Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs.2,000 (Wired – February 2021)

by | Feb 23, 2020

A computer mouse is a peripheral which has changed a lot in terms of features, performance and pricing structure since its inception.Gaming mouses are specially designed to meet the requirements of gamers who prefer multiple programmable buttons, ergonomic design, high polling rate and a precision sensor.If you are a PC gamer and play a lot of FPS and competitive games, then you know that precision clicks mean everything.So we at Bettershark have made a list of the eleven best gaming mouse under Rs.2000 available for purchase in the Indian market to help you choose the right one for you and your gaming requirements.Let’s not waste any more time and get right into the article!
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Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs.2000 in India

1. Logitech G 402 Hyperion FuryOverall Best Pick
2. Logitech G102 Light Sync Runner-Up Pick
3. Redragon Cobra M711Feature Rich Gaming Mouse 
4. Lenovo Legion M300 Best Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
5. Acer Predator Cestus 310Versatile Gaming Mouse
6. Cosmic Byte HyperionWireless Gaming Mouse
7. Asus TUF Gaming M3 Value for Money Gaming Mouse
8. HP G360 No frills gaming mouse
9. Corsair Harpoon Pro RGBLightweight Gaming Mouse
10. Razer DeathAdder EssentialErgonomic Gaming Mouse
11. Ant Esports GM500Honourable Mention

Note: The price shown are the once when we reviewed the products. However, as the promotional offers changes on the given E-commerce sites, the price may vary. Bettershark is supported by it's readers and when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

1. Logitech G 402 Hyperion Fury

Overall Best Pick
  • Best suited for FPS gaming
  • Robust build quality
  • Two years limited warranty

500 IPS Tracking Speed


Low Friction Feet


Over 20 million clicks


No braided cable

American Swiss manufacturer Logitech is widely known for its computer peripherals and gaming accessories, thanks to the feature richness and the durability.

The G402 Hyperion Fury is an entry-level gaming mouse developed by Logitech which offers decent gaming performance for the asking price.

Build and Design

The G402 Hyperion Fury is one of the best gaming mouse around the Rs.2,500 budget range.

In terms of looks, it speaks out its intentions. It has all the gamer accents and design flair that you’d expect from a gaming mouse.

It is the younger sibling to Logitech’s G402 Hero gaming mouse and has the same premium feel and design to it.

This mouse is lightweight and is made of plastic and has a matte finish to the exteriors. The rubber grips on the device provide you with perfect gripping, even for those with sweaty hands.

It has got super low friction feet which let you play for longer sessions, without any wrist fatigue.

The mouse has a light-up LED logo and indicators near the thumb grip. However, this gaming mouse does not have any customizable RGB lighting.


The G 402 Hyperion Fury is one of the best mouse from Logitech, it might as well be the best mouse on this curated list.

Inside the G 402 is the high-speed fusion engine that is paired with an optical sensor with Logitech’s Delta zero technology providing ultra fast-tracking speed of more than 500 IPS to enjoy your games.

The G 402 Hyperion Fury has its very own 32-bit ARM processor that powers the fusion engine.

This mouse features 8 programmable buttons with onboard memory. With the help of the Logitech gaming software, you can customize these buttons according to your preference, depending on the game you’re playing.

These buttons are rated to last for over 20 million clicks.

Unlike most of the other mouse on the list, the G 402 has a DPI of up to 4000 which is lower than most others on this list.

But the truth is that these DPI numbers are just overkill and are not required. Pro gamers generally play at a DPI setting in the range of 400-800.

The G 402 has four DPI settings from 4000 to 250 DPI by default and you can use the Logitech gaming software to set a fifth DPI setting. The DPI button on the mouse helps you switch the DPI on the fly without any delay.


The Logitech Hyperion Fury is a mouse that is fit for both beginners and professionals alike. With the powerful fusion engine inside, you will be able to gain an edge over others in competitive games like CS GO and Valorant.

So if you are someone who is having a hard time choosing the best budget mouse for gaming then this is the right one for you, perfect for playing FPS games.


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons8
Warranty2 Year

2. Logitech G102 Light Sync

Runner-Up Pick
  • Logitech G HUB software customization
  • Precision mercury Sensor
  • Light Sync RGB effects

Minimalistic Design


Mechanical spring button tensioning


Gaming-grade sensor


Intermittent ghost presses

The G102 Light Sync is yet another mouse t from the peripheral manufacturer Logitech. This is one of their most famous mid-range gaming mouse.

Priced just under Rs.2,000, this entry-level gaming mouse delivers exceptional performance for its asking price.

Build and Design

The Logitech G102 looks strikingly similar to its older sibling the Logitech G Pro. It has a very minimalistic look and has the same shape and design as the former.

This gaming mouse is made from plastic materials and has a nice matte texture for better grip. The scrolling wheel on the mouse is rubberized, making it easy to move around, even with sweaty fingers.

Weighing just 85g, this mouse is compact lightweight. The shape of the mouse is very ergonomic to easily wrap your palm around the chassis.

The Logitech G102 mouse has customizable light sync RGB lighting which lets you choose from vibrant animations or program your own from almost 16.8 million colours with the help of Logitech’s G HUB software.

The mouse has got RGB lighting on the side and the logo as well.


The G102 is a really good gaming mouse for beginners. It has a gaming-grade mercury sensor developed by Logitech for accurate cursor tracking and quick performance.

There are 6 programmable buttons on the mouse which you can assign commands, shortcuts, or macros with the help of Logitech G HUB Software.

The G102 also has onboard memory that lets you store your custom settings with the help of Logitech’s software, so you won’t have to re-customize the buttons once you switch between devices.

The primary left buttons and right buttons have a metal spring button tensioning system for an accurate and continuous clicking experience.

The sensor on the G102 is capable of sensitivity up to 8000 DPI.

You can set the sensitivity of the DPI using the Logitech G HUB software up to five different levels of DPI and these can be cycled through with the help of the DPI button on the mouse.

The buttons on the mouse have a 10 million click life cycle, which will last you more than what you might think.


The Logitech G102 is a reliable entry-level mouse with a sleek and minimalistic design. This is not only a mouse for gamers but also the one that can be used by professionals and students alike.


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons6
Warranty2 Year

3. Redragon Cobra M711

Feature Rich Gaming Mouse
  • Seven programmable buttons
  • Gaming grade sensor
  • Rich customization options

Onboard memory for profiles


True RGB LED lighting


Companion software support


Relatively heavy

Redragon is a Chinese company known for manufacturing and marketing affordable gaming peripherals and accessories.

The Cobra M711 is an entry-level gaming mouse from Redragon that retails in the Indian market at just Rs.1,649.

Build and Design

The Redragon Cobra M711 is a medium to large-sized gaming mouse with a larger size footprint which people with smaller hands might not find all that comfortable to use.

This gaming mouse features an all-plastic build which does not come across as a surprise since most gaming mice regardless of the budget have plastic construction.

The Redragon Cobra M711 however features good plastic quality that doesn’t feel cheap at all.

This gaming mouse features a textured design on its sides for a better handgrip.

At the bottom of the mouse, there are Teflon feet which reduces the friction between the mouse and the surface. However, a mouse pad is recommended for the best gaming experience.

This gaming mouse weighs around 105g which is not that light. You might not be able to perform quick reflexes while gaming and this can be a problem if you play competitive games quite often.

In terms of its design, this mouse does have an ambidextrous shape but unfortunately, the side buttons are only accessible by right-handed users.

For RGB lovers you will be glad to know that the Cobra features true RGB lighting that lets you choose from over 16.8 million colours and 7 different lighting modes. The RGB lighting on the gaming mouse can be customized using the companion software.


The Redragon Cobra M711 comes equipped with nine buttons out of which seven of them are programmable. The switches used in this entry-level gaming mouse are Omron switches and the clicks feel firm and provide responsive feedback.

Redragon has used the Pixar 3325 optical sensor in the Cobra M711 gaming mouse. This is the same sensor found in the Cosmic Byte Hyperion. This sensor has a maximum DPI of 10,000 which is a rare sight at this price point.

The DPI on this gaming mouse can be set using the Redragon gaming software and you can switch between the set DPIs using the dual DPI button on the mouse.

Redragon’s gaming software also lets you configure mouse settings like the acceleration, pointer speed, double click speed, etc.

This entry-level gaming mouse also features an onboard memory in which you can save up to five different profiles each with its RGB lighting and other configuration settings.


If you are looking for a gaming mouse that is packed with features, this is it. The Redragon Cobra M711 will provide you with an advantage over other players without burning a hole in your pocket.


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons9
Warranty1 Year

4. Lenovo Legion M300 

Best Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
  • Precision cursor movements
  • RGB lighting effects
  • 3 Years Warranty

Minimal, modern design


Textured side grips


Durable cable


A bit complicated to set up macro buttons

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company famous for its computers, laptops, and peripherals.

Legion is Lenovo’s gaming-oriented laptops and computer peripherals lineup and the Lenovo Legion M300 priced at just Rs.1,899 is an entry-level wired gaming mouse.

Build Quality and Design

One would not say that the Legion M300 looks like a gaming mouse in any way. The mouse doesn’t have any of the gaming flair and streaks of LED lights you might expect from a gaming mouse.

Lenovo has a no-nonsense, practical approach for the M300 which emphasizes functionality over fancy looks and design.

This gaming mouse has an ambidextrous design which means both right and left-handed gamers can use it.

In total, there are 8 programmable buttons on this gaming mouse including the two additional buttons on each side which are quick action buttons for left and right-handed gamers.

The side grips on the mouse are textured for better grip while holding.

The base of this gaming mouse is coated with PTFE(polytetrafluoroethylene) material to ensure smooth and accurate sliding of the mouse on a flat surface.

The only lighting illumination available on this mouse is the Legion Logo which is RGB illuminated that can be customized from the Legion accessory central software.

The mouse is attached with an ultra-soft USB cable and weighs around 88g.


The Legion M300 is not a mouse to look away from.

The M300 has a PixArt 3325 sensor which has a resolution of up to 8000 DPI and a polling rate of 1000Hz.

The on the fly DPI button on the mouse lets you switch the DPI instantaneously.

The buttons on the mouse are responsive and accurate. Customization to the buttons can be done using the legion accessory central software.


The Legion M300 by Lenovo is a good entry-level mouse for gamers and students and professionals alike.

If you’re looking to save some money but doesn’t want to compromise much on performance, then you can go for this mouse.


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons8
Warranty3 Year

5. Acer Predator Cestus 310

Versatile Gaming Mouse
  • High-quality PixArt 3519 Sensor
  • Four different LED lighting modes
  • Zero-latency wired connectivity

Minimal design


Ergonomic form factor


Clicky and responsive buttons



Acer is a Taiwanese computer hardware and accessories manufacturer which is known for its wide range of laptops.

The Cestus 310 is a gaming mouse by Acer which belongs to their Predators gaming series peripherals priced just under Rs.2,000.

Build and Design

Acer has taken the minimal approach when it comes to the design of the Cestus 310 gaming mouse.

This mouse does not have the sharp edgy design which you generally expect from a gaming mouse.

The Cestus 310 has a plastic chassis which feels quite okay in terms of build quality.

This entry-level gaming mouse features six buttons on it including the left and right-click buttons, the scroll button, the DPI button, and the two side buttons.

This gaming mouse is suitable for those with large hands and provides excellent palm grip.

To enhance the gaming flair of this mouse, Acer has included a 4 coloured LED lighting system which changes according to the DPI level.

The mouse is a bit on the heavier side weighing 133g. If you prefer a lightweight mouse we recommend you go for some other options from this list.

This is a wired gaming mouse and has a relatively long cable with a USB connector at the tip.


The Predator Cestus 310 is a good gaming mouse when it comes to performance.

This is a pretty basic gaming mouse which does not have any features to make it stand out from the rest but it does provide a refined gaming experience.

This budget wired gaming mouse features four different DPI levels with the maximum being 4200 DPI.

You can cycle between the DPI using the DPI switch based on the type of game you are playing.

The buttons on the mouse are clicky and the switches on it have a life of 10 million which makes it quite durable for long term usage.

The high-quality Pixart 3519 optical sensor delivers value for money pointing performance with this gaming mouse.


The Cestus 310 is a no-frills entry-level gaming mouse from Acer with a satisfactory performance for its asking price.

If you are someone who doesn’t want a flashy gaming mouse and would rather for something subtle, then this is the one for you.


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons6
Warranty1 Year

6. Cosmic Byte Hyperion

Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • Pixart 3325 optical sensor 
  • Up to 30 hours of battery life
  • 100 IPS tracking speed

Wired + Wireless mode


Type C cable


10m wireless range


No side grips

Cosmic Byte is an Indian budget gaming-related peripherals popular for its gaming mice and keyboards.

The Cosmic Byte Hyperion is an affordable entry-level wireless gaming mouse from Cosmic Byte packed with features, just for Rs.1,599.

Build and Design

In terms of its design, the Cosmic Byte Hyperion looks minimal. It does not have any of the sharp accents that are typically found on a gaming mouse. If there was no RGB lighting on this mouse then people would have mistaken it for a regular office mouse

This mouse is completely built from plastic like any other gaming mouse in this price segment. It features a matte finish exterior that makes it easier to grip on. There are no textured designs on this mouse for additional grip.

RGB lighting on this mouse is found near the back portion and on the scroll wheel. This mouse features true RGB illumination and it can be customized using the Cosmic Byte gaming software.

This gaming mouse has dual connectivity options – you can use it wirelessly using the USB nano receiver or with the 1.6m Type C USB cable which comes bundled in the box.


This entry-level gaming mouse features six fully programmable buttons that can be configured to your preference using the Cosmic Byte gaming software. The buttons on the mouse are tactile to press and do not feel cheap because they are high-quality Huano switches with a rated life of 10 million clicks.

Although this gaming mouse can be used in wireless or wired mode there is only a minor difference in its performance. The wireless mode has a range of 10m which is more than enough for normal gaming.

There is no latency as such while gaming in wireless mode but to be on the safer side we recommend playing competitive games in wired mode.

This gaming mouse features a Pixart 3325 optical gaming sensor that has a DPI of up to 10,000 which is amazing to find at this price point. This sensor has a tracking speed of 100 IPS which helps in accurate tracking.

The DPI of this mouse can be cycled using the DPI button on the mouse. You can set the mouse to the DPI level of your choice.

Battery Life

This gaming mouse is equipped with a 600mAh battery which lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge.

You can completely charge up the device from 5 to 100 per cent within 3 hours. To charge the device simply connect the Type C cable to your mouse.


The Cosmic Byte Hyperion is an excellent wireless budget gaming mouse for beginners and amateurs alike. The wired mode makes it versatile to use even if you are low on battery and want a quick gaming session.


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons6
Warranty1 Year

7. Asus TUF Gaming M3

Value for Money Gaming Mouse
  • Aura Sync RGB lighting 
  • On the fly DPI switching
  • 7 programmable buttons 

Decent build quality


Simple yet elegant design


Robust customization options


The cable is not that flexible

The TUF gaming series from Asus is known for delivering high-end gaming devices and peripherals such as gaming laptops and keyboards.

The TUF Gaming F3 is a gaming mouse from Asus which is a part of their TUF gaming series priced well under Rs.2000.

Build and Design

The TUF Gaming F3 is entirely constructed from high-quality plastic materials.

At first glance, you might be fooled into thinking that the mouse is made from metal because of its metallic grey colour.

The top portion of this gaming mouse has a soft plastic finish whereas the sides feature a textured plastic, delivering a balanced design aesthetics.

The outer chassis of the mouse features a specialized coating which Asus claims make the mouse durable.

In the bottom section of the mouse, there are special Teflon feet which offer a smooth movement over flat surfaces.

This budget gaming mouse features Aura Sync RGB lighting effects that can be customized using the ROG Armoury II software.

By default, the mouse also changes the lighting based on the selected level of DPI.

This is a wired gaming mouse with zero latency but since the wire is slightly thicker, it feels a bit uncomfortable when used in tight spaces.


The Asus TUF F3 gaming mouse is great for casual as well as competitive gaming but we don’t recommend this mouse for professional gamers.

This affordable mouse is equipped with a gaming-grade optical sensor which has a maximum DPI of 7000.

The DPI can be set up to 4 levels using the Armoury II companion software. This mouse also has a 100 IPS tracking speed which allows faster cursor movement

Inches Per Second (IPS) is a measure of how fast the cursor can move in a second. In general, the higher the IPS, the better will be the performance.

The TUF M3 mouse has a polling rate of 1000Hz resulting in a responsive and lag-free gaming experience.

This gaming mouse has 7 programmable buttons which are tactile and responsive. The dual DPI buttons on this mouse allow you to switch between the DPI on the fly.


The Asus TUF M3 gaming mouse offers an impressive range of customization options along with reliable gaming performance for its asking price of just Rs.2,000.


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons7
Warranty1 Year

8. HP G360

 No frills gaming mouse
  • 3-High-quality Omron switches
  • Six programmable buttons
  • 1000Hz polling rate

Gold Plated USB connector


Matte coating for added grip


Rubberized scroll wheel


Limited LED lighting options

HP is a well-known manufacturer of computers, laptops, and its peripherals known for its high-quality electronics products across the globe.

The G360 is an entry-level gaming mouse by HP priced just under Rs.2000.

Build and Design

HP has opted for a full-fledged gaming design with their G360 gaming mouse. The HP G360 features all the characteristics which you would expect from a gaming mouse including the gaming accents on the chassis and the LED illumination effects.

First off, this HP gaming mouse has complete plastic construction. This mouse has a matte finish coating on top which makes it comfortable to hold and prevents palm slippage during intensive gaming sessions.

This entry-level budget gaming mouse has textured side grips which have fingerprint type design to them. These side grips let you hold the mouse comfortably without your fingers slipping. You will also find two side buttons on the left side of the mouse where your thumb rests.

Talking about buttons, the HP G360 features six buttons in total which are all programmable according to your specific needs.

The scroll wheel on the mouse has a rubber texture to it which makes it much easier to scroll and get a grip even with sweaty/wet hands.

You will also find that HP has added LED functionality to their gaming mouse, enhancing the overall appearance of the mouse, giving it the gaming vibe. The LED illumination is present on the sides, logo, and scroll wheel.

This is a wired gaming mouse with a gold plated USB connector which is meant to provide a good connection with minimal signal loss.


The HP G360 has decent performance and it isn’t right to compare this mouse with other expensive premium gaming mice.

This mouse is suitable for casual gaming and competitive gaming alike. But if you are a professional gamer, it is better to invest in a more premium gaming mouse.

The HP G360 has a maximum DPI of 6200 and also features six different preset DPI sensitivity settings to choose from. The LED lighting colour on the mouse also changes according to the DPI level.

The mouse has a DPI button which you can press to cycle between the selected DPI on the fly.

There is no delay in feedback when playing your games as expected from a wired connection.

HP has utilized Omron switches in their gaming mouse and these switches have a life span of 10 million clicks.


The HP G360 is a superb gaming mouse for beginners and amateurs alike.

This gaming mouse has six DPI levels which you can select from depending on your play style.


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons6
Warranty1 Year

9. Corsair Harpoon Pro RGB

Lightweight Gaming Mouse
  • High-quality Omron switches
  • 2 Years warranty 
  • Rich customization options

Soft matte finish


Assignable macros


Textured side grips


No software on Mac devices

Corsair is quite a reputed gaming accessories and peripheral company based in the United States and has a wide range of products under its wing. They manufacture PC cases, power supplies, mice, etc.

The Corsair Harpoon Pro RGB is one of their entry-level budget gaming mice currency retailing in the Indian market for just Rs.2000.

Build and Design

The Corsair Harpoon Pro RGB is made in collaboration with Esports. This ensures that the design and the functionalities for competitive gaming come standard with this gaming mouse.

The mouse is completely built using plastic materials and has a soft matte finish on top which makes the mouse comfortable to hold.

Towards the sides of the mouse, there is the rubberized texture finish which helps in holding the mouse tight, even with wet/sweaty hands.

The Harpoon Pro RGB has six buttons that are completely programmable according to your needs.

As the name suggests this is an RGB gaming mouse and comes with dua RGB zones which you can customize to your liking.

The Harpoon Pro RGB is a lightweight gaming mouse and only weighs 85g. This makes it suitable for long gaming sessions.

Connecting the mouse to the PC is as simple as plugging the USB connector into the USB port of the PC. The mouse does not require any additional software to work and is plug n play certified.


The Corsair Harpoon Pro RGB is a gaming mouse that delivers top-notch gaming performance.

Thanks to the rubberized grips on the side and the matte finish make it comfortable for long gaming sessions.

The switches used in the mouse are Omron switches which are known to deliver superior performance and have a life of 50 million clicks. This makes it durable and you won’t have to worry about getting a new gaming mouse any time soon.

The Harpoon RGB can be customized using Corsair’s very own iCUE software. This software lets you program the buttons, assign complex macros to the buttons, and also configure the lighting on the mouse.

It features a high-end optical sensor that has a DPI resolution of up to 12000 which lets you enjoy fast-paced games thanks to precision tracking. The DPI of the mouse can be cycled using the DPI switch which is available on the mouse.


The Corsair Harpoon Pro RGB is a high-end gaming mouse which is great for professional use and new gamers alike. The Omron switches provide superior click response while the iCUE software lets you make the mouse your own with all the multiple customizable options.


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons6
Warranty2 Year

10. Razer DeathAdder Essential

Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
  • Five hyper response buttons
  • Strong braided cable
  • Smooth cursor movement

Robust build quality


Better hand grip


Real-time click response


The scroll wheel is a bit tight

Razer is a gaming hardware manufacturing company based in the US. The company is famous for its stealth series gaming laptops and associated gaming hardware.

The Razer DeathAdder Essential is an optical wired mouse that is specifically designed for gamers.

Design and Build Quality

The Razer DeathAdder Essential has an ambidextrous form factor that’s ergonomically designed.

The contoured shape of this product makes it fit tightly in the palm and offers grip while holding. The buttons on this device offer excellent tactile feedback.


The main USP of this mouse is the true 6400 dpi optical sensor. The quality of this sensor is at par with others in the market with even higher dpi.

Not only the dpi, but this device also features a 1000Hz polling rate meaning the response delay on your actions is almost non-existent.

The precise cursor movement will be a delight for executing actions during prolonged intense gaming sessions.

Not only does this product suitable for gaming, but also graphic designing professionals can make use of its high accuracy cursor movement efficiency.


The included 2.1m long tangle-free wire also adds up to the usability.

There are five programmable buttons on this mouse that can be configured easily with the help of Razer software.

The LED glow light effect enhances the flair of your gaming setup.


The signature glowing Razer logo adds to the ambience of gaming and will make you right at home while gaming. Even though it’s a bit expensive, the Razer DeathAdder Essential is the go-to mouse if you are a gamer, we’d say.


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons5
Warranty1 Year

11. Ant Esports GM500

Honourable Mention
  • Six stage dpi setting
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • Seven programmable buttons

Robust build quality


Minimal yet attractive design


Ergonomic design for better hand grip


DPI resets after every boot

Ant Esports is a relatively recent entrant to the Indian gaming accessories market and has an impressive product catalogue ranging from headphones to keyboards.

The Esports GM500 is a premium wired gaming mouse loaded with cutting edge features to help you improve your gaming performance.

Design and Build Quality

The Ant GM series mice are generally minimally designed with no extra bells and whistles like some other devices out there.

At first glance, this mouse looks similar to all other normal mice designs out there in the market. What’s special though is the build quality.

Made from high-quality ABS plastic and soft-touch padding on top, the Ant GM500 is a well-made gaming mouse.

The contoured body grips well inside the palm and doesn’t cause any distraction while playing your favourite games.

The switches feel very durable with excellent tactile response. The scroll wheel is smooth and easy to operate.


If you are a serious gamer, you would have already known about the importance of DPI (dots per inch). Simply put, the higher the dpi the better will be the precision in mouse movements.

The Ant GM500 comes with a maximum dpi of 4000 along with a 1000 Hz polling rate, which is one of the best in its segment.

This helps you to move the cursor on the screen with greater accuracy, speaking of which is one of the most important factors in gaming.


RGB lighting effects are part and parcel of the gaming environment. The Ant GM500 comes with fully customizable RGB lighting. You can either set the lights to breathe or have a steady pattern according to your preference.

This device comes with 7 programmable buttons that can be custom bound to various in-game actions based on your choice.

It also has a profile saving mode which will retain the settings even after using the mice with multiple devices.


The Ant GM500 is one of the best-wired gaming mice available under Rs.2000 in the Indian market.

With the option to save your profiles and use them on different devices effortlessly, this device is a must-have for budget-conscious gamers.


Polling Rate1000Hz
No: of Buttons7
Warranty1 Year

So we have finally reached the end of our list, we hope you have taken your time and have reached a decision to choose the right mouse for your gaming needs.

We know that choosing the right gaming mouse involves taking a lot of decisions as even the smallest of things matters while playing games or it might flip the whole scenario against you.

If you have any questions regarding the products mentioned in the list, feel free to comment down below

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you again soon!

Buying Guide for Gaming Mouse Under Rs 2000

If you are someone who has no idea about gaming mouse then you must be wondering what’s all the fuss about a gaming mouse?

Won’t an ordinary mouse suffice for my gaming?

Gaming mice are crafted with the needs of a gamer in mind and include certain features which completely changes the way you usually play games. They are different from normal mice in terms of design as well as in performance.

We at Bettershark have created a short buying guide which will let you know about what to look for in a gaming mouse.

By the end of this guide, you will be able to choose a gaming mouse that suits your gaming style.


The build of the gaming mouse means the type of material which is used in its construction.

A gaming mouse usually has a single material plastic construction but you also might find a gaming mouse that might use some metal inserts for aesthetic purposes but in no way do they enhance your gaming experience.

While choosing a gaming mouse under Rs.2000, make sure that the mouse has some sort of coating or finish which ensures that it would be easy to grip in your palms.

Check if the mouse has some texture to it for good grip because you will be using your mouse for a long time and if you want to win games it is always necessary to have a mouse with a good grip.

You can lookout for a gaming mouse that has a matte coating because it creates a soft surface which makes it comfortable to grip and feels good in your hands.


The genre of games you play is also an important factor when choosing a gaming mouse.

There are multiple gaming genres like FPS, MMO, RPG, MOBAs, etc.

If you are into FPS gaming you should go for a gaming mouse that has high DPI values and a good sensor which provides accurate tracking. FPS games also require a lightweight mouse since you have to flick around the mouse often while on the other hand if you play MOBAs you should go for a mouse that has a large number of programmable buttons.

Sensor Type

Gaming mouse sensors are mainly of two different types – laser sensor and an optical sensor. This has been quite a debate among gamers about which is the better choice.

A laser sensor works well on any surface while an optical sensor might not register on certain surfaces but that problem is solved using a mouse mat. The laser sensor is also more accurate than its optical counterpart.

Most high-end manufacturers use laser sensors in their gaming mice, but some companies use optical sensors because of budget constraints.

So a laser sensor is definitely better but if you’re a gamer then no doubt you use a mouse pad hence an optical sensor should also work fine.

DPI & Polling Rate

DPI stands for dots per inch and this indicates the sensitivity of the mouse. The higher the DPI the faster the movement of the cursor on the screen and it also reduces the physical distance you have to move your mouse

Polling rate is the number of times the mouse reports its position to the computer. It is measured in Hz. The higher the polling rate the faster the mouse reports the movement.

For a budget under Rs.2000, you can find gaming mice that have a DPI of up to 12000 whereas the polling rate in most gaming mice will be 1000Hz.

In reality, though 12000 DPI is not required for gaming, professional gamers usually use a DPI setting between 400-800. These high DPI numbers are nothing other than a marketing gimmick by companies.

So you should be fine with a gaming mouse featuring basic DPI presets of up to 4000 but you can always go higher.


Buttons on a gaming mouse is another important thing to look out for.

Under the price bracket of Rs.2000, you can find gaming mice which have programmable buttons and some which don’t.

The number of buttons is also an important factor based on the type of games you play.

Always go for a gaming mouse that has a minimum of 6 buttons. If you are someone who plays MOBA games then opt for more buttons that are programmable.


Another important feature you should know about before purchasing a gaming mouse includes the tracking speed of the mouse.

Tracking speed is the speed at which a cursor travels around the screen. 250 IPS is usually the recommended tracking speed for a gaming mouse but it might not be available on all mouses under Rs.2000

Other features in the mouse include things like RGB lighting, additional weights, inbuilt memory, etc.

These features are not necessary but they do provide some minor benefits but not that significant for casual gamers. If you want those additional features you can always check them out.

The above-mentioned points are some of the basic things you should look into before purchasing a gaming mouse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best DPI to go for?

A. Professional gamers usually choose a DPI between 400 to 800. But everyone plays differently, you can go for a mouse which has a high level of DPI and then choose the DPI which is the best for you.

Q. What mouse should be used for FPS gaming?

A. FPS games require really fast actions and movement because of which you should go for a mouse that is lightweight and has a high DPI.