Best VR Headsets in India (March 2021)

by | Mar 9, 2021

Virtual Reality is rapidly gaining popularity and there have been some major advancements off late to the technology that made VR closer to reality more than ever.

A few years back when virtual reality headsets were introduced, they were not that user friendly and feature complete.

Now over the years with advancements in technology, companies have come forth with innovative ways to introduce VR to the public.

We will be looking at ten of the Best VR headsets that you can find in India ranging from full-fledged VR headsets with inbuilt displays to entry-level VR headsets that make use of your trusty smartphone.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the list!

Best VR Headsets in India

1. Oculus Quest 2Overall Best Pick
2. HTC ViveRunner-Up Pick
3. HP ReverbBest Professional VR Headset
4.Oculus GoStand alone VR Headset
5. PS VROfficial PS4 VR Headset
6. Procus OneBudget Smartphone VR Headset
7. Procus ProBest Smartphone VR Headset
8. Irusu PlayVRValue for Money VR Headset
9. Irusu MiniCheapest VR Headset
10. Irusu MonsterHonourable Mention


Note: The price shown are the once when we reviewed the products. However, as the promotional offers changes on the given E-commerce sites, the price may vary. Bettershark is supported by it's readers and when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

1. Oculus Quest 2

Overall Best Pick
  • 1832x1920p resolution and 90Hz refresh rate display 
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor 
  • Wireless connectivity

No PC required


10% lighter than the first Oculus Quest


Inbuilt speakers


Mandatory Facebook sign in

The Quest 2 is a VR headset that is manufactured by Oculus which is a subsidiary of Facebook inc.

The Oculus line up of VR headsets is one of the most popular and widely used headsets among people. The Oculus Quest 2 retails in the Indian market currently at Rs.41,990.

Build and Design

The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree in terms of the design of the Oculus Quest 2. This VR headset looks similar to the original Oculus Quest which isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering the first Oculus Quest was a good-looking VR headset.

The Oculus Quest 2 has slimmed down a bit and is 10% lighter compared to its predecessor. It weighs just 498g which is pretty lightweight considering the normal standards.

This VR headset features adjustable head straps since it comes only in one size. The head straps can be loosened or tightened for a perfect fit.

For added comfort, you get soft foam cushioning for the face pads. These pads stay precisely on your face and do not cause any discomfort.

If you wear eyeglasses then you also have a glass spacer that can be attached to the VR headset for a comfortable experience.

Aside from the headset you also get two wireless controllers which can be used to navigate around the various menus and play games.

This VR headset is wireless and does not require a PC to work. It has its very own Android-based OS but if you want then you can connect the Oculus Quest 2 to the PC to play VR games.


The Oculus Quest 2 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor and comes equipped with 6GB of RAM.

This VR headset is available to purchase in either a 64GB or 256GB storage variant.

The Oculus Quest 2 tracks the user’s movements using internal cameras and sensors. This premium VR headset also features an external camera that can be viewed at any moment.

This headset has built-in speakers that provide cinematic audio but you can also connect a headphone via the 3.5mm jack for a truly immersive experience.

Facebook has made it mandatory for users to have a Facebook account if they want to use the Oculus Quest 2. This can be an issue for people who are concerned about their privacy and the information that the company collects.

The Oculus Quest 2 is connected to the PC via Oculus Link cable. The Oculus Link cable is a Type C cable that is used to connect the PC and VR headset.

To ensure you get the best experience on a PC or laptop you need a VR-ready graphics card.

For charging the Oculus Quest 2 you use the same Type C cable and you even get an adapter to charge the VR headset.

The display on the Oculus Quest 2 has a resolution of 1832×1920 pixels for each eye which is higher than the previous Oculus Quest VR headset.

This VR headset also features a 90Hz refresh rate which means you can enjoy your games and other content up to 90 frames per second compared to the 72Hz refresh rate on the predecessor.


The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best choices available for VR enthusiasts in the Indian market. The headset is a major improvement over its predecessor and it does not require a PC to work.If you are looking for a VR headset and want the latest one then the Oculus Quest 2 is the choice to go for.


3.5mm jackYes

2. HTC Vive

Runner-Up Pick
  • 90Hz default refresh rate
  • Wireless controllers 
  • 110-degree field of view

Premium build quality


Eyeglasses support


Base station for accurate tracking



HTC or High Tech Computer is a consumer electronics corporation that is based in Taiwan.
The company has played a major role in the electronics industry and they were the first company to adopt Android OS on a mobile device.

A few years prior HTC had also entered the VR market with their HTC Vive VR headset.

The HTC Vive headset was one of the first few commercially available high-end VR headsets. The HTC Vive is available to purchase for a premium price of Rs.89,990.

Build and Design

The HTC Vive comes with three items inside the box. One of which is the headset, then we have two controllers and finally, you get the base station.

Before you get into the VR experience, you will have to set up the headset with your PC and also place the base station across the hall you are playing. It is necessary to have a spacious area if you are playing VR games.

The VR headset and the controller are made from the premium quality plastic material. The headset is a bit front heavy but is not too heavy to make you feel uncomfortable. This headset weighs around 470g.

Furthermore, the Vive controller is wireless which makes sure you don’t get it tangled up while using the headset.

This headset features a strap that lets you comfortably adjust it upon your head. The headset is available in only one size.

The foam on the VR headset is comfortable and plush. It does not feel uncomfortable and can be worn for long hours.

If you wear eyeglasses then you can extend the front of the headset to comfortably fit on the headset to accommodate the same. The HTC Vive is a good VR headset for someone who wears eyeglasses.

This headset also lets you adjust the distance of the lens from the eye and also the interpupillary distance. You even get earbuds along with the headset. It can be inserted into the 3.5mm jack on the HTC Vive or you can also use your headphones or earbuds.

The HTC Vive is a wired headset and it requires you to connect it with your PC.


To use the HTC Vive, you need to have a gaming PC or laptop that is compatible with the headset.

This headset requires a minimum Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card for it to work.

It can be quite expensive when you consider you already have to pay around Rs.90,000 for a VR headset and also pay extra for a gaming PC or laptop.

The HTC Vive uses SteamVR tracking technology and uses the base station for accurate tracking.

This headset features a gyroscopic sensor for motion sensing and has a camera in the front that glances at you if someone comes into your field of view. The headset has a field of view of 110-degrees.

The HTC Vive has a display resolution of 1080 x 1200 pixels for each eye. The clarity of the display is good but at times you can see the pixels when it gets too bright.

This display also has a 90Hz refresh rate so you can enjoy games or content up to 90 frames per second.


To conclude, the HTC Vive is an excellent VR headset for professional use and leisure activities such as gaming or watching movies. But all of this comes at quite a premium price which not everyone can afford and you also need a high-end gaming PC or laptop.


3.5mm jackyes

3. HP Reverb

Best Professional VR Headset
  • 2160×2160 pixels resolution
  • Includes wireless controllers 
  • Professional VR Headset

Robust build quality


Inbuilt headphones


Pass through mode


Not good for gaming

Hewlett-Packard is an information technology company that is known for manufacturing computer hardware, software, and peripherals.

The HP Reverb is the company’s take on VR headsets with the huge rise in popularity in the VR sector. It is available to purchase in the Indian market for Rs.46,057.

Build and Design

The HP Reverb comes bundled with the VR Headset, two wireless controllers, and the cables that are required to connect it.

This is a premium quality VR headset that features an all-plastic body. It weighs just around 433g and is quite lightweight.

At the front of the headset, we can find a fabric textured cloth which gives it a classy look.

There is only one size for this headset but you get an adjustable head strap that can be resized to comfortably fit different head sizes.

This VR headset also features dedicated headphones for spatial audio but if you want you can wear your headphones using the 3.5mm jack available on the headset.

The wireless controllers that come with the headset feature buttons, triggers, and a touchpad. It can be used for playing games or other work-related activities.


For the HP Reverb to function properly you need a high-end gaming computer. HP recommends a minimum GTX 1080 graphics card or equivalent.

The HP Reverb is a Windows Mixed Reality headset. This is the 2nd generation Windows Reality Headset and is aimed towards business applications like engineering and architecture but can also be used for gaming.

This VR headset features a display resolution of 2160×2160 pixels for each eye which is sharp and has a refresh rate of 90Hz for a smooth experience.

Tracking on the HP Reverb is done with the help of cameras in the headset. It provides accurate tracking and it even features a pass-through mode that lets you see what’s happening in front of you while wearing the headset.

The controllers provided with the HP Reverb are not the best for gaming since it does not feature any action buttons. You will need to map the touchpad for the action buttons.


If you are in search of a VR headset for professional use, then the HP Reverb is an excellent choice to go for. This VR headset is catered towards the need for business applications to make work more efficient.


3.5mm jackYes

4. Oculus Go

Stand Alone VR Headset
  • 2560x1440p resolution 
  • Snapdragon 821 processor 
  • Spatial audio support

Custom OS


Inbuilt speakers


Glass spacers




Outdated specs

The Oculus Go is yet another headset by the Facebook-owned company. The Oculus Go is a standalone wireless VR headset that does not require a PC to run and is a great choice for someone that is in search of a VR headset for watching movies or playing video games.

Build and Design

The Oculus Go comes bundled with the VR headset and a single wireless controller.

Setting up the Oculus Go is simple. All you need to do is download the companion app on your smartphone then follow the instructions and you are good to go.

This VR headset features a matte plastic body which is quite good. The VR headset is a bit on the heavier side and weighs around 1.2kg.

To fit the Oculus Go on your head, you get a headband that can be adjusted to different head sizes.

Furthermore, you get inbuilt speakers for spatial audio on the Oculus Go or you could also connect your earbuds to the 3.5mm jack available on the VR headset.

On the headset, you will find the power button and volume rocker.

The wireless controller features a touchpad and physical buttons that are used to navigate through the various menus on the headset or play games. The controller runs on a single AA battery.

If you wear glasses then fret not because Oculus has included glass spacers inside the box. The cushioning on the headset is made from a breathable fabric that is comfortable to wear for long hours.


The Oculus Go is powered by the Snapdragon 821 processor which is an outdated processor according to today’s standards.

This VR headset is also powered by 3GB of RAM and is available in either 32GB or 64GB storage variants.

The Oculus Go is like a smartphone that is made into a VR headset. The specifications are similar to that of a 2016 flagship smartphone. It runs on its custom Android-based OS developed by Oculus.

It is not the most powerful VR headset available in the market and can handle some basic tasks like watching videos, playing games, or browsing the internet.

The display on the Oculus Go is a 5.5-inch fast-switching LCD with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. It has a refresh rate of 72Hz which is pretty decent.

Tracking by the headset is done by the use of internal cameras and it provides quite a good experience.


The Oculus Go is a VR headset that is meant for someone who wants to experience virtual reality and does not have a capable PC. But the downside is that this is quite an old VR headset and is overpriced compared to the new line ups by Oculus.


3.5mm jackYes

5. PS VR

Official PS4 VR Headset
  • OLED display 
  • 120Hz refresh rate 
  • Requires PS Camera

Comfortable for people with eyeglasses


Supports PS Move and Dualshock 4


Easy to use


Lengthy setup procedure

The PSVR or PlayStation VR is a Virtual Reality headset that is manufactured by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 console.

This VR headset is not a standalone unit and requires the PS4 console for it to work.

Build and Design

The PSVR headset comes bundled with the PS Camera, the processor unit, earbuds, and the cables for connection.

Setting up the PSVR with your PS4 console is easy but it does take some time due to the multiple cables that the headset comes with.

Instead of directly connecting the headset to the PS4 console, you have to connect the cable to the processor unit and the HDMI cable of the console also needs to be directed to the processor unit.

Sony could have done a better job with the cable management and reduced the time taken to set up the PSVR headset.

This headset is made completely out of plastic materials and the quality of plastic used for its build is good.

To use the VR headset, you also need to set up the PS Camera. The PS Camera is used to track the headset and it does a good job.

No matter what your head size is, you won’t be facing any problem fitting it on your head. This headset is not too heavy and can be worn for long periods.

Even if you wear eyeglasses the PSVR does not cause any trouble when worn. It is quite comfortable and spacious.


The PSVR is an excellent addition to Sony’s Playstation lineup. This VR headset is only meant for those that already own a Playstation 4 since without the console it is pointless to have the PSVR.

This VR headset is compatible with the PS Move controllers which are the wireless motion controllers that were launched as an accessory for the Playstation 3.

The PS Move works well with the PSVR and certain games make good use of providing you with a unique gaming experience.

It is also possible to game with the Dualshock 4 game controller as well.

Sony has used an OLED display for the PSVR and it has a resolution of 960 x 1080 pixels for each eye. It even has a smooth refresh rate of up to 120Hz which means it can display content up to 120 frames per second.

Games for the PSVR need to be purchased separately and not all PS4 games are compatible with the VR headset.


Not everyone can afford a high-end gaming PC that supports VR and that is why Sony has made a VR headset that is compatible with their PS4 console. If you own a PS4 then the PSVR is an excellent choice to go for to experience VR at its finest.


3.5mm jackYes

6. Procus One

Budget Smartphone VR Headset
  • 40mm lens 
  • 360-degree VR support 
  • Compatible with iOS and Android



Adjustable headband


In-built touch controls


Not comfortable to view with glasses

Procus is an Indian company based in Chandigarh that is known for manufacturing consumer electronics. The company is known for its headphones, action cameras, and VR headsets.

The Procus One is an entry-level VR headset for your mobile phones.

Build and Design

The Procus One is constructed completely out of polycarbonate materials. This VR headset features an adjustable strap that can be tightened or loosened to fit your head properly.

In the front, there is a decent amount of face padding where your eyes are placed for comfortability. This ensures you can enjoy long hours of viewing without any fatigue.

This VR headset features a 40mm lens that is quite large and lets you have an immersive view.

For adjustability, this headphone has a wheel that adjusts the distance between the lenses and also two wheels on each side that corrects the focus of the lenses.

This VR headset does not feel all that heavy but the weight also depends on the phone which you are using.

If you are someone who wears spectacles you can no doubt use the Procus One but it might cause some discomfort after some time.

To insert your smartphone all you have to do is open the flap in its front and keep your phone inside it. It is as simple as that. There is also enough space to connect your earphones to the mobile.

Procus has added inbuilt touch controls on the VR headset so you don’t have the hassle of removing your phone every time you watch a video or play a game.


The Procus VR headset is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones alike. The experience of the headset will vary across different mobile phones.

To get the most out of the Procus VR your smartphone must have a crisp high-resolution display.

If you are going to use the headphone with a smartphone that has a 720p display and dull colour accuracy you won’t be having a good experience.

This VR headset can be used to view videos on YouTube, play VR games and watch movies in VR.

For a more immersive experience, it is recommended you have a smartphone that has gyroscopic support for a 360-degree VR experience.

The Procus VR is compatible with phones up to 6-inches.


The Procus One is a budget VR headset made for smartphones. This headset works with Android and iOS devices.

If you have been wanting to try VR but are on a budget then you can check out this VR headset.


3.5mm jackNo

7. Procus Pro

Best Smartphone VR Headset
  • Supports screen size of 4.7 to 6.2-inches 
  • Inbuilt headphone 
  • Touch controls and volume control

Adjustable head strap


Good viewing angles


A free game worth Rs.500


Headphones require a dongle if no 3.5mm jack is available

The Procus Pro is a slightly premium VR headset by the Indian company compared to the Procus One.

This VR headset retails in the Indian market for Rs.3,199.

Build and Design

Similar to its younger sibling, the Procus Pro also features an all-plastic construction but instead of an all-black front mobile holder lid, the Pro has a slightly transparent lid.

The Procus Pro comes with an adjustable strap to fit different head sizes. It can be tightened or loosened according to your preference.

What sets apart the Procus Pro from the Procus One is the addition of headphones on the Procus Pro VR headset. You now can attach a 3.5mm pin to your smartphone to directly route the audio to your ears for an immersive experience. But if your smartphone doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack then you will need to use a dongle.

The headset weighs 719g which is decent for a VR headset. To comfortably place the headset on your face, the Procus Pro features soft foam leather cushioning around the eyes.

Adjustability options on the VR headset include the distance control on its sides. It adjusts the distance of the phone from the eyes.

The lens on this headset is quite large and is suitable for people with 0 – 800 degrees myopia and 0 – 400 degrees hyperopia.

This headset features inbuilt touch controls and volume control so you don’t have to remove your headphones every time you watch something.

The Procus Pro is suitable for smartphones with sizes between 4.7 and 6.2- inches.


As with Procus One, the experience on the Procus Pro depends mainly on the display quality of your smartphone.

Thanks to the addition of headphones on this VR headset, you can now get an immersive experience with your videos and games.

This VR headset is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. To get the most out of the Procus Pro make sure that your smartphone has a gyroscopic sensor inside.

You can use the Procus Pro with applications like Youtube and Google Cardboard. It also supports other third-party applications which let you view movies in VR.

The Procus Pro also has support for exclusive games. One such game named Isolated comes along with the VR headset and is worth Rs.500.

Viewing angles on the Procus Pro are good and you are bound to have a good experience with it.


The Procus Pro is a minor upgrade from the Procos One. It has some additional features like headphones that elevate your experience.

If you don’t mind paying extra for some additional features then you can go for the Procus Pro or else to save some bucks you can opt for the Procus One.


3.5mm jackYes

8. Irusu PlayVR

Value for Money VR Headset
  • Resin lens
  • Adjustable pupil and focal distance 
  • Fits phones up to 6.5-inches 

Fabric cloth around the body


Comfortable head strap


Easy to use


Not for people with specs

Irusu is an Indian VR company based in Hyderabad. They claim to be one of the first Indian companies that manufacture VR headsets and VR content. They are the fastest growing Indian company in the Virtual Reality sector.

The Irusu Play VR is a basic VR headset for your smartphone.

Build and Design

The Irusu Play VR headset is constructed completely out of plastic material and this isn’t surprising considering the price. The body of the headset is covered in a textured fabric cloth for a premium feel.

To fit the Irusu Play VR on your head, you get an adjustable head strap that comfortably fits your head.

The cushioning around the lenses has a leather finish. It is similar to the cushioning found on budget headphones and is not the most premium but is of decent quality.

If you are someone who wears glasses then you might have a difficult time fitting this VR headset properly.

The lens on the Isuru Play VR is made from Resin and is not made from plastic like other VR headsets.

Inserting your phone into the VR headset is easy. All you have to do is open the flap on the end of the VR headset and clip your smartphone onto the bracket.

You can use smartphones that have a size of up to 6.5-inch with the VR headset.


The quality of the videos viewed using the Isuru Play VR hugely depends on the display resolution of your smartphone since the VR headset does not have its display.

It is possible to adjust the focal distance and pupil distance on the VR headset according to your personal preference.

There is no inbuilt speaker available on this VR headset. The phone holder features space to which you can connect your earphones to the 3.5mm jack of your smartphone or you will have to use a dongle if there is no 3.5mm jack.

Another option is to use a Bluetooth headset if available.

To get the most out of the Irsus Play VR headset, it is recommended that your phone has gyroscopic sensors.

The Isuru Play VR can be used with apps like YouTube, Google Cardboard, and other VR games.


The Irusu Play VR is a VR headset for use with your smartphone. If you are looking for a way to experience VR without having to spend a premium price then you can go for this headset.


3.5mm jackNo

9. Irusu Mini

Cheapest VR Headset
  • 42mm HD lens
  • Lightweight
  • The 3-way adjustable head strap 



Supports most phone sizes


Wireless controller


Poor overall build quality

The Irusu Mini is a compact VR headset that is manufactured by an India-based VR company.

This is a cheap VR headset for smartphones ideal for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot.

Build and Design

The build quality of the Irusu Mini might be the least impressive of the VR headsets we have reviewed so far.

This VR headset features a complete plastic construction that feels of decent quality and is not the best.

Unlike other VR headsets for smartphones, the Irusu Mini lets you directly slide your phone into the bracket and there is no separate chamber in which you keep your phone.

It is a method that is convenient but it allows light to leak in from the back which in turn spoils the experience.

The face padding and protection for the phone is done by a cheap foam which is extremely poor quality. It offers no protection and is uncomfortable from the moment you wear it.

If you wear glasses you will feel even more uncomfortable with the headset.

Along with this VR headset, you also get a Bluetooth wireless controller which can be used to play certain VR games and apps. The wireless controller features an analog stick and some buttons.

It is possible to adjust the fit of the Irusu Mini VR headset thanks to the inclusion of adjustable head straps.

The VR headset is extremely lightweight and weighs a mere 242g which is quite less.


The Irusu Mini features 42mm HD lenses which are decent at best. As with other smartphone VR goggles, the clarity of the images depends on the display of your smartphone.

The higher the resolution, the better will be the image quality.

It is possible to adjust the interpupillary distance of the VR headset but there isn’t any ability to adjust the focal distance.

Smartphones of sizes up to 6.69-inches can be fit onto the Irusu Mini which means most smartphones will be compatible.

This VR headset is compatible with VR applications and also supports the Google Cardboard app.

For the best experience make sure that your smartphone has a gyroscope feature for a 360-degree viewing experience.


The Irusu Mini is not the best VR headset available in the Indian market and we do not recommend it as the first option for someone. But if you are in search of a VR headset for temporary use then the Irusu Mini can be a good option for you.


3.5mm jackNo

10. Irusu Monster

Honourable Mention
  • 42mm Lens 
  • Wireless controller
  • Lightweight



Removable magnetic plate for better cooling


Touch controls on the headset


Not comfortable for long hours

The Monster is another one of the VR headsets manufactured by Irusu which is an Indian company based in Hyderabad. They are known for being one of the forerunners in the VR industry in India.

The Isuru Monster retails for Rs.2,299 in the Indian market.

Build and Design

The Irusu Monster is a VR headset that is meant to be used with your smartphone. It is not a full-fledged VR headset that has its inbuilt display.

In terms of build quality, the Irusu Monster comes with an all-plastic build and you get Irusu Monster branding on the front of the headset.

This VR headset features a flap at its back which can be opened up to insert your smartphone. Upon opening the flap is a bracket that holds the smartphone in place.

This flap includes a magnetic panel that can be removed to allow airflow when the smartphone overheats.

For comfortability, Irusu has made use of soft cushioning for the face pads to reduce pressure on your face when wearing the VR headset.

Furthemore, it also features a three-way adjustable headband that can fit any head size comfortably.

Irusu has added a touch controller on the headset which lets you navigate the various settings on the headset or you can use the wireless controller that comes with the headset for navigation.

You can adjust the interpupillary distance and focal distance of the headset using the adjustment wheels on top of the headset.

The headset can get uncomfortable if you wear glasses. You won’t be able to wear it for a long time.


As one would expect from a smartphone VR headset, the Irusu Monster functions similarly to the other VR headsets for smartphones.

Your overall experience depends mainly on the display of your smartphone. Higher the resolution better the experience.

It is recommended to use a phone that has a minimum 1080p resolution while a smartphone with a 2K resolution would give even better results.

The lenses on the VR headset are 42mm HD lenses which will provide you with a good experience.

For the complete smartphone VR experience, it is recommended that your smartphone has gyroscope support. This lets you have a 360-degree VR experience when watching certain movies or playing games.

With the Irusu Monster, you will get a QR code which upon scanning will give you a wide range of apps that are compatible with the headset.

Wearing the VR headset can cause some tiredness and it is not recommended to use it for long hours continuously.


The Irusu Monster is more of a VR goggles instead of a headset. It lets you experience your videos and games from a new perspective.

If you want a VR goggle that is not too expensive and easy to use then the Irusu Monster is a good choice.


3.5mm jackNo

We have finally reached the end of our list for the ten best VR headsets in the Indian market.

This list includes VR headsets catering to the needs of various users and if you have any questions regarding the products listed above feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for your time and have a great day!

Buying Guide for vr Headset in India

With the ever-increasing popularity of Virtual Reality and with VR headsets now becoming more accessible to users, you might be someone who is on the lookout for a VR headset for work, gaming, or media consumption.

VR is fairly a new concept in the technology world and there is still a lot of advancement in progress. If you are not familiar with how VR works and don’t know about what VR headset you should look into then fret not.

We at Bettershark have created a short buying guide that will give you an insight into the basics before purchasing a VR headset.

So without wasting any more time let’s jump right into it!


The price is the biggest determining factor when purchasing a VR headset. VR headsets range from cheap smartphone VR goggles to premium VR headsets with their display such as the Oculus Quest and HTC Vive.

You should expect to pay a premium of over Rs.40,000 for a high-end VR headset while a smartphone VR headset should be available for as little as Rs.1,500.

Build Quality

The build quality of the VR headset is directly proportional to the price of the headset. If you are paying a premium price then you will be able to find VR headsets that are made of high-grade plastic or even metal.

Generally, VR headsets for smartphones are made from average quality plastic while other high-end headsets use durable plastic and metal. You might also find the use of fabric in VR headsets to give it a cool look.


Full-fledged VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 feature an inbuilt display but VR headsets are meant for smartphones to use the display of the smartphone.

Displays in VR headsets range from 1080p to 4K resolution. The frame rate in VR headsets is typically around 60Hz to 90Hz but some VR headsets can also display content at 120Hz.

VR headsets that are meant for smartphones depend highly on the resolution of your smartphone. Better the resolution, the sharper the details. These VR headsets typically have lenses in them that magnify the content on screen for a wide viewing angle.

VR headsets for smartphones are not the best when it comes to real VR experience.

Comfort Factor

Comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes to VR headsets since they are something that you have to wear for long hours. If you wear glasses make sure that the VR headset you are going to purchase is compatible with the same.

Some companies provide glass spacers that provide superior comfort even while wearing eyeglasses.


Before you buy a VR headset it is also important to get clear why you need it and what kind of VR headset you need.

If you are looking for a VR headset to play PC games then you have to opt for a high-end VR headset. But do note that if you are going for a high-end VR headset then you also need a high-end gaming PC that is VR-ready and meets the minimum requirements of the headset.

For those looking for a VR headset for business applications, you get VR headsets that are primarily meant for this such as the HP Reverb or HTC Vive. These headsets are used by architects and engineers for more efficiency.

If you want a VR headset for your smartphone so you can enjoy movies in VR or some casual smartphone games then you have options like Irsusu and Procus VR headsets.


If gaming is your priority then you should consider going for VR headsets that come with controllers. Oculus Quest comes with its wireless controllers that are used to play VR games.

Tracking on VR headsets is usually done with the help of cameras or external sensors that detect your movement. But with the advancement in technology VR headsets have reached a point where internal cameras are enough and you don’t need external sensors.

Smartphone VR headsets utilize gyroscopic sensors in the phones for 360-degree movement.

So the above-mentioned points are a few of the factors to be considered when purchasing a VR headset and if you have any other questions you can comment down below and we will get back to you.


Q. Minimum specs for VR Ready PC?

A. GPU: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD R9 290 equivalent or greater.
CPU: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater.
Video Output Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output.
USB Ports 3x USB 3.0 ports plus 1x USB 2.0 port.
OS Windows 7 SP1 64 bit or newer.

Q. Do VR headsets have speakers?

A. High-end VR headsets have inbuilt speakers while some also let you connect your headphones via the 3.5mm jack

Q. Does VR make you sick?

A. Some groups of people may experience motion sickness when using VR headsets but this generally tends to normalize after getting used to it.