Best Wireless Headphones In India (Over Ear) (July 2020)

by | Jun 30, 2020

Premium wireless headphones cost big money and for those who are inclined to purchase one can’t afford to make any mistakes.

There are a ton of models tailor-made to suit specific functions, available in the market. Choosing one among them is indeed a big deal and should be done with the utmost care weighing in the pros and cons to the last bit.

That’s when we decided to chip in with this detailed article that lists the best wireless Bluetooth headphones available in the Indian market.

We hope this post will provide you with a general insight towards the headphone market and will ease your pain in making a purchase decision.

If you want to read reviews on any particular price range, please check out our articles on Best Over Ear Wireless Headphones under different budgets here.

Let’s cut the chase and dive into the article!

Best Wireless Headphones In India (Over-Ear)

1. Sony WH-1000XM3Overall Best Pick
2. Bose Quiet Comfort IIRunner-Up Pick
3. Marshall Major IIIValue for Money Headphone
4. Fire Boltt Blast 1400Best Build Quality
5. Soundcore Life Q10Best Battery Life
6. JBL T460BTComfort-Fit Headphone
7. boAt Rockerz 600HDBest Budget Wireless Headphone
8. Zebronics Zeb Thunder Cheapest Wireless Headphone
9. Infinity Glide 500Honourable Mention


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1. Sony WH-1000XM3

Overall Best Pick
  • Exceptional clarity sound output
  • Active Noise cancellation
  • Up to 30 hours of battery life

Sony makes some fine quality high fidelity audio products such as earphones and headphones with excellent sound signature.

The WH 1000MX3 is one of the flagship Sony wireless Bluetooth headphones which will deliver you the best possible sound output with digital noise attenuation for a budget under Rs.25,000.

Design and Build Quality

The Sony WH 1000MX3 is made from high-quality polycarbonate plastic materials which feel very -premium and well built.

The swivel foldable design makes it easy to carry around in the supplied zipper case from Sony.

This Bluetooth headphone comes with a modern USB Type C port for charging purposes. This will let you use your existing smartphone charger cable with the device.

The headband cushion and the earpiece cushion feel very soft and comfortable for long term listening without any ear fatigue.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The 40mm dynamic drivers with neodymium magnets inside deliver rich bass with exceptional clarity vocals and treble notes.

The stage separation is of the best in the segment which helps you hear distinct instruments with great clarity and crispness.

There is no distortion in the sound output whatsoever even when the music is played at the highest volume.

The Sony WH 1000MX3 does feature active noise cancellation to block the ambient sounds outside.

Turning the ANC switch on will help you engage with the music without any distractions indoors and outdoors alike.


The hands-free voice calling works well on this device, thanks to the ANC and the high-quality bi-directional microphone.

There are two buttons on the right earpiece namely power and the ANC ( Active Noise Cancellation ) on/off toggle.

The media controls are done with the help of gestures on the touch-sensitive outer ring of the earpiece.

Double tap for play/pause, swipe forward/backwards for skipping tracks, swipe up/down for volume control etc feels natural after a while.

Battery Life

The Sony WH 1000MX3 is rated to last up to 30 hours on a single charge. With the ANC turned on, you should expect this number to come down significantly.

However, the charging is somewhat fast and it takes a little shy of 1.5 hours to completely charge from zero to a hundred per cent.


The Sony WH1000MX3 delivers excellent quality sound output rich in bass and with crisp and clean mid and high ends.

The active noise cancellation feature and the day-long battery life helps it to grab the top spot in our curated list for the best Bluetooth headphones in India.


Swivel foldable design


Easy to use gesture controls


Voice assistant integration


No simultaneous multiple pairing feature


Driver Size40 mm
Frequency Range5Hz – 40000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Battery Life30 Hours

2. Bose Quiet Comfort II

Runner-Up Pick
  • Exceptional audio quality
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Feature-rich mobile app

Bose is a name synonymous to the epitome of acoustic quality worldwide. If the product has the Bose logo on it, you could grab it without a second thought and is assured of exceptional performance.

The Bose Quiet Comfort II luxury headphone delivers the absolute best quality sound output that you will hear from a premium wireless headphone.

Design and Build Quality

Made from premium quality materials, the Bose Quiet Comfort II wireless headphones are built to last for a very long time.

The polycarbonate and ABS plastic body is very flexible and offers excellent structural rigidity.

The Alcantara leather fabric headband is one of the most comfortable out there on a headphone. You won’t face any wear fatigue listening to music all day long with this headphone.

The memory foam earcups are soft and plush. It offers good wearing comfort around the ears and also doubles up as a mini acoustic chamber for better audio output.

The switches are very tactile and responsive. Since they are raised from the surface, you can locate them easily, even in the pitch dark conditions.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The speakers on this luxury wireless headphone is a result of years worth of R&D and it shows.

The quality of sound is pristine and unmatched. The Bose Quiet comfort II is equipped with 35mm driver speakers with neodymium magnets.

These high-performance drivers coupled with the proprietary Bose volume-optimized EQ technology delivers balanced audio performance at all volume levels without any distortion.

These speakers cover a wide frequency response range from 6 Hz to 35,000 Hz.

Even the slightest bass and tingling highs are reproduced as they are recorded in the studio without fail.

No matter which music genre you are a fan of, this wireless headphone has got you covered.


This Bluetooth headphone comes loaded with an extra set of features that makes your music listening experience much more enjoyable and immersive.

The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) works very well when turned to block external noises.

For this feature to work effectively, Bose has placed two dual-array microphones fitted to dampen the sound from entering into your ears.

This device also comes with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri support.

There is Bluetooth v4.2 for wireless connectivity accompanied by NFC for one-tap pairing with compatible smartphones and music players.

Battery Life

The battery inside the Bose Quiet Comfort II will last for about 20 hours on a single charge.

If ANC is turned on, expect this number to be anywhere around 18 hours mark.

Bose has integrated a sort of quick charging on this headphone that will make the device last for about 2.5 hours on a 15 mins charge from empty.


If you are the kind of person who wants the absolute best in everything, the Bose Quiet Comfort II is for you.

Exceptional sound quality coupled with the advanced noise cancellation feature will deliver the best possible music listening experience for you.


Solid build quality


Comfortable headband






Driver Size35 mm
Frequency Range6Hz – 35000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Battery LifeUp to 20 Hours

3. Marshall Major III

Value for Money Headphone
  • Faux leather inserts
  • Excellent balanced sound output
  • Suited for hardcore audiophiles

Marshall is a UK based audio equipment manufacturer well known for its amplifiers, Bluetooth speakers and studio-grade headphones.

The Major III from Marshal is the third revision upgrade over the original Marshall Major headphones which was a widely popular product.

Design and Build Quality

The Marshall Major III follows the classic Marshall design cues including the rounded ear cup design and the vinyl finish.

The textured leather construction imparts a classy and luxury feel to this wireless over the ear headphone.

The collapsible design makes it easier for the storage of this headphone in the bags and suitcases.

The adjustable headband clips are made of metal and have a superior build quality that feels durable.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Marshall Major III boasts of a 40mm driver unit that is factory tuned to ensure you the best possible sound clarity.

The deeper bass and the detailed highs make the music that’s coming out of the speaker very much enjoyable, even for the hardcore audiophiles.

These headphones are the kind of product where a bass head and a purist music lover will agree on with. The vocals are clear and clean without any sort of distortions.

The noise isolation feature works well as advertised. It successfully blocks out the background noises for a quieter and rich music listening experience.


One peculiar fact about these headphones is that both the left and right earpieces come with a 3.5mm jack. You might ask, 3.5mm jack on a wireless Bluetooth headphone?

Yes. not one but two. This is for scenarios where two members can simultaneously listen to the same music with ease.

The cables in itself are gold plated and with textured connectors. Everything about these headphones feels luxurious so does the sound output as well.

The inline remote works impressively well which we didn’t expect from an audiophile-grade headphone. The calls where surprisingly crisp and clear and the mic worked just fine as well.

Battery Life

With all the features onboard and with active noise cancellation running in the background, the Marshall Major III still delivers a stellar battery life of about 30 hours.

This feature makes it one of the best companions during a long trip where access to the grid is minimal.


The Marshall Major III is a lifetime worth of investment if you’re into some serious hardcore music listening.

The quality of music that is delivered on to your ears from the luxury headphone is on a whole new level. If you have the money in your hand, don’t look further.


Build quality


Noise cancellation


Excellent sound quality


A little tight on ears


Driver Size40 mm
Frequency Range10Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Battery Life
Up to 30 Hours


4. Fire Boltt Blast 1400

Best Build Quality
  • Up to 25 hours of battery life
  • Excellent quality bass-heavy sound output
  • Wired connectivity option

Boltt is an Indian company which has been recently active in the market with its Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones with affordable price tags.

The Bolt blast 1400 is a wireless Bluetooth over the ear type headphones priced under Rs.3,500.

Design and Build Quality

The Bolt Blast 1400 is made from an aluminium gunmetal frame which delivers excellent durability and aides in a lightweight form factor.

The superior over the ear design feels very comfortable to wear for extended hours without any difficulty.
The soft and comfortable ear padding doubles up as a noise-isolating layer, providing immersive music listening experience.

This Bluetooth headphone has a foldable design for the convenience of portability.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Bolt Blast 1400 features a 40mm speaker driver inside. The Blast 1400 delivers rich and deep bass which doesn’t feel artificial at all.

The vocals and the high-end note are perfectly audible along with the thumping bass.

The passive noise isolation from the over the ear design also helps in enhancing the sound quality from these drivers.


Bolt has provided an aux-in port to operate this device in the wired mode.

You also get a 3.5mm to 6.5mm cable in the box for connecting it with legacy devices without Bluetooth capability.

The newer Bluetooth v5.0 is very energy efficient and stable when it comes to wireless connectivity,

There are no stutters or breakages in connection within the range of the device.

Battery Life

The Boltt Blast 1400 is powered by a 430mAh battery which is rated to last for 25 hours of music playback.

It takes around two hours to completely charge this device from zero to hundred.


The Boltt Blast 1400 made from lightweight aluminium offers a durable Bluetooth headphone with excellent sound quality.


Lightweight aluminium frame


Good passive noise cancellation


Voice assistant integration


Stiff headband


Driver Size40 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Battery Life
25 Hours

5. Soundcore Life Q10

Best Battery Life
  • Hi-res audio certified headphone
  • Dedicated EQ button
  • Up to 60 hours of battery life

Soundcore is the arm of the audio product of the popular Chinese based charging equipment manufacturer, Anker.

The Soundcore Life Q10 from Anker is a mid-range Bluetooth headphone which sounds way better than some of the premium headphones out there.

Design and Build Quality

Made from high-quality polycarbonate plastic materials, the Soundcore Life Q10 feels durable and premium in hand.

The dual-tone colour finish looks premium and pleasing to the eyes. This headphone features a foldable design to save space.

The cushions on the earpieces are large enough to cover your ears and offer a good passive sound isolation effect.

The headband is also cushioned to improve the wearing comfort.

Overall, the Life Q10 has an aesthetically pleasing design with robust built quality for a budget under Rs.3,000.
Speakers and Build Quality

First things first, if you’re looking for the best-sounding wireless headphones in the sub. Rs 3,000 price range, look no further.

The 40mm drivers on this headphone deliver excellent quality bass with blissfully complimenting vocals and treble.

This is a hi-res audio certified device meaning the sound quality is tested and found to adhere to the best industry standards.

There is also a dedicated EQ mode for those who want enhanced bass but even with the standard mode, it sounds good.


The Soundcore Life Q10 features an aux-in port for wired mode connectivity.

This is particularly helpful when your battery runs out and you are not near a power outlet but want to continue listening to music.

There is an inline microphone on this headphone and the voice quality during calls is quite average, to be honest.

Battery Life

Be prepared to get surprised – the Soundcore Life Q10 lasts for up to 60 hours on a single charge.

No, it’s not the typo – the 680mAh battery inside lasts well above two days of continuous music playback.

This headphone comes with a USB type C charging port instead of the outdated micro USB port.

Additionally, the Q10 supports quick charge functionality. You can charge the device for 5 minutes and get up to 5 hours of music playback, in case you are in a hurry and don’t have time to charge the headphone.


The Soundcore Life Q10 is a steal for its asking price.

This hi-res audio certified device with an excellent bass response and pleasing sound signature with a battery life of 60 hours can’t be matched by any of its rivals in the segment as of now.


Decent build quality


Aux-in port for wired connectivity


Stable and efficient Bluetooth v5.0

Average in-call mic performance


Driver Size40 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating16 ohms
Battery LifeUp to 60 Hours

6. JBL T460BT

Comfort Fit Headphone
  • Thumping bass response
  • Up to 11 hours of battery life
  • Decent inline mic for voice calls

JBL is an American company that manufactures speakers and other audio related peripherals.

The T460BT from JBL is a wireless Bluetooth headphone with a bass prominent sound signature priced under Rs.3,000.

Design and Build Quality

The T460BT Bluetooth headphone is made from high-quality plastic materials which feel robust and durable in hand.

There are no weak spots in the construction of this headphone ensuring you a trouble-free usage experience for years to come.

The earpiece is foldable and rotatable, enhancing the portability by saving storage space.

The media control buttons and the inline mic are present on the right earpiece itself for easy access.

The cushions around the earpiece and the headband are very soft and plush for better wearing comfort.

The only downside of this headphone is that it feels a bit tighter on the ears but this will become okay once you use the headphone for a little while.

Speakers and Sound Quality

JBL is known for custom-tuned speaker drivers with pleasing audio quality – found on almost all JBL products, be it Bluetooth speakers or earphones.

The JBL T460BT features a smaller yet powerful 32mm dynamic driver with thumping bass response and clean vocals and distinct treble notes.

This sound signature will satisfy every type of user – be it bassheads or vocal lovers.

The voice call through inline mic has decent quality, with minimal distortions even when used outdoors.


The JBL T460BT doesn’t come with an aux-in port for wired connectivity. If you think that is a much-needed feature, you should skip this device.

Battery Life

JBL advertises the battery inside T460BT to last up to 11 hours on a single charge.

However, this depends on your usage and can vary significantly given varying personal preferences.


JBL T460BT is a no-frills branded Bluetooth headphone with the signature JBL sound profile rich in thumping bass and crystal clear vocals.


One year warranty


Foldable design


Comfortable ear cushions


A little tight fit


Driver Size32 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Battery Life
Up to 11 Hours

7. boAt Rockerz 600HD

Best Budget Wireless Headphone
  • Bass rich sound output
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Comfortable over the ear design

boAt products are ubiquitous in the Indian audio scene, popular for its affordability and sound quality.

The Rockerz 600HD is a budget Bluetooth headphone with bass-heavy sound signature targeted at the youth in the country.

Design and Build Quality

The Rockerz 600HD is an over the ear headphone for the best wearing comfort possible.

Since the earpiece doesn’t cover the ears entirely, the wearing fatigue is minimal when listening to music for an extended period.

The plastic and stainless steel construction makes this headphone durable and look premium.

The plush ear cushions are very comfortable to wear and offer surprisingly decent noise isolation outdoors.

Speakers and Sound Quality

boAt products are known for their bass-heavy sound signature and the Rockerz 600HD doesn’t disappoint either.

The 40mm dynamic drivers let out crystal clear vocals with distinct, sharp treble and boomy bass.

If you are a basshead, this headphone will make you feel right at home.

The vocals appear crisp and clean, so don’t worry about the bass overpowering the same.


The boAt Rockerz 600HD supports dual-mode operation – both wired and wireless.

The supplied aux-in cable will let you connect this headphone to the smartphone or laptop if the battery runs out and you still want to continue enjoying the music.

Battery Life

The 300mAh battery inside the boAt Rockerz 600HD is rated to last for 8 hours of music playback on a single charge.

It takes around 1.5-2 hours to completely juice up this battery from zero to hundred.


If you love boAt products and is in search of a premium looking bass-heavy wireless headphone, the 600HD might impress you.


Built-in mic for voice calls


Wired mode operation


Premium design and build quality


Bulky form factor


Driver Size40 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Battery Life
UP to 8 Hours

8. Zebronics Zeb Thunder

Cheapest Wireless Headphone
  • Wired/wireless mode operation
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Built-in mic for voice calls

Zebronics is known for its dirt-cheap computer accessories such as keyboards and mice in the Indian market.

The same company is now offering audio products ranging from Bluetooth speakers to headphones.

The Zeb thunder is one such product which offers a slew of features priced conveniently under Rs.1000.

Design and Build Quality

The Zeb thunder wireless Bluetooth headphone is made from lightweight plastic materials of which the quality doesn’t seem to be the best.

This Bluetooth headphone doesn’t have a foldable design, so carrying this average plastic made device safely is a challenge.

But if you are looking for use indoors, this doesn’t matter.

The earpad cushions and the headband padding are ample and comfortable.

Thanks to the plastic build, this is one of the lightest wireless headphones available in the market.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Zebronics Zeb thunder features 40mm speaker drivers which cover a frequency response spectrum from 40Hz to 20000Hz.

The bass notes, though not as deep and rich as some other headphones in the segment perfectly compliments the mid and high end, delivering a pleasant sound output quality.

There is no noticeable distortion in sound quality up to 80% of the volume but expect slight aberrations at maximum loudness.


This budget wireless headphone from Zebronics comes with a wide range of connectivity options for its price.

It does feature an aux-in port for wired connectivity, an SD card slot for offline playback and even a built-in FM tuner.

There is also an in-built microphone to facilitate hands-free voice calls, the quality of which is decent to say the best.

Battery Life

This Bluetooth headphone is rated to last up to 8 hours of music playback on a single charge.

Considering the connectivity options this headphone provides, this is not at all a bad number for indoor usage.


The Zebronics Zeb thunder is best suited for those who want a feature-rich wireless headphone for a budget under Rs.1,000.


Comfy cushions


FM tuner


SD card slot


Non-foldable design


Driver Size40 mm
Frequency Range40Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 Ohm
Battery Life
Up to 9 Hours

9. Infinity Glide 500

Honourable Mention
  • Lightweight design
  • Pleasing sound output
  • Fast charging

Infinity is a sub-brand of JBL focussed on entry-level earphones and headphones prices very competently.

The Infinity Glide 500 is a minimalistically designed lightweight and compact wireless headphone which excels when it comes to the sound quality.

This over the ear headphone comes with no extra bells and whistles when it comes to the design aspect.

Design and Build Quality

The simple yet elegant style will make this headphone equally usable in casual as well as formal scenarios.

The control buttons are located on the ear pad itself and feel very clicky and responsive.

This is very intuitive and even a novice user can master the controls in no time.

In terms of portability, this wireless headphone is easy to carry around as well and the comfortable earcups and the adjustable headband makes it an ideal device for extended hours of music listening.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The 32mm driver speakers on this headphone deliver realistic sound with rich and detailed bass along with compensating treble and vocals.

If you are a person who loves pure music with no artificial bass added to it, this is one of the perfect choices out there for you.

This wireless headphone does justice to almost every kind of music genre and will satisfy all kinds of users, not just anyone specifically.

Connectivity Features

Powered by the latest Bluetooth v5.0, the signals face less interference from outside noise and deliver the best sound output to your ears.

There is no aux-in port to connect the headphone with your mobile device when you run out of juice though.

Overall, the Bluetooth connectivity is super stable and works as intended within 10m range from the host device.


The earpad cushions are comfortable and act as a passive noise cancellation enhancer.

This works surprisingly well enough so that you can enjoy your music without distractions almost anywhere.

The adjustable headband lets you suit the size according to the size of your head.

One minor drawback we noticed is that the headband doesn’t come with a plush cushion pad – so bald people can find it a little irritating.

Battery Life

Thanks to the low energy v5.0 Bluetooth and 200mAh battery inside, this device lasts for around 13+ hours on a single charge depending upon the volume level.

This device takes about two hours to completely charge the battery inside.


All in all, the Infinity Glide 500 is a minimalistically designed wireless headphone that delivers realistic sound output under an affordable budget.


Deep bass sound


Voice assistant integration


Swivelling earcups


Not enough cushion on the headband


Driver Size32 mm
Frequency Range20Hz – 20000Hz
Impedance Rating32 ohm
Battery Life
Up to 13 Hour

This concludes our short yet concise listing of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones available in the Indian market.

Although we have titled the article as the best pick, we have intentionally kept an invisible budget under Rs.30,000 which is the most an Indian customer would usually spend on a headphone.

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