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Mobile Phones

Best Mobile Phones in India (August 2019)

Still searching for that perfect phone for you? Check out our review of the best phones in India that are tailored to address all your needs from a flagship smartphone.

Best Smartphones Under Rs.30,000 (August 2019)

Are you looking for a smartphone under Rs.30,000? Check out our well-reviewed list of the best mobile phones under Rs.30,000 available in India including Redmi K20 Pro and ASUS Zenfone 5Z.

Best Smartphones Under Rs.25,000 (August 2019)

Premium midrange segment of Rs.25,000 has quite a few fierce competitors now with the likes of Pocofone, Asus, Samsung and Vivo competing head to head. So, which are the best mobile phones under Rs.25,000? We will find out here.


Best Laptops In India (August 2019)

Searching for the best laptops without any budget constraint? Check out our detailed list of the best laptops in India suitable for every type of users including proffessionals and gamers.

Best Laptops Under Rs.70,000 (August 2019)

Still in search of the best laptop under Rs.70000? There are so many good laptops in this price range and to help you buy the best, we have written a list of the top laptops under Rs.70,000


Best Earphones In India (August 2019)

Wired earphones deliver a much better sound output than its Wireless counterparts. After hours of testing, here are our recommended best wired earphones.


Best Tablets In India (August 2019)

Looking for the best tablets? We have reviewed the best tablets available in the Indian market at present and categorized them according to the features they come with.

Best Power Banks in India (August 2019)

Looking for the best power banks in India? We have compiled the best power banks for you by considering battery capacity, charging time, actual output capacity, output ports etc.

Best WiFi Routers In India (May 2019)

A good router is a must for getting the most out of your Internet plan. After doing some research and testing,we have the following top wifi routers handpicked for you.

Best Power Banks Under Rs.1,000 (August 2019)

Looking for a power banks under 1000 Rupees? We have compiled a list of the best power banks under Rs.1,000 for you considering battery capacity, actual output capacity, output ports etc.

Best Smartwatches Under Rs.2,000 (April 2019)

Planning to buy a Smartwatch on a low budget? There are plenty of smartwatches to choose in this price and we have compiled a list of the best smartwatches under Rs.2,000 in India.


Best Inverter Air Conditioners In India

Inverter ACs have already acquired a best from rest clout when it comes to the air conditioner market in the country. Due to the high energy efficiency and durability, many people prefer to own an inverter AC despite its high initial price. With a truckload of Air...

Best Double Door Refrigerators In India (May 2019)

Double door refrigerators are primarily meant for families that have 4 members or more. Because of having two separate doors, one can access the sections individually, saving a lot of energy in between. In this article, we are listing out the six best double door...

Best Refrigerators in India (May 2019)

It’s summer and we are thirsty. After a long tiring day, when you reach home you would be craving for a glass of cold water, aren’t you? And you need a good fridge for exactly that. In the hunt for the best refrigerators in India, we came across certain models that we...

Best Single Door Refrigerators In India (May 2019)

It is summer season and the most sought-after products during this season are air-conditioners and refrigerators. With a rapidly rising middle class, India is one of the fastest growing home appliance markets in the world. Realizing this potential, many companies are...

Best Side By Side Refrigerators In India (May 2019)

Refrigerators are one of the most technologically evolving species in the home appliance segment. Side by side refrigerators, although relatively new to the scene is quickly catching up and is a welcome addition to many large families and for people who are looking to...

Best Smart TVs In India (March 2019)

Choosing a SMART TV is by no mean feat a simple task. Choosing one out of thousands matching with your usage statistics is indeed a headache but fret not. We’re back with this article listing the best five LED smart TVs available in the market. This list has been...

Best LED TVs in India (March 2019)

The term best is a very subjective matter. Thus choosing a best-LED TV for us is quite a daunting task. Having posted about four articles about the best-LED TVs under various budgets before, this time we are presenting you the best list that tops it all. In this...

Best LED TV Under Rs.20,000 (March 2019)

Are you looking for the best-LED TV under Rs.20,000? Don’t worry we have shortlisted some of the best-LED TVs under Rs.20,000 for you to easily find your pick from the rest. Let’s start!