Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs.2,000 (Wired – Latest 2020)

by | Sep 30, 2020

A computer mouse is a peripheral which has changed a lot in terms of features, performance and pricing structure since its inception.

Gaming mouses are specially designed to meet the requirements of gamers who prefer multiple programmable buttons, ergonomic design, high polling rate and a precision sensor.

If you are a PC gamer and play a lot of FPS and competitive games, then you know that precision clicks mean everything.

So we at Bettershark have made a list of the eight best gaming mouse under Rs.2000 available for purchase in the Indian market to help you choose the right one for you and your gaming requirements.

Let’s not waste any more time and get right into the article!

Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs.2000 in India

1. Logitech G 402 Hyperion FuryOverall Best Pick
2. Logitech G102 Light Sync Runner-Up Pick
3. Cosmic Byte Equinox GammaFeature Rich Gaming Mouse 
4. Cosmic Byte Equinox BetaBest Budget Gaming Mouse
5. Cooler Master CM110Best Ergonomic Design
6. Lenovo Legion M300 RGB Gaming MouseBest Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
7. Corsair Harpoon RGBValue for Money Gaming Mouse
8. ASUS Cerberus Gaming MouseHonourable Mention


Note: The price shown are the once when we reviewed the products. However, as the promotional offers changes on the given E-commerce sites, the price may vary. Bettershark is supported by it's readers and when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

1. Logitech G 402 Hyperion Fury

Overall Best Pick
  • Best suited for FPS gaming
  • Robust build quality
  • Two years limited warranty

American Swiss manufacturer Logitech is widely known for its computer peripherals and gaming accessories, thanks to the feature richness and the durability.

The G402 Hyperion Fury is an entry-level gaming mouse developed by Logitech which offers decent gaming performance for the asking price.

Build and Design

The G402 Hyperion Fury is one of the best gaming mouse around the Rs.2,500 budget range.

In terms of looks, it speaks out its intentions. It has all the gamer accents and design flair that you’d expect from a gaming mouse.

It is the younger sibling to Logitech’s G402 Hero gaming mouse and has the same premium feel and design to it.

This mouse is lightweight and is made of plastic and has a matte finish to the exteriors. The rubber grips on the device provide you with perfect gripping, even for those with sweaty hands.

It has got super low friction feet which let you play for longer sessions, without any wrist fatigue.

The mouse has a light-up LED logo and indicators near the thumb grip. However, this gaming mouse does not have any customizable RGB lighting.


The G 402 Hyperion Fury is one of the best mouse from Logitech, it might as well be the best mouse on this curated list.

Inside the G 402 is the high-speed fusion engine that is paired with an optical sensor with Logitech’s Delta zero technology providing ultra fast-tracking speed of more than 500 IPS to enjoy your games.

The G 402 Hyperion Fury has its very own 32-bit ARM processor that powers the fusion engine.

This mouse features 8 programmable buttons with onboard memory. With the help of the Logitech gaming software, you can customize these buttons according to your preference, depending on the game you’re playing.

These buttons are rated to last for over 20 million clicks.

Unlike most of the other mouse on the list, the G 402 has a DPI of up to 4000 which is lower than most others on this list.

But the truth is that these DPI numbers are just overkill and are not required. Pro gamers generally play at a DPI setting in the range of 400-800.

The G 402 has four DPI settings from 4000 to 250 DPI by default and you can use the Logitech gaming software to set a fifth DPI setting. The DPI button on the mouse helps you switch the DPI on the fly without any delay.


The Logitech Hyperion Fury is a mouse that is fit for both beginners and professionals alike. With the powerful fusion engine inside, you will be able to gain an edge over others in competitive games like CS GO and Valorant.

So if you are someone who is having a hard time choosing the best budget mouse for gaming then this is the right one for you, perfect for playing FPS games.


500 IPS Tracking Speed


Low Friction Feet


Over 20 million clicks


No braided cable


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons8
Warranty2 Year

2. Logitech G102 Light Sync

Runner-Up Pick
  • Logitech G HUB software customization
  • Precision mercury Sensor
  • Light Sync RGB effects

The G102 Light Sync is yet another mouse t from the peripheral manufacturer Logitech. This is one of their most famous mid-range gaming mouse.

Priced just under Rs.2,000, this entry-level gaming mouse delivers exceptional performance for its asking price.

Build and Design

The Logitech G102 looks strikingly similar to its older sibling the Logitech G Pro. It has a very minimalistic look and has the same shape and design as the former.

This gaming mouse is made from plastic materials and has a nice matte texture for better grip. The scrolling wheel on the mouse is rubberized, making it easy to move around, even with sweaty fingers.

Weighing just 85g, this mouse is compact lightweight. The shape of the mouse is very ergonomic to easily wrap your palm around the chassis.

The Logitech G102 mouse has customizable light sync RGB lighting which lets you choose from vibrant animations or program your own from almost 16.8 million colours with the help of Logitech’s G HUB software. The mouse has got RGB lighting on the side and the logo as well.


The G102 is a really good gaming mouse for beginners. It has a gaming-grade mercury sensor developed by Logitech for accurate cursor tracking and quick performance.

There are 6 programmable buttons on the mouse which you can assign commands, shortcuts, or macros with the help of Logitech G HUB Software.

The G102 also has onboard memory that lets you store your custom settings with the help of Logitech’s software, so you won’t have to re-customize the buttons once you switch between devices.

The primary left buttons and right buttons have a metal spring button tensioning system for an accurate and continuous clicking experience.
The sensor on the G102 is capable of sensitivity up to 8000 DPI.

You can set the sensitivity of the DPI using the Logitech G HUB software up to five different levels of DPI and these can be cycled through with the help of the DPI button on the mouse.

The buttons on the mouse have a 10 million click life cycle, which will last you more than what you might think.


The Logitech G102 is a reliable entry-level mouse with a sleek and minimalistic design. This is not only a mouse for gamers but also the one that can be used by professionals and students alike.


Minimalistic Design


Mechanical spring button tensioning


Gaming-grade sensor


Intermittent ghost presses


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons6
Warranty2 Year

3. Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma

Feature Rich Gaming Mouse
  • 12 programmable buttons
  • 16000 DPI resolution
  • Anti-skid UV Coating

Cosmic Byte is an Indian hardware supplier of budget gaming-related peripherals popular for its gaming mouse and keyboards.

The Equinox Gamma is an affordable entry-level wired gaming mouse from Cosmic Byte packed with features, just for Rs.2,099.

Build and Design

The Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma is a mouse that is optimized for right-handed users.

This gaming mouse features 12 programmable buttons to customize the mouse to your personal gaming preferences.

The body of the Equinox Gamma mouse is built with reinforced plastic and has a matte anti-skid UV coating layer for the better handgrip.

The buttons on this mouse are OMRON micro switches, known for their good quality and tactile feedback and are rated to last for over 10 million clicks.

The Equinox Gamma weighs at a mere 147.5g and has a weight tuning system, with which you get three additional 3.5g weights which can be inserted into the mouse for optimal usage.

This gaming mouse also has an advanced Spectra RGB lighting system, of which the light pattern can be changed using the software or through mouse shortcuts.

This wired mouse is connected with the PC by a 1.75m braided cable with gold plated USB connector at one end.


The Equinox Gamma is feature-packed when it comes to performance.

The mouse uses the high-end PixArt PMW3389 mouse sensor paired with an original PixArt optical lens supporting a resolution of up to 16000 DPI and a tracking speed of 400 IPS.

Like we mentioned earlier in this article, high DPI numbers are not really going to help you win games on most occasions but it’s still a nice feature to have.

You can set up the DPI of the mouse to six different levels using the Equinox Gamma Software. The mouse also has level indicators to show you which DPI you currently are on. The dual DPI switch lets you change the DPI on the fly.

The Equinox Gamma gaming mouse features a rapid-fire button which lets you annihilate your opponents with a single click in shooting games.


The Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma is a worthy mouse for a gamer. It has got features that you expect from high-end gaming mouses.

Priced at just Rs.2,000, this is one of the best gaming mice that you can get your hands on as of now.


Rapid Fire Button


DPI level indicator


Weight tuning system


A bit firm scroll wheel


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons12
Warranty1 Year

4. Cosmic Byte Equinox Beta

Best Budget Gaming Mouse
  • Three built-in memory profiles
  • Braided Cable
  • OMRON micro switches

The Cosmic Byte Equinox Beta is yet another gaming mouse by the Indian gaming hardware supplier Cosmic Byte.

As the name suggests, this is a more toned-down version of the Equinox Gamma, which we discussed earlier in this article.

Build and Design

The Equinox Beta is the younger sibling of the Equinox Gamma priced at just Rs.1,599 in the Indian market.

In terms of build quality, the body of the mouse is made from the same reinforced plastic used in its elder sibling and has the anti-skid matte UV coating as well.

This gaming mouse is intended for right-hand use and supports claw grip and palm grip.

The Equinox Beta gaming mouse sports 9 programmable buttons which can be customized to perform specific functions and macros using the Equinox Beta Software.

The OMRON micro switches on this gaming mouse are of very high quality and are rated to last for over 10 million clicks.

The mouse weighs only 108g and does not have any weight tuning capabilities similar to that of the superior Equinox Gamma mouse.

The Spectra RGB lighting effects on the Equinox Beta lets you choose from 16.8 million colours to light up your mouse and 10 LED effects to choose from.

The mouse has a 1.75m braided cable with a gold plated USB connector.


The Equinox Beta has a lot of changes in the performance compared to the more expensive Equinox Gamma.

The Beta has the PixArt PAW3327 sensor and not the PMW3389 which is seen in the Gamma mouse.

The Equinox Beta’s sensor has a resolution of up to 6200 DPI with a tracking speed of 220 IPS and a polling rate up to a 1000Hz which should be more than enough for your regular gaming needs.

The mouse has a five-stage DPI indicator and a dual flick-switch to cycle between the DPI. You can assign your preferable DPI to each level using the Equinox Beta Software.

The Cosmic Byte Equinox Beta has an onboard MCU and dedicated memory that lets you store up to three user profiles in the mouse and is aided by an LED indicator and a switch to quickly toggle between the profiles.


If you are a fan of the Cosmic Byte Gamma but find that it is a bit too expensive for you, then the Cosmic Byte Beta is the right choice for you.


Ergonomic design


Dual DPI Switch


Gold Plated USB connector


No weight tuning system


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons9
Warranty1 Year

5. Cooler Master CM110

Best Ergonomic Design
  • 3-Zone LED Lighting
  • In-house coating for better grip
  • Optimized for right-hand gamers

Cooler Master is a Taiwan based computer hardware manufacturer. They are known worldwide for their computer cabinets, power supplies, and other peripherals.

The Cooler Master CM110 is one of their entry-level gaming mouse available for purchase in India at just Rs.2,299.

Build and Design

The Cooler Master CM110 is a mouse that boasts of a simple and ergonomic design.

This gaming mouse has an ambidextrous design which makes it suitable for both right and left-hand usage. However, the mouse is specifically optimized for right-handed gamers.

The CM110 comes with a specially engineered in-house coating which offers supreme comfortability and durability while gripping the mouse inside the palm.

The Coolermaster CM110 mouse is pretty lightweight and weighs just 92g, which is significantly lesser than many other competitors on this list.

The mouse has a total of 6 buttons of which two are side buttons for easy access to custom key binds.

The mouse has a customizable 3-zone LED lighting which is capable of RGB illumination. There is no software available for the mouse, however, the LED lights can be customized using the mouse shortcuts.


Gaming with the CM110 is a delight but the mouse doesn’t have a lot of customization options which is quite a bummer.

Cooler Master claims that the CM110 has a gaming-grade optical sensor that is accurate and has minimal lag which has a resolution of up to 6000 DPI, tracking speed of 60 IPS and lift-off distance of less than 3mm.

The mouse has 5 stages of DPI control (400,800,1600,3200,6000) which can be switched by clicking the DPI button.

The CM110 is a comfortable mouse suited for long gaming sessions and should be good for most hand positions.


The Cooler Master CM110 is a pretty good gaming mouse. It does miss on a few features but it’s not like you will be losing much.

Those looking for a mouse with an ergonomic design and good brand value can go for the CM110.


Lightweight form factor


Ergonomic design


Accurate Sensor


Limited customization options


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons6
Warranty2 Year

6. Lenovo Legion M300 RGB Gaming Mouse

Best Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
  • Precision cursor movements
  • RGB lighting effects
  • 3 Years Warranty

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company famous for its computers, laptops, and peripherals.

Legion is Lenovo’s gaming-oriented laptops and computer peripherals lineup and the Lenovo Legion M300 priced at just Rs.1,899 is an entry-level wired gaming mouse.

Build Quality and Design

One would not say that the Legion M300 looks like a gaming mouse in any way. The mouse doesn’t have any of the gaming flair and streaks of LED lights you might expect from a gaming mouse.

Lenovo has a no-nonsense, practical approach for the M300 which emphasizes functionality over fancy looks and design.

This gaming mouse has an ambidextrous design which means both right and left-handed gamers can use it.

In total, there are 8 programmable buttons on this gaming mouse including the two additional buttons on each side which are quick action buttons for left and right-handed gamers.

The side grips on the mouse are textured for better grip while holding.

The base of this gaming mouse is coated with PTFE(polytetrafluoroethylene) material to ensure smooth and accurate sliding of the mouse on a flat surface.

The only lighting illumination available on this mouse is the Legion Logo which is RGB illuminated that can be customized from the Legion accessory central software.

The mouse is attached with an ultra-soft USB cable and weighs around 88g.


The Legion M300 is not a mouse to look away from.

The M300 has a PixArt 3325 sensor which has a resolution of up to 8000 DPI and a polling rate of 1000Hz.

The on the fly DPI button on the mouse lets you switch the DPI instantaneously.

The buttons on the mouse are responsive and accurate. Customization to the buttons can be done using the legion accessory central software.


The Legion M300 by Lenovo is a good entry-level mouse for gamers and students and professionals alike.

If you’re looking to save some money but doesn’t want to compromise much on performance, then you can go for this mouse.


Minimal, modern design


Textured side grips


Durable cable


A bit complicated to set up macro buttons


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons8
Warranty3 Year

7. Corsair Harpoon RGB

Value for Money Gaming Mouse
  • Ergonomic, comfortable design
  • High accuracy optical sensor
  • Customizable RGB illumination

Corsair is a US-based computer peripheral and hardware company that specializes in the development of computer cabinets, power supplies, gaming peripherals, etc.

They have been operating in different markets across the globe for more than 20 years. The Harpoon RGB is a budget entry-level gaming mouse from Corsair priced at just Rs.1,619.

Build and Design

The Harpoon RGB is designed with comfortability in mind. This gaming mouse is made of plastic and the upper surface of the mouse has a textured matte finishing to provide added grip.

This is a medium to a small mouse. It is designed in such a way that the mouse naturally fits inside your palm.

The body of the mouse is compact and lightweight so you can perform quick button presses with it.

The side grips of the mouse are also textured and rubberized for better grip while playing games.

The Harpoon RGB mouse has an RGB light-up logo that can be customized with the iCUE Software by Corsair for Windows. Corsair doesn’t have any software for Mac so a 3rd party application might be needed for RGB lighting if used with macOS devices.


The Corsair Harpoon RGB delivers you the bang for buck performance.

The optical sensor on this mouse has a maximum DPI of 6000 with advanced tracking and high-speed motion detection for accurate control of the cursor.

The 1000Hz polling rate of the mouse allows you to have lag-free and responsive gaming experience.

The buttons on the mouse can be customized for your requirements using the iCUE Software to perform actions and macros. The DPI can also be set using the software with five different stages.

The DPI settings can be stored in the on-board memory of the mouse, so you won’t have the hassle of resetting it while using the mouse on another PC.


The Harpoon RGB is a great mouse for casual and competitive gaming. The mouse does the job as advertised without any issues.

It would have been nice if Corsair had added more buttons onto the mouse but that again is our personal opinion.


Advanced optical tracking


Preset sensitivity profiles


Sturdy construction


No software support for macOS


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons6
Warranty2 Year

8. ASUS Cerberus Gaming Mouse

Honourable Mention
  • Four preset DPI Levels
  • Good budget gaming mouse for beginners 
  • On the fly DPI button

Asus is well known for its gaming hardware and accessories and they have built up a brand name for them throughout the years.

The Asus Cerberus is a gaming mouse from Asus with decent build quality available under a budget of just Rs.1,619 in the Indian market.

Build and Design

The body of the Asus Cerberus gaming mouse is made out of plastic and has the usual matte soft finishing found on the other competitor products on this list.

Asus has gone with an ambidextrous design so that both right and left-handed gamers don’t miss out on the fun.

The weird thing is that even though Asus is marketing this as a mouse for right and left-handed gamers alike, the side buttons are only available for the right-handed players.

The Asus Cerberus mouse has rubberized side layers for a comfortable grip.

This gaming mouse has LED lights on the logo and the base of the mouse. However there is no option to customize the lights, the colour changes according to the DPI level. The LED lights have a breathing effect.

The mouse has a 1.8m braided cable and comes with a gold plated USB connector.


Talking about performance, the Asus Cerberus offers decent gaming performance for a sub Rs.2,000 gaming mouse.

This gaming mouse has an optical sensor that has a maximum resolution of up to 2500 DPI and a polling rate of 1000Hz. This should be more than sufficient for most of your day to day gaming needs.

This mouse has 4 levels of preset DPI range of 500/1000/1500/2500. By default, the mouse will be at 1000 DPI.

The Asus Cerberus gaming mouse has a total of 6 buttons. These buttons are clicky and responsive but you don’t get any software that allows you to customize their functionality or set up macros.

The mouse is easy and comfortable to hold, so you won’t be facing any issues while playing games for long sessions and the rubber side grips also help against slipping.


The Asus Cerberus is a good mouse for casual gaming and competitive gaming alike. But if you are someone who wants more customization options then we would recommend you go check out the other mice on the list.


Rubberized side grips


Breathing effect LED light


Clicky and responsive buttons


Zero customization options


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons6
Warranty1 Year
So we have finally reached the end of our list, we hope you have taken your time and have reached upon a decision to choose the right mouse for your gaming needs.

We know that choosing the right gaming mouse involves taking a lot of decisions as even the smallest of things matters while playing games or it might flip the whole scenario against you.

If you have any questions regarding the products mentioned in the list, feel free to comment down below

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you again soon!

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