Best LED TV Under Rs.50,000

by | Oct 12, 2018

So you have made up your mind to spend half a lakh rupees aiming to purchase the best LED TV, Great!

We know how confusing it is to pick a TV in this price range (or rather any price range!).

Anyway’s we’ve got your back on this one.

This curated list consists of the 5 best LED TVs available that we feel is worth every penny.

In this list, the Sony KLV-43W662F comes at the top with its much anticipated smart connectivity features integrated to the otherwise stunning display performance.

The runner-up on this list is the Mi LED Smart TV 4 Pro with its elegant design and exceptionally smooth and colorful visuals.

Without any further ado, let’s jump right into the list of best LED TV under Rs.50,000 in India.

Best LED TVs Under Rs.50,000

1. Sony KLV-43W662FOverall Best Pick
2. Mi LED Smart TV 4 ProRunner Up Pick
3. Samsung 43K5300Honorable Mention
4. Vu LEDN50K310X3DBest Value for Money
5. Sanyo XT-49S8200UBest Budget LED TV

1. Sony KLV-43W662F

Overall Best Pick
  • Best in class display technology
  • True to life colours
  • Appealing modern design
Sony was and is still one of the most respectable manufacturers of home appliances out there.

The KLV-43W662F is a full HD LED Internet TV from Sony with some great features hidden up its sleeve.

Design and build quality

The build quality of this device is exceptional.

The design itself makes sure that the premium feel equates with a stylish yet durable construction.

The U slate plate stand at the center is elegantly designed and hold the TV in place firmly.

If you are a fan of wall mounted TV’s, there are mounting brackets with plates that would fix this TV just like a photo frame that will blend with the wall seamlessly.


The display on this device is a 43-inch full HD Trilluminous panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The main USP and the feature that makes this product the best-LED TV in India under Rs.50,000 is obviously the Trilluminous display.

If we compare this display which can show up to hundred shades of a specific colour, the Trilluminous display can show up to thousand shades of the same.

This increases the colour accuracy of the TV that beats the competitor display by leaps and bounds.

The screen is very bright with accurate colours, thanks to the X-Reality Pro engine.

This panel has a colour gamut of about 96% which is impressive in this price point.

The native refresh rate of this display is 50Hz but Sony’s motion flow technology enhances it to about 200Hz.

Refresh rate is the number of times the display refreshes in a second. The higher the number of refresh rate, the better the TV will be. With increased refresh rate, the fast moving frames will look more smooth and enjoyable.

In terms of pure display quality, we would choose this model over any other competitors on this list to be the best-LED TV priced under Rs.50,000 in India.

Smart features

Apart from the display quality, Sony touts this TV as an internet TV.

It has 12 pre-installed apps including Netflix, YouTube as well as photo sharing apps like 500px.

There are dedicated Netflix and YouTube buttons on the remote which can be used for one-touch access to these services.


Sony hasn’t skimped on the number of ports on this device.

There are 2 HDMI ports for connecting devices like Blu-R ay players, set-top boxes etc and 2 USB ports.

There is an RJ 45 port for wired connectivity along with WiFi.

There are two 5 W speakers on this device.

The sound output is loud and clear with balanced mids and lows that enhances the overall music listening experience.

The letdowns..

The display panel is a semi-gloss one which reflects a lot of light off the screen.

So when placed under bright lights, there might be blind spots on the screen and this may hamper the viewing experience.

Final thoughts..

We think the Sony KLV-43W662F is irreplaceable when it comes to the natural colors and excellent contrast ratio that the Trilluminous panel inside this TV.

With the 200Hz interpolated refresh rate, action scenes and sports seem so much smooth and additive to watch.

Go, grab this!

Great TRILUMINOS display
The enhanced 200Hz refresh rate for fluid video playback
Loudspeakers with a dedicated woofer
Sleek and stylish modern design
Reflective screen
AV input ports are difficult to access when the unit is wall mounted


Screen Size43 Inches
Resolution1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate50Hz
PortsHDMI – 2, USB – 2
Speaker2 x 5W

2. Mi LED Smart TV 4 Pro

Runner-Up Pick
  • Future proof TV
  • Value for money proposition
  • Dual band Wi-Fi support
The Mi LED Smart TV 4 is the flagship LED TV from Xiaomi which was released recently in India.

Stunning design meets excellent build quality..

The build and design of Mi LED Smart TV 4 is in one word – just fantastic.

The near zero bezels on the front resemble their Mi Mix phones.

At the back, a brushed aluminium finish has been provided to improve the aesthetics.

All the electronic components are placed on the bottom chin at the back.

HDR 10 compliant 4K display!

The display on this device is a 55-inch UHD 4K panel with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The screen to body ratio of this TV is an impressive 91.43%.

With a contrast ratio of about 6000:1, the colours look good and images and videos feel vibrant.

This is an HDR panel which gives further clarity to the content if the media supports HDR 10.

The display can be viewed without any colour shift up to 178 degrees.

If you are poised to buy an LED TV under Rs.50,000 which has a screen size of 40-inch or more, the Mi smart LED TV 4 would be one of the best bet.

Smart features

The all new Mi TV 4 Pro runs on true Android OS TV, the stock version directly from Google.

This means you can take full advantage of the Google platform services such as Play Store and Google Play Services.

It is powered by an Amlogic 64 bit Quad-core processor running at 1.8GHz coupled with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

Xiaomi has included its patch wall UI which aggregates both the online as well as offline content on a single screen.

This television comes with three HDMI ports and 2 USB ports along with AV connectors.

The on-board WiFi on this device supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for faster data speeds.

There is also Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity on this if you wish to hook it up with a wireless headphone or Bluetooth speakers.

And even more..

In terms of speakers, the Mi Smart TV 4 has dual speakers with a combined 16W RMS power output.

The sound quality from these speakers is decent but not overwhelmingly positive.

The motion sensing remote control helps in navigating through the UI, a delightful experience.

A big thumbs up!!

The MI LED Smart TV 4 is for those who love big screens.

If you’d like to experience a near theatrical experience in your living room, this 55-inch 4K TV can provide just that.

Only if you’re ready to go that extra mile securing one in the seconds long flash sale though!!

Great 55-inch UHD 4K display
Extremely modern design
HDR 10 support
Bluetooth 4.0
Meagre 60Hz refresh rate
Sound output is not up to the mark
App support is nascent and some apps don’t even work


Screen Size55 Inches
Resolution3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate60 Hz
PortsHDMI – 3, USB – 2
Speaker2 x 8 W

3. Samsung 43K53000

Honorable Mention
  • Minimal strain on eyes
  • Widescreen feel
  • Bluetooth capability
Samsung is one of the best LED TV brands not just in India but across the globe.

The Samsung 43K5300 is a 43-inch smart LED TV from Samsung priced under Rs.50,000.

This device comes with a host of smart connectivity options such as WiFi and screen mirroring.

Minimalistic, yet aesthetically pleasing design..

The overall design of this television is very minimalistic.

The side bezels surrounding the display is thin and imparts a widescreen feel to the device.

The speakers are placed on the front hidden under the chin grill.

The back of this television is covered with textured hard plastic with no weak spots that could damage over time.

Display with great contrast and color accuracy..

The display on this device is a best in class 43-inch full HD panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The Hyper Real Picture Engine from Samsung works similar to the Bravia technology from Sony and enhances the colour and contrast of the output.

The refresh rate of this panel is 100Hz which means there is less motion blur in between fast screen transitions.

Rich connectivity options..

The ports on this device are conveniently located on the sides that even when the television is wall mounted, access to these ports is unrestricted.

There are 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and an RJ 45 ethernet port along with WiFi as well as Bluetooth 4.0 in terms of connectivity.

The built-in screen mirroring facility helps you mirror the screen of your smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

Also, the Bluetooth features let you connect wireless speakers to the TV and listen to music on a much better quality.


The 2x10 W speakers on this device are loud but lacks in bass.

This device comes with built-in surge protection that eliminates the need for an external stabilizer.

The pre-installed apps let you stream online content right out of the box.

The app selection from the Samsung app store is mediocre but the major apps like YouTube and Netflix are present and accounted for.

Wrap up!!

If you’re an ardent Samsung fan, the 43K5300 is the best LED TV you can get for a budget under Rs.50,000.

With the proprietary Samsung display technologies such as the dynamic color enhancer, this LED TV provides an immersive experience when it comes to watching TV at home.

Good quality display
Two-year warranty
100Hz refresh rate
Brand reliability
Samsung app store has limited apps
Speakers lack bass


Screen Size43 Inch
Resolution1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate100 Hz
PortsHDMI – 2, USB – 2, WiFi
Speaker2 x 10 W

4. Vu LEDN50K310X3D

Best Value for Money
  • Best for large rooms
  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • Ample ports to connect multiple devices
Vu, the Indian company has emerged as a major player in the country’s LED TV market within a year after its first launch.

The Vu LEDN50K310X3D is a 50-inch 4K LED TV from Vu, the price of which might turn your heads for sure.

Heads do turn for the best, isn’t it?

Premium build quality and luxurious design..

The design of this LED TV looks premium with the anodized aluminium finish thin bezels.

The fit and finish are excellent, so does the build quality.

A+ grade IPS 4K Panel

The display on this LED TV is a 50-inch 4K panel with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

It is an A+ Grade Panel with pixel light HDR technology.

A+ grade panels offers more accurate colors on the screen than a conventional LED panel. Usually those TVs featuring A+ grade panels are capable of displaying a wide range of colors than its counterparts.

Pixel Light Technology increases the brightness range over a wide spectrum and delivers crisp and clear visuals.

This display features an ultra-wide colour gamut that will increase the vividness of colours.

The ultra dimming technology employed on this panel creates richer blacks that almost, although not entirely matches the deep blacks of an AMOLED panel.

This is one of the best 4K LED TV in India if we consider the price and the features which comes with the device.

This unit has active up scaling features that will enhance the resolution of a mere HD video to 4K.

The 60Hz refresh rate also ensures the smooth transition between the frames.

Ports distribution is pretty impressive too.

Rich connectivity options..

There are 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports on this device.

Out of the three USB ports, one is a newer generation USB 3.0 port.

Almost all media codecs are supported so you won’t face any issues like files not supported problem at large.

This television has smart connectivity features built-in with WiFi and an RJ 45 port.

Opera Store for third party applications!

Popular apps like YouTube and Netflix are preloaded with this 4K LED TV.

There is an Opera Store from which you can download more apps, but remember there are only limited options at present to choose from.

The Vu LEDN50K310X3D supports Miracast screen mirroring technology.

Great and fulfilling sound quality..

There are two speakers on this television with an effective RMS output of 20W.

The speakers come with DBX technology from Harman and sound pretty loud.

The mids and lows are balanced and the stereo effect does successfully create an immersive listening experience as well.


With the achromatic A+ Grade IPS Panel that boasts of 4K resolution, the Vu LEDN50K310X3D is a great piece of hardware that offer similar features to those TVs from established brands such as Sony and LG at a much discounted price.

4K A+ grade display
Impressive Ports selection
A wide range of codec support
Nice sounding dual speakers
Apps in the Opera store is limited
The 60Hz refresh rate is a bit on the lower side


Screen Size50 Inches
Resolution3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate60 Hz
PortsHDMI – 4, USB – 3, WiFi
Speaker2 x 12 W

5 Sanyo XT-49S8200U

Best Budget LED TV
  • Best for streaming online videos
  • True to life colors
  • Ample port distribution
Sanyo is a Japanese consumer electronics brand recently acquired by Panasonic.

The company has been making inroads in the Indian LED TV market by offering feature rich products at reasonable prices.

The Sanyo XT-49S8200U is a premium LED TV from the company that sports a large 49-inch display with 4K resolution and boosted HDR mimic feature that enhances the contrast and brightness levels.

Build and design..

Sanyo has gotten it right this time around.

The few Sanyo budget LED TV models we’ve reviewed in the past came with a kind of dull design that was familiar with others in the market with no distinct features to make it stand out from the rest.

With the Sanyo XT-49S8200U, the bezels has now significantly trimmed down to accommodate a large 49-inch display without increasing the overall size of the television.

The metallic finish to the high quality plastics gives it a premium look and imparts a classy design that will blend in with your home decor.

The single stand located in the center looks unique with widened legs for placing it on a table or surface.

Display with exceptional details and color accuracy..

The 4K display on this television offers exceptional details, color and contrast levels for its price.

Sanyo has packed in an additional motion processor chip that enhances the frame rates between the visuals for a smooth TV viewing experience.

The company has developed an algorithm which it calls the ‘boost HDR mode’ that enhances the contrast and brightness levels mimicking the standard HDR10 format.

Featuring a wider color palette, this LED TV from Sanyo is capable of displaying more colors on the screen, thereby achieving a more natural color tone for the content displayed.

Smart? Yes!

The Sanyo XT-49S8200U come preloaded with popular apps such as Netflix and YouTube for streaming content over the internet through a wired LAN connection or by means of Wi-Fi.

The smart app navigator is a proprietary app store from Sanyo that offers you a somewhat limited selection of apps when compared to the Google Play Store.

Wireless mirroring technology is natively baked into this 4K TV. You can mirror your phone or tablet screen on to this large display and enjoy the content or play games with ease.

Availability of ports and sound quality..

This LED TV comes with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports for enriched connectivity experience.

You can hook this television to your gaming console for enjoying the action on a bigger and better display.

The USB ports lets you connect any external storage devices and play media content from it directly.

Speaking of sound quality, the Sanyo XT-49S8200U has a dual 10W speaker setup which sounds good for a small room.

If you want to experience the true indulging viewing experience, we recommend you to invest on an external speaker setup.

Surprisingly robust package!

The Sanyo XT-49S8200U is a great deal considering the 4K display with true to life colors and ample brightness.

With the smart features, this LED TV can be your ideal companion for binge watching shows online during the weekends.

Great 4K display
Good color accuracy
Popular apps come pre-installed
No Google Play Store


Screen Size49 inch
Resolution3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate60 Hz
PortsHDMI – 3, USB – 2
Speaker2 x 10 W
Finally, the list is done.

And you?

We hope we have made your decision making easier.

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Thanks for spending the time with us, have a fantastic day!

Buying Guide: LED TV Under Rs. 50,000

Best LED TV under 50000 : Buying guides
You’re clearly confused about your next TV purchase and need a piece of advice, right?

Well, we have it.

Take a deep breath and go through the article.

We will make you understand the basics and guide you through the jargon like a breeze.

Let’s look at the factors that you need to consider while buying a LED TV under Rs.50,000.

1. Price

Half a lakh is definitely not a bad choice.

Spending such an amount means you are serious and interested in spending some quality time in front of the TV.

For Rs.50,000, you’re going to get some best in class features and a stunning display to look at.

2. Display

First things first. No OLED panels.

Yes, you’ve heard it right.

OLED panels are so damn expensive to manufacture.

OEM’s still don’t find it profitable to include one in this price bracket.

So all you have to cherish is a good LED panel with edge lighting. And a pretty good one at it.

3. Resolution & Screen size

This is a tricky part. Resolution and screen size is interdependent.

You should only choose a 4K screen if you are aiming for a larger display.

Otherwise, a full HD display would suffice.

However, choosing a display size of minimum 43-inch is better, if you ask us.

There are TVs available up to a display size of 55-inch with 4K resolution.

Models like 43-inch LG 43UJ632T 4K TV priced at Rs.52,750 is a good choice having a perfect resolution with suitable screen real estate.

4. Contrast ratio

More the contrast ratio, better will be the overall brightness of the display.

Most of the LED TVs priced under Rs.50,000 comes with a respectable contrast ratio upwards of 100000:1 stretching even up to a staggering 600000:1.

5. Refresh rate

Many people who buy a LED TV for a budget of Rs.40,000 and above double it up as a secondary gaming monitor.

Leaving the resolution/display size aside, the most important factor for a gaming monitor is its refresh rate.

Serious gamers hate to see dropped frames in between.

Most of the LED TVs priced under Rs.50,000 comes with the standard 60Hz refresh rate.

Models like Sony KLV 43W772E and Samsung 43K5300 comes with interpolated refresh rates of 200Hz and 100Hz respectively.

6. High Dynamic Range

HDR support is important if you are the one who loves to watch native 4K content on the TV in its full glory.

Many games are also launching with the HDR capability which will increase the overall immersive experience.

Models like the Mi Smart TV 4 and LG 43UJ632T priced at Rs.44,999 and Rs. 52,750 respectively comes with HDR support.

7. Connectivity

At a budget of just under Rs.50,000 Smart TV is the way to go.

No matter if you’re interested in it or not, just go for it.

No one knows what future has in store for you.

Most of the LED TVs come with a minimum of 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports.

The Vu LEDN50K310X3D, a 50-inch 4K LED TV priced at Rs. 44,999 comes with 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports.

Wi-FI connectivity is a standard feature in all models.

Bluetooth is one added functionality that you must decide whether to have or not.

8. Speakers

You’re already spending close to Rs.50,000 because you absolutely enjoy having stunning visuals.

To have a completely immersive viewing experience, we would recommend you to invest in a decent home theater or speakers.

The speakers that come with these TVs are not up to the mark.