Best LED TV Under Rs.40,000 (June 2020)

by | Jun 3, 2020

Here we are, today with a curated list of the best-LED TVs priced under Rs.40,000 to make your purchase decision easier process than ever before.

With a budget of Rs.40,000, you should be looking at LED TVs with a minimum full HD resolution or better, a 4K display.

The prices have come down a lot and with the plethora of brands out there, it’s easy to get confused.

But hey, this is Bettershark and here we do just that for you – select the best among the rest.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read along to find the best-LED TVs under Rs.40,000 currently on sale in India.

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Best LED TVs Under Rs.40,000

1. Samsung Super 6Overall Best Pick
2. TCL 55P8Runner-Up Pick
3. Vu 50CAValue for Money TV
4. LG 43UM7290Smart TV with Intuitive UI
5. Onida 55UIB1Feature-Rich LED Smart TV
6. Cloudwalker Cloud X2Honourable Mention

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1. Samsung Super 6

Overall Best Pick
  • Best in class 4K UHD display
  • Smart connectivity features
  • Screen mirroring from smartphones

Samsung is one of the best-LED TV brands not just in India but across the globe.

The Samsung Super 6 is a 43-inch smart LED 4K TV from Samsung priced just under Rs. 40,000.

Design and Build Quality

The overall design of this television is very minimalistic.

The side bezels surrounding the display have a brushed metal texture on it and imparts a premium feel to the device.

The speakers are placed on the front hidden under the chin grill.

The back of this television is covered with textured hard plastic with no weak spots which would damage over time.


The display on this device is a best in class 43-inch UHD 4K panel with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The Hyperreal picture engine from Samsung works similar to the Bravia technology from Sony and enhances the colour and contrast of the output.

The 60Hz refresh rate of this panel makes sure that there is less motion blur in between fast screen transitions.

The panel used in this LED television supports the micro dimming feature. This will let the LEDs lighting up the display to partially dim at specific sections of the picture requiring a dark tint.

It works somewhat as an OLED, but without turning off the LEDs as a whole. Nevertheless, this feature results in excellent deep blacks and offers good contrast levels.


The ports on this device are conveniently located on the sides that even when the television is wall-mounted, access to these ports is unrestricted.

There are 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port and an RJ 45 ethernet port along with WiFi in terms of connectivity.

The built-in screen mirroring facility helps you mirror the screen of your smartphone or tablet wirelessly.


The 2 x 10W speakers on this device are loud but lack in the bass.

This device comes with built-in surge protection that eliminates the need for an external stabilizer.

The pre-installed apps let you stream online content right out of the box.

The app selection from the Samsung Tizen app store is mediocre compared to the Android TV OS store but the major apps like Youtube and Netflix are present and accounted for.


If you’re an ardent Samsung fan, the Super 6 UHD 4K is one of the best smart LED TVs you can get for a budget under Rs.40,000.

With the proprietary Samsung display technologies such as the dynamic colour enhancer, this LED TV provides an immersive experience when it comes to watching TV at home.


4K display


Minimal bezels


Excellent build quality


Limited app selection


Screen Size43 inch
Resolution3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate60Hz
PortsHDMI – 2, USB – 1
Speaker2 x 10W


2.TCL 55P8

Runner-Up Pick
  • Google-certified Android TV OS
  • Excellent quality 4K UHD panel
  • 60Hz smooth refresh rate

TCL is a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer that started with selling data storage products across the world.

The company later diversified its product lineup and became a major player in the LED TV market.

The TCL 55P8 is a 55-inch 4K smart LED television which comes at a fraction of the price that its competitors offer for their similarly specced products.

Build Quality and Design

The TCL 55P8 follows a minimalistic design approach on this product. Nothing seems out of place and too much eye-catchy.

The bezels, though not minimal, don’t seem like too much mainly because of the larger size display compensating it.

The entire construction is of plastic which doesn’t feel premium but does just decent for its price.


The 55-inch 3840 x 2160 pixel display features TCL’s signature LED backlight technology that enhances the colour gamut and contrast ratio to provide you with a better picture.

With the Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) technology built-in, this LED TV reduces signal interference with other electronic equipment in the vicinity and delivers detailed images and videos.

Overall, the TCL 55P8 packs in a respectable 4K Ultra HD panel with vivid colour reproduction, sharper details and excellent brightness levels.


Budget LED TVs usually neglect the sound department altogether. This may be due to the fear of overshooting the expected marketing price.

With the TCL 55P8, the two 10W speakers deliver decent quality sound output, but not the best to be honest. It is always a good idea to invest in a good speaker system to have an immersive watching experience.


This Android certified smart TV comes with some of the most popular apps such as Netflix and Youtube preinstalled.

It also features a full suite of Google apps including the Play store from which you can download more apps and games as you prefer.

This television from TCL 55P8 comes with a generous supply of output ports – 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports for connecting other devices and peripherals.

With the USB ports supporting a wide variety of multimedia formats, you can view movies and photos of different formats without converting.


The TCL 55P8 is one of the best-LED TVs under Rs.40,000 which delivers excellent picture quality with finer details, sporting a 4K ultra HD panel.


Headphone jack


Large display


Built-in chromecast


Average sound output


Screen Size55 inch
Resolution3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate60Hz
PortsHDMI -2, USB -1
Speaker2 x 10W

3. Vu 50CA

Value for Money LED TV
  • Stock Android TV OS
  • Rich connectivity options
  • Built-in chromecast

The 50CA from Vu is a 50-inch 4K smart LED TV based on the Android operating system.

This is one of the cheapest 50-inch 4K UHD SMART LED TVs currently on the Indian market priced under Rs. 40,000.

Design and Build Quality

The company has hit a sweet spot with this product which ticks all the right boxes with grace without any major letdowns.

The design language of this television is nothing extraordinary to write chapters about.

Vu has considered practicality over aesthetic appeal with this model.

The minimal looks supplemented with the really thin bezels around the display is an aesthetically pleasing experience.


The display on this television is a 50-inch UHD 4K panel with a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Being an A+ grade IPS panel, the viewing angles are wide and the visuals look the same when looked even at acute angles.

The brightness levels are great enough to be visible even when placed under direct light.

The panel used here is an HDR10 certified display and the bright and dark spots are quite crisp and the details are top-notch.

Smart features

This smart TV runs on an Android operating system for a full-fledged smart TV experience.

It comes preloaded with all the necessary apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

The Google Play store will let you download your favourite apps from the official channels without worrying about the compatibility issues.

The UI being nearly stock android is fast and responsive and there are no noticeable lags or stutters during the operation.


There is a mobile remote app by which you can control the operations of this television right from your smartphone.

This television has two 20W speakers that sound loud enough.

The voice output is clear with no distortion even at high volume levels.

This smart TV comes with 3 HDMI ports and two USB ports to connect various devices such as a set-top box or a gaming console.


The Vu 50CA is the best bet if you would like to do more with your TV within a shoestring budget. It comes loaded w

The 4K IPS display adds to this already awesome package from Vu to guarantee this product a spot in our best list.


Thin bezel display


Bluetooth connectivity


Wall mount bracket supplied with the box


Plasticky rear covering


Screen Size50 inch
Refresh Rate60Hz
PortsHDMI – 3, USB – 2
Speaker2 x 20W

4. LG 43UM7290

LED Smart TV with the Best UI
  • Stunning 4K display with vivid colours
  • Local language support
  • Smooth and slick WebOS UI

LG is the Korean electronics giant with a foothold in every possible home appliance segment.

The company is currently in an OLED race with their counterpart Samsung but hasn’t completely turned off the focus from budget LED TVs either.

The LG 43UM7290 is a 43-inch 4K UHD LED TV from LG priced under Rs. 40,000 for sale in India.

Design and Build Quality

The TV as expected from any LED TVs out there in this price range is mostly made of high-quality plastic.

The design is minimal and elegant with thin bezels around the display.

The TV rests on two separate plastic stands that come with the box.

If you prefer to mount the television set on the wall, there is provision for that too via the mounting brackets.


The display is a 43-inch 3840 x 2160 panel with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

This panel from LG sports IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology which greatly enhances the viewing angles without any noticeable colour shifts from any angle.

LG’s PMI ( Picture Mastering Index) for this television is about 300.

The clarity, colour and contrast are much better and evenly balanced to provide the user with the immersive viewing experience.

LG has incorporated its take of HDR dubbed as Active HDR on this television. This technology offers enhanced colour reproduction and a wide dynamic range for lifelike images and visuals.

Smart features

The LG 43UM7290 smart TV runs on LG’s own famed Web OS interface. This slick UI based OS is fast and very responsive to user actions.

Apps load quickly and there is no lag or stutter anywhere to be felt. Most popular apps such as Netflix and Youtube come preloaded and you have the choice of downloading more apps from the LG app store as well.


This device comes with local Indian languages support that will help those with limited English knowledge.

The built-in games will keep your kids engaged when you are busy with your work.

The LG ThinQ AI, which is an artificial intelligence service company is currently deploying on all its products such as smartphones to refrigerators finds its place on this device as well.

ThinQ AI aides in natural language processing for providing better voice-activated features with this device.


There are three HDMI ports and two USB ports on this device.

The dual 10W speakers are certified with Dolby Digital Plus technology and offer virtual surround sound.

The speakers are loud and the voice output is crisp and clear.


The 43-inch LG 43UM7290 will appeal to those users who love the sharpness and colour accuracy.

LG is one of the front-runners of display technology in the world and offers much better performing displays than other Chinese brands in the market.


Excellent colour accuracy


Built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa


Bluetooth connectivity

Limited apps on LG app store


Screen Size43 inch
Resolution3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate60Hz
PortsHDMI – 3, USB – 2
Speaker2 x 10W

5. Onida 55UIB1

Feature-Rich LED Smart TV
  • Breathtaking 4K UHD display
  • Stock Android TV OS
  • VGA port for laptop connectivity

Onida is an Indian home appliance company with a sprawling product catalogue ranging from microwave ovens to smart TVs.

The Onida 55UIB1 is a true Android-powered smart TV retailing at a very attractive price tag, loaded with features that are only found in expensive televisions.

Design and Build Quality

The Onida 55UIB1 has a futuristic narrow chassis with extremely thin bezels on its sides.

The brushed steel finish design looks very minimal and is sure to blend in well with any kind of interior home decor you have.

The build quality feels durable and the fit and finish of this LED TV are almost flawless.

The stylish silver stands aides this television to be placed firmly on a tabletop. The I/O ports are located conveniently on the sides for easy accessibility.


The Onida 55UIB1 comes with a 55-inch 4K UHD display having a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

This HDR10 supported panel is capable of displaying well over a billion colours, supplemented with high contrast levels and decent brightness.

The visuals look stunning on this TV with breathtaking details and ample colour depth.

Smart features

The Onida 55UIB1 is a true Android TV OS powered device. This means the software running on this television is as stock as it can get from Google.

It comes with all the goodies such as Google Play Store, Play services and other apps preloaded.

With the Play Store support, you can pretty much download and install any app you choose from a wide variety of curated apps available for the TV.

The quad-core ARM processor performs well with the stock Android OS and offers a buttery smooth UI interaction experience.


Loaded with 2x8W speakers, the Onida 55UIB1 has Dolby surround sound support built-in.

There are 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports to plug-in peripheral devices such as set-top boxes and game consoles.


For a budget under Rs.40,000, the Onida 55UIB1 offers a plethora of useful features without any compromise on the performance or the build quality.


Stunning design


Google certified smart TV


Up to 1.07 billion colours


Average loudness from speakers


Screen Size55 inch
Refresh Rate60Hz
PortsHDMI -3, USB – 2
Speaker2 x 8W

6. Cloudwalker Cloud X2

Honourable Mention
  • HDR 10 certified 4K UHD display
  • Wide range of app availability
  • Decent sound output

Cloudwalker is a Mumbai based Indian company that has been active in the LED TV market in the country for a short while.

The Cloudwalker Cloud X2 is a premium LED smart TV priced under Rs.40,000 which comes packed with a lot of user-centric features.

Design and Build Quality

The Cloudwalker Cloud X2 is one of the premium looking mid-range LED TVs available in the Indian market at present.

With the really slim bezels around the display, this TV looks as premium as the flagship Sony or Samsung counterparts which cost double the amount of this television.

The build quality is decent thanks to the good plastic components used for the construction.

The dual legged stand allows the TV to sit firmly on flat surfaces. You can remove these stands and mount the TV on the wall easily with the mounting bracket that comes with the TV.


The Cloudwalker Cloud X2 features a large 55-inch 4K UHD TV with a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

As it is an HDR 10 compliant panel, you will get the most accurate colours and excellent contrast levels.
The digital 4K enhancer further improves the quality of the visuals even if they are not native 4K.

With a wider colour gamut and the HDR10 compliance, this is perhaps one of the best 55-inch displays in its price segment.


The CLoudwalker Cloud X2 LED TV runs on Android TV OS based on Android Nougat 7.0.

Even though this is an old version of Android, the company promises regular OTA software updates for adding features and improving the performance.

This 55-inch LED smart TV comes with a lifetime subscription of movie box service which will let you stream a wide variety of selected movies, documentaries and short films free of cost.

Talking about the connectivity, this television comes with three HDMI ports and two USB ports for hooking up USB drives, set-top box and gaming consoles with ease.


The Cloudwalker is a feature-rich smart LED television with one of the best quality displays in the market.

Be it online streaming or regular watching, you will have a good time with this TV for sure.


Minimal screen bezels


Lifetime movie box subscription


Decent sound output


Outdated Android version


Screen Size55 inch
Resolution3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate60 Hz
PortsHDMI – 3, USB – 2
Speaker2 x 10W

A battle for the best as we may call it and the ball is now in your court to pick the best among the best ones we have shortlisted.

Listing TVs based on a budget may seem obnoxious, but for us Indians, the budget is everything.

We hope we have done a good job to cherry pick the best smart LED TVs for you under Rs.40,000 with this curated list.

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Buying a TV, that too with a budget close to half a lakh is not child’s play.

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This budget would give you a lot of room to negotiate with premium features.

Most of the LED TVs priced under Rs.40,000 comes with the latest technology available in the market at present.

Even the low-end spectrum of the Rs.40,000 budget category offer great products from respectable brands.

2. Display

OLED screens are not yet available in this price bracket.

You will be getting LED panels with most probably edge-back lighting for slim bezels.

Models like Mi LED Smart TV 4 priced at Rs.44,999 comes with a 55-inch 10bit colour depth LED display.

Most of the panels will be IPS ( In-Plane Switching ) technology compatible meaning the viewing angles on these will be wider.

Always look for an IPS panel if available rather than zeroing in on a TV with a conventional LED display.

3. Resolution

Full HD resolution is the minimum you should target while purchasing a LED TV priced under Rs.40,000.

There are multiple models with 4K resolution display at this price.

Some of the new entrants in the market such as Vu and Xiaomi has models like Vu 43SU128 and Mi LED Smart TV 4 with 4K displays priced at Rs.36,999 and Rs.44,999 respectively.

4. Screen size

Theoretically, screen size has to be decided based on the volume of the room it has to be occupied with.

But practically under Rs.40,000, you could get televisions with display sizes ranging from 32-inches to a whopping 55-inches.

The Mi LED Smart TV 4 features a 55-inch display with 4K resolution at a price of Rs.44,999.

If you feel the heat of a premium price but desire a large enough display, there’s the 43-inch VU 43SU128 4K LED TV priced at just Rs.36,999.

5. Contrast ratio

Contrast ratio essentially implies the brightness levels the display can achieve.

An increase in this ratio is desirable as it will let the TV display more vivid and punchier images.

Most of the LED TVs priced under Rs.40,000 will offer decent contrast ratios.

However, having a minimum static ratio of 100000:1 is desirable.

LED TVs such as Mi LED Smart TV 4 has a static contrast ratio of 600000:1 which get the screen much brighter than conventional panels.

6. Refresh rate

This price bracket of Rs.40,000 is where the real variation in refresh rates can be seen on LED TVs.

Under Rs.40,000 there are a few models that provide panels with a true 100Hz refresh rate.

The 43 inch Panasonic TH-43ES480DX  priced at Rs.34,999 features one such 100Hz display.

Brands such as Sony also offers 100Hz display at this price along with their software interpolation to have a 200Hz refresh rate.

7. High Dynamic Range

HDR is a relatively new technology in LED TVs.

HDR dramatically improves the contrast ratio and colour gamut of the displays.

The only LED TV priced under Rs.40,000 featuring the industry-leading HDR10 is the Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4.

With the technology being adopted widely, we hope HDR will be featured in more and more devices in the mid-tier price brackets.

8. Connectivity

Most of the TVs priced under Rs.40,000 comes with smart connectivity features.

Wi-Fi is the defacto standard for internet connectivity on these devices along with an RJ 45 ethernet port.

Televisions with 2/3 HDMI ports are the norm and with having USB ports is mandatory.

Some models like Mi Smart TV 4 comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

It enables connecting the TV with other Bluetooth enabled wireless devices such as headphones and speakers.

9. Speakers

Acoustics has been sidelined once again in this price range as well.

Most of the LED TVs under Rs.40,000 comes with dual speakers that lack bass with the exception of Sony KLV-32W672E.

This Sony LED TV priced under Rs.40,000 comes with 2 8W tweeters along with a 14W sub woofer.