Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs.2,000 (January 2020)

by | Jan 8, 2020

Gaming mice doesn’t turn any average joe into a pro gamer at the flick of a wrist. But these custom made peripherals for gaming helps you to improve upon your skills and aides in an overall better gaming experience.

There are hundreds and thousands of gaming mice flooding the market from no-name brands with cheap price tags. But are they well worth your hard-earned money? In this article, we bring you the best five gaming mice priced under Rs.2000 in the Indian market.

We firmly believe this curated post will help you pick the right product for a delightful gaming experience. Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs.2000 in India

1. Redgear Z-2 Overall Best Pick
2. Redragon Invader M719Runner-Up Pick
3. Logitech G102Best Value for Money Gaming Mouse
4. HP OMEN X9000Branded Gaming Mouse
5. Razer Abyssus EssentialHonorable Mention

1. Redgear Z-2

Overall Best Pick
  • Up to 12000dpi setting
  • Eight programmable buttons
  • Customizable RGB lighting 

Redgear is a popular budget gaming peripherals company with an impressive product catalogue ranging from headphones to keyboards.

The Redgear Z-2 is a premium wired gaming mouse loaded with cutting edge features to help you improve your gaming performance.

Design and Build Quality

Redgear mice are generally minimally designed with no extra bells and whistles like some other devices out there.

In a first glance, this mouse looks similar to all other normal mice designs out there in the market. What’s special though is the build quality.

Made from high-quality ABS plastic and soft-touch padding on top, the Redgear Z-2 is a well-made gaming mouse.

The contoured body grips well inside the palm and doesn’t cause any distraction while playing your favourite games.

The switches feel very durable with excellent tactile response. The scroll wheel is smooth and easy to operate.


If you are a serious gamer, you would have already known about the importance of DPI (dots per inch). Simply put, the higher the dpi the better will be the precision in mouse movements.

The Redgear Z-2 comes with a maximum dpi of about 12000, which is one of the best in its segment.

This helps you to move the cursor on the screen with greater accuracy, speaking of which is one of the most important factors in gaming.


RGB lighting effects are part and parcel of the gaming environment.

The Redgear Z-2 comes with a fully customizable RGB lighting.

You can either set the lights to breathe or have a steady pattern according to your preference.

This device comes with 8 programmable buttons that can be custom bound to various in-game actions based on your choice.

It also has a profile saving mode which will retain the settings even after using the mice with multiple devices.


The Redgear Z-2 is one of the best-wired gaming mice available under Rs.2000 in the Indian market.

With the option to save your profiles and use them on different devices effortlessly, this device is a must-have for budget-conscious gamers.


Robust build quality


Ergonomic design


On the fly dpi switching


Drivers are only available in CD


Programmable ButtonsYes,8
Warranty1 Year

2. Red Dragon Invader M719

Runner-Up Pick
  • The dedicated rapid-fire button
  • Up to 10000dpi settings
  • 7-way adjustable RGB lighting

Red Dragon is a popular US-based gaming peripheral manufacturer known primarily for its keyboards and mice.

The Invader M719 from Red Dragon is a budget wired mouse priced under Rs.2000 which is compatible with both Windows and Mac alike.

Design and Build Quality

The Red Dragon Invader is ergonomically designed with gentle curves for you to have a firm grip on the mouse.

The textures side grips improve the in-hand feel of the mouse and reduce fatigue when used for longer periods.

The switches are of high quality and offer excellent click response when pressed.

The 1.8m braided cable seems tough, durable and can withstand abuses with no fail.


The Invader M719 features five-step dpi adjustment with the on-the-fly switch button from 500 to 5000 and then up to 10000 via software.

This mouse performs well in situations such as gaming or when you need precise cursor movements as with the case of graphics designing or AutoCAD works.

With a high polling rate, there is virtually no delay between the click and the resulting response on the screen.


The Invader 719 from Red Dragon comes with seven different RGB lighting patterns.

You can further customize the colour palette using the professional tuning software.

The eight programmable buttons help you set your key bindings for natural gaming response with no delay.

The dedicated rapid-fire button will benefit you in intensive FPS games such as PUBG.


The Red Dragon Invader 719 is a very capable wired gaming mouse with interesting features such as a dedicated rapid-fire button and highly customizable RGB lighting effects.


Excellent in-hand feel


Windows and Mac compatibility


Durable build quality


Slippery when used with wet hands


Programmable ButtonsYes, 8
Warranty1 Year

3. Logitech G102

Value for a Money Gaming Mouse
  • Customizable LED lighting
  • Precise cursor movements
  • Affordable gaming mouse

Logitech G102 is a wired optical gaming mouse which packs a lot of interesting features at an attractive price point.

The G102 is an ambidextrous mouse from Logitech that can be used by right-handed and left-handed people at once.

Design and Build Quality

This mouse is made using quality components and screams premium at the first look itself.

The feet of this product is made using Polytetrafluoroethylene material which offers zero friction to the contact surface.

This enhances smoothness and precise motion on any type of surface.

The space-age design with sharp lines and curves with the illuminated logo gives a gaming flair to this mouse.

And yes, it can be used for gaming as well as other casual uses alike.

Hardware Features

The Logitech 1402 has 6 programmable buttons that can be easily configured for specific use cases with the Logitech configuration software.

The addition of such a large number of programmable buttons aids in better control over the functions in a game or an app with significantly less time.


The DPI count of 240 – 6000 dpi means the sensitivity of this mouse is more than its competitors priced similarly and offer precision movement.

The DPI can be set using the software and can be changed on the fly according to your taste.

The DPI profiles can be programmed to the buttons and can be changed with the click of a button based on the app you’re using.

The Logitech G102 comes with a polling rate of 1ms.

It means that the response time between your click and the action executed on the screen is near-instantaneous.

This feature makes this mouse suitable for high-performance gaming as well as designing and modelling software operations.


This mouse is for those who are looking for a versatile mouse that can be used for gaming and professional projects like graphics designing.

The Logitech G102 comes packed with exciting features at an even more enticing price making it one of the best entries on our list.

What’s more exciting is its 1ms polling rate that delivers precise mouse cursor movements than most of its competitor models.



6 user-programmable buttons


1ms polling rate


On the fly DPI switching


Lack of a laser sensor


Programmable ButtonsYes, 6
Warranty2 Year

4. HP Omen X9000

Branded Gaming Mouse
  • Precision laser tracking
  • Up to 8200dpi adjustments
  • One-year warranty

HP is the go-to brand for many Indian customers who wish to purchase consumer electronics computing devices such as laptops or netbooks.

HP not only markets these machines but also has its prominent presence in the peripheral market with its range of keyboards, mice and even pen drives.

The HP Omen X9000 is a wired gaming mouse aimed at budget-conscious buyers looking for an affordable gaming accessory.

Design and Build Quality

The HP Omen X9000 features an industrial design with a touch of gaming flare. The red and black colour combination suites well as a gaming mouse.

The materials used for the construction of this mouse are of high quality. The subtle grippy texture on the surface aids in better in-hand experience.

The connecting cable is of sufficiently thick and feels sturdy and durable. That said, this mouse is best suited for right-handed people.


The HP Omen X9000 comes with precision laser tracking for best results. The dpi can be switched from 400 to 8200dpi based on your use case.

You can personalize this gaming mouse to your strategic advantage with its highly customizable six programmable buttons on board.


This device comes with LED lighting. Not the regular customizable RGB lighting but a single red colour ambient light.

The company provides a 1-year warranty on this accessory if something unfortunate happens in between.


If you are an HP fanboy and like to purchase a capable gaming mouse, the HP Omen X9000 is one of the better choices out there in the sub. Rs.2,000 category.


Excellent build quality


Good hand grip


Sturdy cable


No customizable RGB lighting


Programmable ButtonsYes, 6
Warranty1 Year

5. Razer Abyssus Essential

Honorable Mention
  • Ambidextrous form factor
  • Durable build quality
  • 3 programmable buttons

Razer is a gaming hardware manufacturing company based in the US.

The company is famous for its stealth series gaming laptops and associated gaming hardware.

The Razer Abyssus Essential is a wired optical mouse that is specifically designed for gamers.

Design and Build Quality

The Razer Abyssus Essential has an ambidextrous form factor that’s ergonomically designed.

The contoured shape of this product makes it fit tightly in the palm and offers grip while holding.

There are two programmable buttons on this device that offers great tactile feedback.


The main USP of this mouse is the true 7200 dpi optical sensor. The quality of this sensor is at par with others in the market with even higher dpi.

Not only the dpi, but this device also features a 1000Hz polling rate meaning the response delay on your actions is almost non-existent.

The precise cursor movement will be a delight for executing actions during prolonged intense gaming sessions.

Not only does this product suitable for gaming, but also graphic designing professionals can make use of its high accuracy cursor movement efficiency.


A mouse pad comes with the box that is of high quality.

The friction between the pad surface and the mouse is so minimal that you might feel the mouse is gliding in the air.

The included 2.1m long tangle-free wire also adds up to the usability.

There are four programmable buttons on this mouse that can be configured easily with the help of Razer software.

The LED glow light effect is also programmable as well, which will enhance the flair of your gaming setup.


The signature glowing Razer logo adds to the ambience of gaming and will make you right at home while gaming. Even though a bit expensive, the Razer Abyssus V2 is the go-to mouse if you are a gamer, we’d say.


Robust build quality


Ergonomic design


Preset lighting effects


No multi-colour lighting


Programmable ButtonsYes, 3
Warranty2 Year
That’s it. Our curated buying guide for the best gaming mouse under Rs.2,000 concludes here.

If you haven’t found the one matches your mind yet, do check out the best gaming mouse under Rs.1000 for more choices. Thanks for your time on our website, have a nice day!

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