with the home decor.

The cost factor and the easy set up procedure with the help of an intuitive mobile app adds advantage to this product to be one of the best internet routers available in the market.


Sleek and stylish design


Four antennae for multi-spatial streams


Intuitive smartphone app


Single 2.4 GHz band


Frequency2.4 GHz
BrandSingle band
Wireless Speed300 Mbps
No of Antennae4
No of LAN Port2
Mobile AppYes

2. Asus RT AC53

Best Dual Band Router
  • Best for HD media content streaming
  • Dual band ensure stable speeds
  • Commendable after-sales service

Asus is no stranger to computer network equipments. They have been in the business for so long that the legacy continues strong even today.

The RT AC53 is a budget dual band router that’s built really well and supplemented by an aesthetic design which gives importance to form factor but also functions equally good.

Dual band connectivity

The first USP of this Wi-Fi router is that it’s dual band.

The Asus RT AC53 can operate under two bands namely, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This means increased bandwidth and lesser congestion.

In single band routers, all the devices on the network access the internet via the single 2.4 GHz channel.

Imagine the 2.4GHz band as a single lane road with vehicles passing in both directions.

Then there’s the 5GHz band which is like a wider four lane road.

Bandwidth and speed

The dual band feature let’s the devices on the network to access the internet without any limiting problem.

The Asus RT AC53 offers maximum speeds up to 750 mbps (~93.75MB/s).

This router is suitable if you are living in a large house with multiple occupants who tend to use the network heavily on a day to day basis.

Limited LAN port availability

One of the main drawbacks of this router from Asus is that it comes with only two LAN ports for wired connections. So, if you wish to connect multiple devices, Wi-Fi is your best bet.


Asus does provide a mobile app for setting up the router. It also features options like monitoring the devices that are connected to the specific network.

Easy filtering option in this router will let you block Internet access to unwanted and unauthorized devices in the vicinity of the router.

This router comes with 3 years of warranty. Mind that the warranty covered by Asus offers product replacement if anything unfortunate happens to your router within three years from the date of purchase.


The Asus RT AC53 is a capable dual band router that will benefit you if you would love to use a high speed wireless connection without inconsistencies.

With the truckload of features such as device monitoring and IP filtering, you will be able to restrict the usage of your internet to bring down the bills significantly.

Be it your home or office, Asus RT AC53 is indeed an asset for your internet infrastructure.


3-years replacement warranty


Dual-band operation


Good build quality


Only two LAN ports


Frequency2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
BrandDual Band
Wireless Speed750 Mbps
No: of Antennae3
No: of LAN Port2
Mobile AppYes

3. D-Link DIR-825

Best Router for Gamers
  • Best suited for high speed gaming
  • Improved signal range
  • NAS functionality

The D-link DIR-825 is a dual band router that we feel is the best value for money product in this list.

D-link is a Taiwanese network equipment manufacturer specialized in products such as routers and surveillance cameras.

D-link has earlier launched some of the hugely successful budget routers such as the D-link 600M in the Indian market.

Bandwidth and speed

The D-link DIR-825 is the best dual band long range Wi-Fi router, if your priorities are online streaming and online gaming.

This router promises maximum speeds up to 1200Mbps (~150MB/s) which is well over what is necessary for 4K streaming and online gaming requirements.

Being a dual band router, this device can make use of congestion free 5GHz band for squeezing out maximum speeds from the network.

The only downfall of this 5GHz band is the shorter wavelength. It can’t penetrate thick walls and partitions unlike the 2.4GHz frequency.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

One of the noteworthy feature of this router is the presence of a USB port. This will let you share files with your friends or family members wirelessly.

The USB drive acts a rudimentary NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. Devices like wireless printers can access these files off the router.


This long range dual band Wi-Fi router features four high gain antennas that aids multiple devices to be connected on to the network from anywhere in your house.

The QoS (Quality of Service) feature lets gamers to prioritize the network for a particular connection. This will result in lag free gaming sessions.

There are four LAN ports available in the D-link DIR-825 router. This enables this router to be hooked up with four devices for having wired connectivity.

The company also provides a two year warranty with this router.


The D-link DIR-825 is a budget dual band router that offers maximum speeds up to 1200Mbps. This will let you enjoy 4K streaming and perform online gaming without any hiccups.

Having a USB port is one of the main advantages of this router.

This option lets the router to be doubled up as a network storage device from which you can access contents anywhere on the earth over the internet.


Has USB port


Dual band router


Upto 1200 mbps speed


4 high gain antennas


Software updates are hard to come by


Cluttered mobile app


Frequency2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
BrandDual Band
Wireless Speed1200 Mbps
No: Of Antennae4
No: Of LAN Port4
Mobile AppYes


Best Tri-Band Router
  • Best for offices
  • Stable throughput for multiple users
  • Four LAN ports

TP-LINK is a Chinese networking equipment manufacturer that has been in the Indian market for a while.

The company has some of the cheapest routers that are widely used by FTTH providers all over the country.

Design and build quality

The TP-LINK TL-WR941HP is a tri-band router with the best long range network connectivity in the market.

The design of the TP-LINK TL-WR941HP is futuristic. Instead of the conventional boxy design, this router comes with an aggressive unconventional design.

It features high power amplifiers inside for extending the range.

Triple antennae

This TP-Link Router has 3 high gain antennas with 9db gain compared with the 5db antennas of its counterparts.

This devices can acts as a router, a range extender as well as an access point, all at once.

Bandwidth and speed

The TP-LINK TL-WR941HP offers speeds up to 450Mbps (~56.25MB/s) on a triband frequency.

Having three band technically means that broadcasting through a 2.4GHz and two separate 5GHz frequency channels.

This increases the bandwidth capability of the router to accommodate more devices on the network.


There are four LAN ports on the device that can be used for wired connection with this router.

If you’re searching for a router for your office, this might be the best budget choice for your use.

Having high gain antennas and tri band support means the network congestion and coverage will not be an issue anymore.


The TP-LINK TL-WR941HP is a budget tri-band router that is perfect for your office use.

Having triple bands in its kitty, multiple people using the network at the same time won’t affect the quality, which is an important factor when it comes to an office environment.

The power amplifiers on this router acts as range extenders and can give you the signals all around the office space.


Tri-band support


High gain antennas for better coverage


Build quality


No USB ports


Unconventional design may not be appealing for all


Frequency2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
Brandtri band
Wireless Speed450 Mbps
No: Of Antennae3
No: Of LAN Port4
Mobile AppYes

5. D-Link DSL-2750U

Router + Modem
  • Built in modem
  • 300Mbps maximum speed
  • 3-year warranty

D-link is a Taiwan based company specializing in network related equipments that has been in the Indian market selling routers since time immemorial.

The DSL-2750U is a router that comes equipped with a modem built-in so that the entire hardware count is minimized.

Design and build quality

The D-Link DSL-2750U comes with an almost similar form factor that resembles the DIR-600M router.

It’s quite a surprise that the company was able to cram the modem circuits inside the existing chassis without increasing the size at all.

The two retractable antenna is placed at the back along with four LAN ports for wired connections.

The top of the router has the LED indicators that display the status of the network connections.

Bandwidth and speed

The TP-LINK TL-WR841N is a single band modem + router device that offers maximum speeds up to 300Mbps.

It follows the 802.11.n standard for wireless connections which is pretty much the standard now.

As a home router, this device can perform data heavy tasks such as media streaming and video conferencing with relative ease.


The larger air vents on the back of this device lets the air flow into and out from the router very easily.

These vents prevent the overheating of the modem and router circuits inside the chassis when operated continuously.

As with other routers, the TP-LINK TL-WR841N comes with three years warranty that is way more than any other companies would provide.


The TP-LINK TL-WR841N is the best two in one modem + router combo device that you can purchase right now in the market.

Having one product instead of two separate devices saves a lot of space and reduces the wire clutter as well.

If you don’t mind the single band operation, this router is perfect for home usage.


Affordable price


Excellent ventilation


Status LED indicators


No mobile app to configure


Brandsingle band
Wireless Speed300 Mbps
No: Of Antennae2
No: Of LAN Port4
Mobile AppNo

6. Tenda F3

Best Budget Home Router
  • Best for individual use
  • Entry level router
  • Excellent LAN connectivity

Tenda is a Chinese network equipment manufacturer based in Shenzhen known for its ultra-cheap routers and Wi-Fi range extenders in the market.

The Tenda F3 is a basic entry level single band Wi-Fi router aimed at those who want a wireless setup for small floor space and limited bandwidth.

Design and Build Quality

The Tenda F3, as expected is made entirely from plastic, but with regards to a router, the build quality of the external casing doesn’t have much value.

The minimal yet elegant design makes this router blend well into your home decor seamlessly. There are a lot of LED indicators for displaying the status of various functions on board.

The air vents are larger and extend across the sides of the router. This is a good thing as the router is always on, the heat from the circuits inside has to be circulated away.

Bandwidth and Speed

The Tenda F3, as we’ve already said is for entry-level home users who don’t need much speed for their day to day internet usage.
Since the speeds in the country are capped by the ISPs, you would need anything more than 300mbps (~37MB/sec) for most parts.

This router comes with three 5 dBi non-detachable antennas to extend an even and seamless wireless internet reach across the operational range.

But moving farther from the source, expect to see some degradation in performance as the single 2.4GHz bandwidth isn’t that efficient over long distances.


The Tenda F3 comes with three LAN ports for wired connectivity either to your TV or similar gadgets.

These three ports are sufficient enough for an average household usage scenario.

You might not have to use a single port to be honest, as most of the internet capable devices comes with Wi-Fi connectivity onboard.


Although Tenda is a Chinese company, it does have authorized resellers in India.

The company gives a 3-year warranty with the router, and if something goes wrong within that timespan, you can get it repaired with the reseller.


The Tenda F3 is the best entry level router you can get on the market as of now.

This router although cheap, comes with three LAN ports and a decent enough speed of 300Mbps which is sufficient enough for most of the households in the country.

With three years warranty provided by the company, this has to be the go-to entry-level router which will act as the gateway for your internet access.


Cheap 3 antenna router


3 LAN ports


3-year warranty


Single band


Frequency2.4 GHz
Brandsingle band
Wireless Speed300 Mbps
No: Of Antennae3
No: Of LAN Port3
Mobile AppNo

This marks the end of our review of the best routers in the Indian market.

Before zeroing in on any of the models listed in this article, we suggest you to read the buying guide down below for getting a rough idea on what to look for when purchasing a router.

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How to Buy a WiFi Router: Buying Guide for Routers

What is a router?

According to Lifewire, routers are small electronic devices that join multiple computer networks together via wired or wireless connections.

Why we need a router?

Routers analyzes data packets coming from the modem and transmits them over a network either by wired means such as LAN cables or wirelessly by Wi-Fi. It helps a wide range of devices to communicate with the network simultaneously.

For example, in your home there is a modem and a broadband connection. The modem can’t directly communicate with your devices such as laptop, smartphones etc. A router transmits signals from the modem which is then captured by your devices. In reality, a router creates a path for devices to communicate with the network.

What to consider while purchasing a router?


Quoting Wikipedia – “In computing, bandwidth is the maximum rate of data transfer across a given path”. The more the bandwidth, more the data that can be transferred at any given point of time. In the case of routers, manufacturers advertise bandwidth by numbers such as AC900,AC1200,AC1500 etc. Always go for at least an AC1200 router for achieving best results.

Single band or dual band?

Routers usually broadcast signals in either a single band or dual band mode. Most of the old routers had only a single 2.4GHz band that followed the 802.11n protocol. This band is significantly slower than the 5GHz band which makes use of the newer 802.11ac protocol.

The only down side of the 5GHz band is its shorter coverage distance. Having a dual band router means, even if the number of devices on the network is more, there won’t be any network congestion.

Antenna gain

Simple tip – higher the gain , more powerful will be the router signals.

Antenna Gain is the measure of efficiency at which the electrical signal is converted to an RF signal. For normal users, gain isn’t much of any importance, but having a check won’t hurt either.


Internet is a bad place. Obviously you need some protection from the intruders. Always check what security feature does your router features. WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) is an older standard which has become pretty obsolete.

WEP ( Wired Equivalent Privacy) protection is the most clumsy of the bunch. It is easy susceptible to hacking. Avoid a router with WEP protection at all cost.

Go for the one with WPA2 at least which is the more recent iteration of the original WPA protocol.

USB ports

Having a USB port on your router could easily enhance its usability. Plugging in a thumb drive with your files would make it behave as a NAS ( Network Assisted Storage) device.

This function will let the users on the network to share and view files effortlessly, Not only the users, wireless devices like printers can take advantage of this feature.

QoS (Quality of Service) scheduling

QoS enables the user to prioritize certain functions over the other. This is important for gamers who would like to have priority for their connection to the game server for lag free experience. QoS, for an average joe might not be that important per se.

A smartphone app

Router configuration setup is a cumbersome task. Earlier we had to login to a local router IP through an internet browser to make necessary changes to the configuration. Many modern routers comes with a smartphone app that lets you control your router on a single tap. Even though not a extremely necessary thing to have, its fairly useful.