Best Vacuum Cleaners in India (Latest 2020)

by | Jun 11, 2020

India is a tropical country and experience a dry and humid climate in most parts.

This dry climate makes the surroundings dusty and dirty if not well maintained.

However, keeping our house premises and office places is not an easy task with the constant wind blowing the dust inside.

This is where vacuum cleaners come to the rescue to keep our surroundings clean and healthy.

In this article, we bring you the curated list of the best five vacuum cleaners available in the Indian market along with a short yet precise description of its features and advantages.

Without any further ado, let’s begin the topic!

1. American Micronic AMIOverall Best Pick
2. Prestige TyphoonRunner Up Pick
3. RNG Eko GreenBest Vehicle Vaccum Cleaner
4. Eureka Forbes Easy Clean PlusBest portable Vaccum Cleaner
5. Karcher WD PremiumHonourable Mention


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1. American Micronic AMI

Overall Best Pick
  • 21L capacity
  • High suction power motor
  • Washable dust bag

American Micronic is an international brand known for its high-quality home appliances in the market.

The American Micronic AMI is a large capacity dry vacuum cleaner suited for homes and offices with considerable floor space volume.

Design and Build Quality

The American Micronic AMI vacuum cleaner is made from stainless steel with polycarbonate plastic inserts and has a canister design.

This device weighs around 7.4Kg and is easy to move around with the provided wheels in the base.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a washable dust bag inside which means you don’t have to purchase additional bags for continuous usage.

The ingeniously designed suction duct is provided with a grippy handle for easily holding the same without fatigue.

Blower and Fan

The American Micronic AMI comes with both the blower and fan mode operation. This aide in thorough cleaning of your surrounding areas for a healthy living.

The airflow control can be adjusted directly from the handle depending on the amount of duct on the surface.

The motor inside is very powerful and the blower helps remove even dust and other dirt stuck on to the surfaces quite easily.

Remember that this is a wet and dry mode cleaner meaning you can use this with wet surfaces as well without any problems.

Power Consumption and Capacity

This machine consumes 1600W of power during its operation. When compared with its close competitors, this is a tad bit high.

The American Micronic AMI has a commendable 21L capacity, ideal for one-step cleaning of homes and offices with large floor space.

Accessories and Warranty

The packaging of this product contains the vacuum cleaner itself, a hosepipe and several extra nozzles for enhanced usability in tight spaces.

This cleaner comes with a HEPA grade filter to make sure that even minutest of the contaminants are released back to the open space while using the suction function.

American Micronic provides a year of warranty on this device and if anything unfortunate happens in between, the company will repair the device free of cost.


If you’re in search of a large capacity wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home or office use, the American Micronic AMI is an apt choice.

With the powerful fan and blower inside, this device can be used to keep your surroundings clean effortlessly.


Highly versatile with different nozzles


Stainless steel build


HEPA grade filter


High energy consumption


TypeWet and Dry
Dust Collecting Capacity21L
Suction Power1600W
Warranty1 Year

2. Prestige Typhoon

Runner-Up Pick
  • Wet and dry mode operation
  • 1200W powerful motor
  • Advanced HEPA filter

Prestige is a familiar name for home appliances in India. The company has been around since time immemorial with pressure cookers and other kitchen equipment.

The Prestige Typhoon is a small canister type vacuum cleaner with wet and dry cleaning modes available for a budget under Rs.4,000 in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

The Prestige Typhoon is made from high-density polycarbonate plastics. This helps the cleaner to be lightweight and durable at the same time.

For Easy mobility, the Typhoon vacuum cleaner comes with 360-degrees swivelling wheels so that you can manoeuvre even the tightest of spaces with relative ease.

As with most other expensive cleaners out there, the Prestige Typhoon packs in a HEPA filter to trap microscopic contaminants in the room or office space.

It also comes with a sturdy carrying handle for relocating the cleaner after use to safe and secure storage.

Blower and Fan

The Prestige Typhoon vacuum cleaner is powered by a 1200 watts motor inside. This motor is capable of removing even the hardest sticking particles around.

Not only does this motor aides in better suction, but the blower mode operation helps you clean the crevices and other tight spots effortlessly.

With a dust case capacity of 10L, you don’t have to bother about emptying the bin frequently during the cleaning process.


The Prestige Typhoon is a vacuum cleaner which supports wet and dry mode cleaning.

You can use it to clean upholsteries, mats and other fabrics even if they are wet. This versatility makes the Typhoon an ideal choice for home-usage.


The Prestige Typhoon is a low cost wet and dry vacuum cleaner which performs on par with its expensive counterparts.

Decent build quality and the powerful motor inside are the main plus points which make this cleaner a wise investment.


360-degree swivel wheels


10L dust case capacity


Decent build quality


Number of attachments in the box is less


TypeWet and Dry
Dust Collecting Capacity10L
Suction Power1200W
Weight 4.2Kg
Warranty1 Year

3. RNG Eko Green

Best Vehicle Vaccum Cleaner
  • Wet and dry mode operation
  • Easily removable and washable filter
  • 5m long wire

RNG is an Indian company specialized in marketing power tools and home improvement appliances.

The EKO Green from RNG is a handheld vacuum cleaner for quick and precise cleaning of vehicle interiors.

Design and Build Quality

The RNG EKO green is very compact and lightweight to ensure usability in tight spaces such as car interiors. This device made from transparent plastic material looks unique and feels solid in terms of build quality.

The 5m long wire makes sure that you can plug in this cleaner on the 12V DC lighter port in the front and yet reach every nook and corner of the vehicle with relative ease.

The extension mouth and other brush connectors can be easily removed for cleaning.

The handle is very convenient to hold the cleaner in any desired direction without any difficulties.

The translucent bowl inside visually indicates the level of dirt and dust trapped, which can be cleaned before filling up.

Power Consumption and Capacity

The RNG EKO green handheld vacuum cleaner has a small motor inside rated at 150W, which is designed to work flawlessly with the 12V DC electrical system of the vehicle.

The connection to the vehicle is made using the standard 12V DC cigarette lighter charger, whose input port is found on almost all vehicles available in the market.

The 0.7L capacity bowl present inside this machine is sufficient to trap the dust and dirt inside the vehicle in one full sweep.

Accessories and Warranty

The RNG EKO green handheld vacuum cleaner comes with minimal accessories such as a crevice tool to clean hard to reach parts of the vehicle and a brush tool to suck dirt and dust particles from the floor space and the upholstery.

The company provides a year of warranty on this budget vacuum cleaner.


The RNG EKO green is easy to use portable handheld vacuum cleaner specially designed to use in cleaning vehicles.

The robust build quality and the powerful suction fan inside priced under just Rs.1,500 makes this product an ideal purchase for cleaning up your vehicle interiors.


Extra brush


Low noise operation


Storage bag


Can’t be used with normal plug sockets


TypeWet and Dry
Dust Collecting Capacity0.7L
Suction Power150W
Weight 0.89Kg
Warranty1 Year

4. Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus

Best Portable Vaccum Cleaner
  • Suction and blower operation
  • Powerful 800W motor inside
  • 5m long cable

Eureka Forbes is a Mumbai headquartered Indian company dealing mainly with purification and home security solutions.

The Eureka Easy Clean plus is a lightweight and small canister type home vacuum cleaner priced very competitively around Rs.2500.

Design and Build Quality

The Eureka Forbes Easy clean plus is a stylish and portable vacuum cleaner designed with ease of use in mind.

The device weighs just around 2.64Kg and can be operated easily with a single hand.

Built using decent quality plastic materials, the Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus has an overall solid and long-lasting feel to it.

This budget vacuum cleaner comes with the provision for a shoulder strap for reducing the hand fatigue while cleaning.


This vacuum cleaner comes with a suction fan and a blower. Considering the size and the price, this is a steal for an entry-level vacuum cleaner.

The variable airflow adjustment will let you manually select the speed of the fan for attaining desired cleaning results.

Power Consumption and Capacity

Even with a small size footprint, the Easy clean plus features a relatively powerful 800W motor inside which is considerably more powerful than most of the similar-sized vacuum cleaners out there.

This 0.5L capacity device features a smart capacity reminder that will alert the user when the dust bag is full and needs replacement.

Accessories and Warranty

The Eureka Forbes Easy clean plus comes with a slew of useful accessories such a carpet brush, floor brush and a multipurpose nozzle.

The company provides a one year warranty of this device and with a wide service network, maintenance won’t be a problem.


The Eureka Forbes easy clean plus is a lightweight and portable dry vacuum cleaner ideal for home-usage.

If you are tight on budget and want an entry-level cleaner, this is it.


Excellent service centre network


Lightweight and compact


Shoulder strap for easy handling


Limited dustbowl capacity


Dust Collecting Capacity0.5L
Suction Power800W
Weight 3.6Kg
Warranty1 Year

5. Karcher WD Premium

Honourable Mention
  • Quality German engineering 
  • Wet and Dry operation
  • Blower present

Karcher is a German company known for its prowess in manufacturing floor care and cleaning equipment.

The Karcher WD 3 Premium is a budget wet and dry vacuum cleaner costing just under Rs.6,000 targeting home and office users alike.

Design and Build Quality

The Karcher WD 3 Premium is a canister type vacuum cleaner. A canister type vacuum cleaner is a device with a separate fan/blower unit which stands upright on the floor and a suction unit which can be moved around easily.

This vacuum cleaner is made using high-quality impact-resistant plastic materials. The bright yellow colouring looks refreshing and cleverly masks the dirt if any on the surface.

The Karcher WD 3 Premium vacuum cleaner weighs around 8kg. But with the multi-directional wheels in the base, moving around with this device is very easy.

This unit comes with different shaped nozzles for cleaning open floor spaces to vacuuming tightest of corners.

Blower and Fan

The Karcher WD 3 Premium Is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. This means that it can clean both dry surroundings and place with water content such as an open courtyard or terrace.

This device comes with a blower as well as a suction mode operation. The blower is very helpful in situations where vacuuming is not ideal, such as blowing dirt from the courtyard.

Power Consumption and Capacity

This multi-purpose vacuum cleaner consumes about 1000W of power and operates at a voltage range between 220-240V.

It has a dust collecting capacity of 17L, which is ideal for home and small office use cases.

Accessories and Warranty

The Karcher WD 3 Premium comes with the vacuum cleaner itself, a hosepipe, two extension rods to increase the floor covering space, a crevice tool for vacuuming tight spaces.

The company provides one year of warranty with this device. The only problem you may face with this device is the lack of service centres nearby if you live in relatively remote places.


The Karcher WD 3 Premium is a budget vacuum cleaner with 17L capacity, suited for personal usage.

The blower and fan function makes this wet and dry vacuum cleaner, a very useful home appliance to keep your surroundings healthy and clean.

Impact-resistant plastic build

The additional crevice vacuum head


1-year warranty


No adequate service centres


TypeWet and Dry
Dust Collecting Capacity17L
Suction Power1000W
Weight 5.8Kg
Warranty1 Year

This is it! Our best air purifier in India article concludes here.

This might not be the exhaustive buying guide you’ve ever come across, but we’ve done our best to narrow down your choices to the best among the best to aid a stress-free purchasing experience.

If you have any doubts regarding the article, do let us know in the comment section below. We’ll meet you with another article covering a different gadget soon, until then Ciao!

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